Bathroom Design Mistakes, Much?

There’s nothing we love more than whittling away precious hours on Pinterest choosing our dream bathroom design and décor whether it’s a shabby-chic Victorian claw foot bath or a luxury, spa-inspired shower room.


But underneath our cool, calm and collected façade lays a dark and disturbing secret. We were not always experts in bathroom design.

We’ve committed some terrible bathroom design mistakes and to make us feel that little bit better about it, we’ve rounded some up (in the hope that you’ll agree to committing these cardinal sins too!).

This following list comes with a warning. These bathroom design mistakes MAY give you nightmares.

1) Carpet

Hands up, who’s done this one?

*sheepishly raises hand*

With all the options available for bathroom flooring, there should never be a reason to put down a bathroom carpet. Tiles, cladding, laminate, wood, rubber and even linoleum flooring means you will never have to look at a carpet and think, “Oooh, that will look good in the bathroom” again. Although carpet is warm and comfy under the feet, placing it in a bathroom just guarantees a breeding ground for mould. Damp, steam and humidity are perfect for mould to thrive. And within weeks, your lovely shag pile has turned into a damp, smelly, rotting mess.

If that nice, snuggly, warm feeling of stepping out of the bath is what you crave then you’ve got plenty of options. Firstly, invest in some slippers. Secondly, get underfloor heating. Finally, get a rug. It’s that simple.

Bathroom Caroet

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Bathroom Tiles

2) Coloured Suites

Another design disaster. Between this and the carpet, it was a close-call for top spot. Don’t get me wrong, I love a coloured toilet roll (Where have they all gone, by the way?!) but I don’t quite share the same love for coloured suites. The bad news is, supposedly, coloured suites are making a comeback. There are many manufacturers out there now offering discontinued, coloured bathroom suites from days gone by including absolutely fabulous colour palettes like ‘Moss Green, ‘Gold, ‘Creamy Yellow and of course, the treasured favourite ‘Avocado.

Creamy yellow. My all-time favourite bathroom colour, after mustard yellow, that is. Not!

The reason coloured suites are a design no-no is really just aesthetics. A clean, white bathroom suite is a real selling point when marketing your home. It looks pure, it looks fresh and more importantly it looks simple. A white bathroom suite is timeless whereas coloured suites look dated, old, tired and they just don’t feel very sanitary.


Coloured Bathroom Suite

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Balterley Bathroom Suite

3) Slave To Trends

In the same vein as coloured suites, there is nothing worse than being a slave to trends. Aptly demonstrated by those ghastly suites of the 80’s and 90’s but also evident nowadays. Nothing screams desperation like a shocking pink bathroom, chess piece monochrome floor with a fish tank in the showerhead and a toilet which doubles up as a sink.

Sure, it’s great that there are loads of mod cons available, but your bathroom has to be a warm, inviting space rather than an operating theatre on a spaceship. Less is definitely more when it comes to a bathroom design. And don’t forget the key is in the accessories. Colour coordinated flowers, towels, soaps and a few one-off items will make your bathroom look far more unique and trendy than any useless silver ball sitting uncomfortably on your bathroom shelf.

Don’t forget about how it works, just because of how it looks.

Pink and Black Bathroom Mistake

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Balterley Vogue Bathroom Suite

4) Being a Hero… A DIY Hero

Let’s face it. Most of us have done this to some extent. Only last week I had a friend who decided he was qualified to diagnose the faults in his electrical sockets. Less than two minutes later, his house was in darkness.  Sure, you think it’s going to save you money and sure, you think it looks easy. The problem is, it never is. Installing a sink? No problem. Bath? No problem. Taking apart all these pipes? No problem, I know where they go.  Soon enough, you’re ankle deep in water, wading through what used to be your bathroom.

I guess the only satisfaction I can give you right now if you are guilty of being a DIY hero is that it’s all been done before. Upside down toilet seats, toilets too close to the door, leaky ceilings, awkward pipes and even sinks held up by books and chairs.

Get a plumber in to check it all out and offer you some professional advice. Invest money in your bathroom as it’s a tricky and costly thing to fix if it goes wrong. Save money on the smaller DIY jobs around the house by doing them yourself like bedroom redecoration, painting or even craft activities like making your own curtains.


DIY disasters

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Toilet disaster

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DIY mistakes

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DIY Bath Mistakes

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Common Bathroom Design Mistakes Toilet

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 5) Having Questionable Taste

The key to a bathroom is keeping it simple. Tiles, floors and bathroom suites are all much harder to replace if you grow out of your design as opposed to bedroom, living room or office decor. If you have any of the following items in your bathroom, it may be the perfect time to question your taste:

  • Mock gold. No, you’re not the Queen. No, it doesn’t look regal and no, that look on your friend’s faces was NOT jealousy.
  • A toilet that looks like a cupboard. This should NEVER have happened.
  • Little Mermaid-inspired shell shaped bathroom suites.
  • Fluffy toilet seat covers (coordinated with matching bath mat and toilet rug).
  • Patterned toilet seat covers. Say no to flowers, fish or frills.
  • Mirrors etched with birds or flowers.
  • Garish, patterned wallpaper. With garish, patterned curtains to match.
regal bathroom disaster

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shell bathroom suite

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Shell shocked bathroom

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bathroom design mistakes

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bathroom wallpaper fail

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flowery toilet seat cover

 6) Making It All About The Toilet

Wherever possible, the toilet should not be the first thing you see in a bathroom. Try to create some privacy for the entrance to the bathroom.  Utilise the space effectively so you have a transitional area initially. Worse still, don’t position the toilet somewhere you can see it from another room if the door is ajar. The bathroom should be a tranquil yet invigorating space designed for our utmost private moments. Not shared with the entire family who have come over for Christmas dinner.

One solution for these bathroom design mistakes is to sort the space. If you can, segregate into separate rooms. One with bath/shower and toilet. Another with a sink and vanity. This design will also improve the feeling of privacy.  If that’s not an option, push your toilet and bath/shower further back whilst bringing the sink and vanity closer to the entrance.

Laufen Suite

7) Lack of Storage

You’ve picked out your modern, minimalist bathroom. It’s been installed. Only now, you can’t even find a nook to stick your toothbrush, never mind your shampoo. Most of us suffer with this bathroom design mistake. Is it because of the design? Or is it because we have too much stuff? Who knows?

Luckily for us, with the invention of life hacks and such, we now have countless possibilities of how to combat lack of space. You don’t have to keep your toothbrush next to the kitchen sink. Hurrah! Floating wall shelves, sink skirts, spice racks to hold toiletries, storage solutions on the inside of cupboards, vanities, over-door shelving… I could go on. There’s loads of stuff out there designed to help you enhance your space and all it takes is a quick google search. Oh, and don’t keep buying more stuff!

Premier Vanity

diy bathroom storage

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DIY Bathroom storage ideas

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DIY Mason storage jars

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Can you think of any other common bathroom design mistakes? Or better yet, if you’ve committed a design disaster send us your pictures and we’ll feature our favourites on the website! Comment below or get in touch via Facebook or Twitter.

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