6 Reasons To Invest In Sliding Shower Doors

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How Can Sliding Shower Doors Upgrade Your Shower Space?

All in all, the purchase and installation of shower doors has the potential to be a much more involved process than you might ever have imagined. There’s a multitude of factors at play to determine the correct shower door choice for a specific bathroom space, with the size and layout of the area, shower type and interior all amongst them, as well as personal preference of course.

An increasingly popular style has emerged in the form of sliding shower doors however, which are quickly becoming renowned for their capacity to maximize space in compact bathrooms especially.

Whilst pivot or hinged shower doors necessitate a significant amount of free space immediately in front of the walk in shower or enclosure to open out into, sliding shower doors have no such requirements. They’re also very simple to open, close and adjust, offering easy access upon entering and exiting the shower area. And they represent an especially good idea for homes in which elderly relatives or those with limited movement may reside or make use of the shower facilities.

Even once you’ve determined that a sliding shower door is the right solution for your bathroom though, there’s still a massive variety of options to select from, and all sorts to weigh up.

“Which sliding shower door is perfect for me?” you might ask.

This blog aims to provide you with all the information you need to pick the right sliding shower doors to enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of your shower space, and bathroom in general…

What Are The Main Advantages Of Sliding Shower Doors?

Milano Nero - Recessed Black Sliding Shower Door with Tray - Choice of Sizes

We’ve already touched upon the space-saving aspect of sliding shower doors, and how those properties can prove advantageous in comparison with alternative shower door styles.

But there’s a plethora of benefits associated with the installation of sliding shower doors away from their streamlined profile alone.

Listed below are some main shower door advantages…

1. Curtail The Need For Shower Curtains

Multicoloured shower curtain hung on railing nearby blue bath mat

Although shower curtains can provide an attractive decorative facet in some bathroom spaces, they can often prove to be more hassle than they’re worth.

Shower curtains are highly susceptible to a build-up of mildew and mould, which can congregate if damp curtains aren’t properly pulled across the hanger to dry out. This is an especially common occurrence in family households where plenty of people use the shower, and so the chances of someone forgetting to tuck away the shower curtain appropriately are increased.

A mouldy shower curtain can not only damage the appearance of a shower area and bathroom on the whole, but it can also prove unsafe for users as well.

You can save yourself a headache and some in-house squabbling by opting instead for sliding shower doors, which leads into the next positive we’ll highlight…

2. Easy Maintenance And Cleaning

Milano Portland - Recessed Frameless Sliding Shower Door with Tray - Choice of Sizes

The trouble with shower curtains is exacerbated with just how faffy they can be to clean, and hinged shower doors can also be difficult to keep sparkling fresh as well, with people required to frequently step in and out of the shower enclosure or home bathtub to get the job done properly.

With sliding shower doors, the amount of time required to maintain and clean the shower enclosure on the whole will be much reduced.

The doors will simply slide open, allowing you to spray and wipe them down, before being easily closed again.

What’s more, expensive solutions aren’t necessary to successfully tend to sliding shower door panels. Bleach-based products and other chemical-laden liquids are really not needed – water and a simple glass cleaner will suffice, meaning sliding shower doors are plenty cheaper to clean and maintain too.

3. Spa Designer Style

A luxury spa within a home is an understandable pipe dream for most, but that’s not to say certain features can’t be introduced at a relatively low cost.

Sliding shower doors offer an excellent means to populate your bathroom with some luxurious spa-like elements, bringing an elegant, streamlined touch of class to the area.

When selecting translucent sliding shower doors in particular, the license exists to mesh styles with surrounding tiling or other décor almost effortlessly. In fact, sliding shower doors can help your walk in shower become an outstanding focal point of a bathroom space, as opposed to a simple necessity.

To accentuate the spa aesthetic to the utmost degree, lighter colour schemes and an infiltration of natural light are useful hacks to consider.

4. Keep The Water Within

Probably the most simple reason on the list. Morning showers represent a preferable choice for many due to the sense of rejuvenation they provide.

All in all, they deliver the perfect refreshing energy boost to kick start your day, preparing you in earnest for whatever tasks lie ahead.

5. Don’t Slide Off The Pricing Scale

Milano Langley - Traditional Quadrant Shower Enclosure - Choice of Sizes
Milano Nero - Recessed Black Sliding Shower Door with Slate Tray - Choice of Sizes

Bathroom renovation projects can prove an expensive affair, as our comprehensive Bathroom Installation Cost Guide details.

As such, it’s a great idea to identify potentially stellar updates at a relatively low cost where possible, and sliding shower doors would tend to fit the bill.

