Best Baths to Buy

Bathing should be relaxing, cleansing and comfortable, so therefore it’s essential that you choose the right bath to perfectly suit you as well as the design of your bathroom.

back to wall freestanding bath

To begin with there are many types of baths, in all shapes and sizes. Straight baths, corner baths, freestanding baths, bowed-end baths as well as spa and whirlpool baths.

Straight baths

double ended bath

These are the most popular baths, as they are simple and easy to fit. Becoming increasingly popular are the double-ended designs, which have taps in the middle for a more comfortable soak. These baths also often prove to be the most affordable.

Corner baths

Corner bath suite

Generally chosen for awkward-shaped bathrooms, however be aware that they may take up more floor space and need a lot of water to fill. In addition, they are wider and shorter, meaning that they are not ideal for taller users.

Freestanding Baths

freestanding slipper bath

The symbol of sophistication within bathrooms, both traditional Victorian roll-tops and modern free-standing versions scream luxury. However as with all deluxe products they can prove very expensive. Furthermore due to the amount of water that they take to fill it means that hot water systems may not cope, and the weight may not be supported by weaker floors.

Bow Front Baths

shower bath

Ideal for bathrooms having a shower and bath together, because, as the name suggests, one end is bowed. This therefore creates more showering space, as well as the bath usually being available with a curved screen to fit.

Whirlpool & Spa Baths

whirlpool bath

The most relaxing of all the choices, available in many shapes generally. The down side is the installation cost on top of the extra cost for the bath in the first place. However the experience is worth the extra indulgence.

They’re all the different types of baths, however now which material to choose?


This is the standard, and therefore cheapest material. It does retain the water temperature and is easy to clean, definitely the simplest option and most hassle free.

Enamelled Cast Iron

An exceedingly strong material, creating a very heavy bath however. Therefore floors need to be checked to ensure they can take the weight. An expensive option, at first glance, but they will last and can be re-enamelled for a fraction of the price of a new bath.

Porcelain-coated Steel

Lighter and Cheaper then the aforementioned enamelled cast iron option. However they are less durable and can be damaged on impact, with chipped areas liable to rust.

Solid Surface

This is a mix of stone and resin. Its easily moulded and the surface retains its orginal colour regardless of wear, however it is a very expensive option.

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