10 Bloodcurdling Bathroom Movie Scenes for Halloween!

As Halloween approaches, talk of favourite horror movies has filled the BigBathroomShop office, with much debate ensuing over some classic titles. And as such, we thought we’d put together a list of 10 bathroom-specific scary scenes for your viewing pleasure (horror?!) this Halloween. Be sure to chip in with your thoughts and let us know your own personal favourites in the comments section!

Bone-chilling Bathroom Movie Scenes

1. “Heeeeere’s Johnny” – The Shining (1990)

Recognised as one of the most iconic movie scenes in history even without context, Jack Nicholson’s maniacal antics simply had to be included here. Nicholson’s crazed Jack Torrance seeks out his terrified wife in the scene, who has taken refuge from her axe-wielding husband in the bathroom of all places. Nicholson professes his famous “Heeeeere’s Johnny” after hacking through the door.


2. A Horrifying Hallucination – Poltergeist (1982)

When a collection of sinister forces plague the home of the young Freeling family, a sequence of strange occurrences take place throughout the residence. Of course, the goriest scene is reserved for the bathroom, in which paranormal investigator Marty appears to claw his own face off using his bare hands only. Although the immediate aftermath reveals the incident to be a figment of the character’s imagination, the image remains a haunting one.

3. Of all the places to hide… – Jurassic Park (1993)

As this list demonstrates, the bathroom can often prove a hub for disaster in horror movies, and films of most all genres in fact. So its difficult to suddenly develop a sense of sympathy for ruthless lawyer Don Gennaro, who abandons Jurassic Park’s youngest visitors Lex and Tim when rushing to the bathroom in an attempt to escape the clutches of a loose T-Rex. Finding very temporary solace, Gennaro begins to recite the Hail Mary atop the toilet before being devoured by the giant carnivore.


4. The Death of Tod Waggner – Final Destination (2000)

Perhaps the most ridiculously orchestrated inclusion on the list, Tod Waggner’s demise is typical of the Final Destination franchise. A leaking toilet puts a spanner in the works of Tod’s shaving routine, providing a slippery surface unbeknownst to the character. After multiple narrow escapes from fatality, Tod eventually succumbs to his stalker (death) by slipping and strangling himself on a washing line he’d hung to dry his underwear.

5. Say His Name Five Times – Candyman (1992)

Candyman’s inclusion on this list is maybe the least surprising of all, given the multitude of haunting bathroom scenes throughout the movie. So the story goes, saying the name of the legend who was brutally tortured, had his hand cut off and replaced with a hook, and was stung to death by bees, five times into a mirror will summon his ghost. Arguably the most harrowing setting we see his spirit appear in is the Cabrini-Green housing estate bathroom, complete with a toilet overflowing with the bees his character is synonymous with.


6. Cinema Stabbing – Scream 2 (1997)

The very beginning of blockbuster sequel Scream 2 sets the tone for the gorefest that is to come, as Phil, one of the first characters we’re introduced to, meets his end in an inventively gruesome fashion. Phil heads to the bathroom during a screening of new horror movie ‘Stab’ and is never to return again, after his curiosity gets the better of him upon hearing murmuring sounds from the next stall. A knife is unceremoniously wielded through Phil’s ear as he presses against the cubicle wall, ending his short but memorable Scream tenure.

7. Pennywise Hits the Shower – Stephen King’s IT (1990)

Way before this year’s ‘killer clown’ craze commenced, Stephen King’s IT had already caused an entire generation to look less than favourably upon what are traditionally intended to be comedic characters. Tim Curry’s incredibly creepy portrayal of Pennywise the Dancing Clown is certainly contributory, and this scene, in which he disturbs Eddie Kaspbrak’s shower by appearing through the drain, makes it easy to understand why. “Here I am, wheezy! Hey, you’re gonna like it down here. See you in your dreams!” are amongst Pennywise’s proclamations before he eerily chuckles into the camera.pennywiseshower-scene

8. Night-time Bathroom Visit – The Amityville Horror (2005)

This horror reboot follows a family as they move into their spacious new home, which has been bought for an incredibly low price in light of the dark, violent history associated with the property. When nature calls for the youngest child Michael in the middle of the night, he reluctantly heads to the bathroom, where everything is going smoothly until he discovers the taps won’t turn on at the sink. After bowing his head and attempting to decipher the problem, Michael looks up to be greeted by a terrifying corpse!

9. Bathtub Claw – A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Freddy Kruger’s disturbing pursuit of innocent, sleeping children takes a memorable bathroom detour when heroine Nancy Thompson dozes off during a relaxing bubble bath. After Freddy’s clawed glove first appears in the bathtub, an interruption from Nancy’s mother sees the hand slip below the surface just before making contact with the girl. When it reappears, Freddy proceeds to drag Nancy down under the water into a fiendish sub-pool, where she is forced to battle for her life.


10. Shower Slash – Psycho (1960)

Our list is rounded off with a similarly iconic scene to the one that kicked it off, as shrill piano notes accompany Alfred Hitchcock’s famed 77-angle masterpiece. As the motel shower curtains are withdrawn, Janet Leigh’s Marion succumbs to the cult classic’s knife-wielding titular character.

Happy Halloween from BigBathroomShop

We hope you enjoyed our selection of scariest bathroom movie scenes and wish you a very happy Halloween! If you ever decide you dare to step foot in your bathroom again, or even want to renovate your space, please consider our designer luxury bathrooms. For further information, give us a call on 0343 249 6240; we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.

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