For a premium performance and quality aesthetic, sliding shower doors could be installed alongside decorative tiling or shower wall panels without shelling out a fortune.

In turn, the shower doors and overall walk in shower space can become one of the most eye-catching areas of the room, and even act as a stylish bathroom centrepiece.

6. Easy, Convenient Access

One of the very most frustrating feelings one can feel is the pain of stepping underneath a shower system in full flow without an essential item you’ve forgotten to bring, or have prepared ready for when you step out of your enclosure.

And the likes of shower curtains and hinged shower doors can make grabbing what you need a monumental chore, and an unnecessarily difficult process.

By contrast, sliding shower doors offer a much more convenient vice, and make it far easier to reach out and take your new shower gel, towel or razor with minimal fuss.

Depending on the layout of the bathroom, you might not even need to leave the shower enclosure to get a hold of what you require.

If you have the capacity to position a heated towel rail nearby your walk in shower meanwhile, you could enjoy the feel of toasty warm towels without even stepping foot outside the shower space.

Milano Nero - Black Quadrant Shower Enclosure - Choice of Sizes

What Are The Different Types Of Sliding Shower Doors?

The different styles of sliding shower doors are listed below…

Framed Sliding Shower Doors

In the form of framed sliding shower doors, you can create a visual structure to your bathroom layout, and even choose to ‘frame’ such a shower entrance vice as a focal point of the area.

What’s more, framed sliding shower doors represent an excellent option with which to inject a unique sense of personality into a minimalist bathroom or en-suite, especially in more compact spaces.

Clean, sharp design lines are typical defining features of framed sliding shower doors, which often also incorporate toughened safety glass for extra durability and performance quality.

Overall, they will tend to deliver sleek, modern designer style, easy usability and a long-lasting premium performance.

Frameless Sliding Shower Doors

Frameless sliding shower doors offer an appearance in contrast to framed panels – sleeker still and dripping in modern designer style, they will bring a luxury aesthetic to any contemporary bathroom and beautifully enhance space.

Another type that usually incorporates toughened safety glass to ensure a robust performance and healthy lifespan, frameless sliding shower doors are able to slide in both directions, and come supplied in an immense variety of sizes and styles to suit any preferences and requirements.

Semi-Frameless Sliding Shower Doors

As a hybrid model between the two designs, semi-frameless sliding shower doors are an ideal option to deliver the best of both worlds.

Simple, clean design lines succeed in providing a visual structure to the space, whilst minimalist elements remain a prominent feature still.

Durable, easily cleanable glass can be expected to populate semi-frameless shower doors too, in company with quality, flexible hinges for easy movement in either direction.

Quadrant & Corner Sliding Shower Doors

Quadrant and corner sliding shower doors offer an exemplary practical vice for walk in showers, especially in smaller bathroom areas where the layout dictates the corner is really the only place a shower enclosure can properly fit.

Another style to create the illusion of extra space, their understated design enables them to act as a perfect accentuating feature of a modern minimalist bathroom.

You can expect reversible movement with excellent flexibility, as well as easy-to-clean, durable shower glass and a smooth but robust performance from corner and quadrant sliding shower doors on the whole.

Single And Double Sliding Shower Doors

Usefully, each of the aforementioned shower door styles are available in both single and double designs to suit any shower space or personal preferences.

Single sliding shower doors are perhaps the most simplistic type, and the easiest to use, whilst still retaining all the same sense of streamlined elegance and luxe you can associate with any sliding shower door model.

Often supplied pre-assembled, single doors are also very easy to install. It is worth scoping out the specifications of different designs, with the likes of quick release rollers and magnetic seals amongst some of the regular extra features incorporated by such types.

Sizing can prove a differential, but in many instances single sliding shower doors will be just as big as double versions.

And double sliding shower doors boast several benefits as well – not least the easier cleanability they offer, as well as enhanced space when entering or leaving the shower enclosure.

Always incorporating clean design lines and a simple-to-use design, they provide comfortable access to walk in showers of any size, and even if only from an aesthetical standpoint, will be favoured by many.

Shop Sliding Shower Doors From Big Bathroom Shop

Big Bathroom Shop offer a supreme selection of premium quality sliding shower doors in a wide variety of stellar designs. Hopefully, you’re well equipped to decide on the right style for your bathroom, and well versed with regards to all the features and advantages each type possesses after reading this blog.

If you would like any further advice or information surrounding sliding shower doors though, or have any other bathroom queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can leave your thoughts in the comments section below, or contact us via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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