7 Colour Trends For Bathroom Suites

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Not limited to bathroom décor, all colours incorporate their own unique connotations from a psychological perspective as well as an aesthetic one.

As such, a basic understanding of what these effects are can help you in your quest to identify the perfect colour scheme for your bathroom furniture.

Of course though, you aren’t going to merely make a decision on your ideal bathroom suite colour based on how it might sub-consciously make you feel.

You need to envisage your bathroom layout, along with which sort of bath suites and colouring will fit, and whether what you visualize is suitable and doable in your bathroom space.

To narrow down your shortlist, whittle down the options to colours you are wholly comfortable with, and ones which are reflective of your personality.

You also need to think about whether the introduction of this fresh bathroom suite colour scheme will reflect the current bathroom style on the whole, or constitute the catalyst for a major revamp.

And for futher assistance, we’ve jotted down an enviable 7 colour trends for bathroom suites in this blog…

1 – Classic golden glamour

Extremely versatile in the sense that it is well suited to both modern and traditional bathroom interiors, gold hues will deliver an instant touch of class to any space.

Whether it be the dominant colour of your chosen bath suite, or providing a subtle detail to bathroom fixtures and fittings, any of the immense variety of golden shades available are certain to create an aura of authenticity and eye-catching glamour.

arch wooden vanity unit

Denoting prosperity, gold is an especially favourable option for spacious, grand bathrooms with marble elements.

Think traditional freestanding baths with a gold clawfoot base – an idealistic focal point of a gold large bathroom suite in a sizeable bathroom.

As alluded to, there’s a wide spectrum of golden hues, and a decent general rule to follow with regards to the best sort to opt for in your bathroom area.

Basically, if you are looking to enhance your existing bathroom colour scheme, go for more understated tones such as brushed gold.

When looking to transform a bathroom style from top to bottom, it might be prudent to select brighter, potentially more outlandish golden shades.


If a look of stylish sophistication is the aim, you can do much worse than selecting dominant darker colours to dominate your bathroom interior landscape.

High gloss black bathroom furniture is another style that is equally as well suited to retro and contemporary bathroom spaces, and it will also serve to accentuate any complementary colours visible elsewhere amongst bathroom interiors.

Connotating power, black bathroom suites can have an immense impact on the overall theme of the space, bringing a sense of strength and solidarity to the overall décor.

And there’s so many stunning ultra-modern components on the market in the colour, of which black taps and shower systems instantly take the eye to name just a couple.

Black and white contrast bathrooms could be viewed by some as a touch cliché, but that’s only because such an aesthetic is completely timeless, and has therefore been a popular fixture of a bathroom for countless years now.

3 – Imaginative intention with blue tones

“Where did you go” when your bathroom turned blue?

Ok, so admittedly we couldn’t mention blue tones without a nod to the same-named band’s greatest hit, but you really could lose yourself in a bathroom landscape littered with blue fixtures and fittings.

With various shades evoking thoughts of all sorts of natural elements, inclusive of the ocean and the sky, blue hues will deliver a soothing ambience to a bathroom space – ideal surroundings in which to enjoy a relaxing soak in the bath, for example.

Furthermore, blue bathroom furniture makes for an excellent addition in bathrooms of predominant black and white. Indeed, such an overall colour scheme is adventurous and courageous, yet charmingly pacifying too. All in all, a bold bathroom colour scheme that provides a perfect setting for relaxation, alluringly punctuated with a tempting shade of blue.

bathroom storage baskets

4 – Gorgeous green serenity

Sticking with the theme of calming colours, green is another shade that will bring an overwhelming sense of serenity to a bathroom, providing a cosy, comforting vibe.

With an association to environmentally friendly endeavours – amongst them recycled products, solar energy, electric cars and more – green can fairly be denoted a touch outdoorsy, and an ideal tone to signify fresh vibrancy.

Indeed, in the case of opting for green bathroom walls, you can be seen to be bringing the outdoors inside to your very own home. Green bathroom suites only serves to enhance a naturalist, rustic aura, especially when teamed with complementary brown or sandy shades as part of the furniture makeup.

linley wall hung unit

5 – Subtle shades of grey

Another timeless shortlist entry, grey has been an in-vogue bathroom colour selection for more than 10 years now, and still remains a hugely popular choice for bathroom furniture and beyond.

Grey and anthracite bath suites mesh beautifully with white bathroom décor, delivering an enhanced sense of space and an airy overall demeanour.

The likes of grey vanity units are a particularly prudent choice, and all sorts of slick cabinet designs are available featuring anthracite and white details – the Milano Aston cloakroom vanity unit with basin is one such model that combines sufficient storage space with sink functionality as well.

Tones of grey are yet another colour example that will fit in just as well in either classic or contemporary bathrooms, although it is an especially prominent hue amongst modern bathroom components nowadays.

Classy and elegant clutter-free aesthetics are a near certainty via the addition of a grey or anthracite bathroom suite.

lurus combination unit

6 – Wood, wonderful wood

We’ve already touched upon the part that natural elements, or colours with such connotations, can play in creating a rustic-style bathroom that is dripping with authenticity.

Using proper wooden bathroom fixtures and fittings would only serve to enhance such a vibe, and distressed wood bath furniture is especially sought after for those hoping to influence their bathroom with a sense of calming maturity.

Natural wooden bathroom suites work especially well in spaces that allow natural light to flood the area, greatly assisting in brightening up the room on the whole.

Be sure to properly visualize the shade of surrounding décor, especially walls and large fixtures and fittings, before deciding on what tone of timber to go for.

floating shelves

7 – Striking white style

In terms of bathroom colour schemes, we end with one of the most common styles available, but another that is forever in demand, timelessly capable of offering a strikingly bright bathroom flavour.

combination cabinet

White bathroom suites and furniture are one of the very best types for creating the illusion of extra space, making them an excellent option as part of a small bathroom suite, or for cloakroom suite areas in particular.

And as a bathroom colour on the whole, white is largely failsafe, with the soft plain hue serving to complement the aesthetics of any bathroom space, no matter what the layout, shape and size.

Hot trends – Cottagecore

Not strictly filed under colour, but we couldn’t produce an article referencing fashionable bathroom aesthetics without making mention of one of the very hottest trends; cottagecore.

grey freestanding aston

Essentially, cottagecore celebrates the idealistic elements of a countryside lifestyle – think greenery, gardening, floral prints and peachy pastel shades, all combining for a fabulously rustic bathroom theme.

With regards to actual bathroom suites, some of the ideas discussed on point six, especially distressed wood furniture, can mesh perfectly amongst a cottagecore bathroom scheme.

Keep your eyes peeled for more cottagecore inspiration on the Big Bathroom Shop blog throughout the year.

Shop beautiful bathroom suites from Big Bathroom Shop

By now, you should be brimming with ideas and inspiration for a beautiful bathroom colour scheme, especially in relation to bathroom suites.

Big Bathroom Shop offers a superb selection of bath suites in a massive variety of sizes and styles, so you can identify the perfect furniture to enhance or transform the aesthetic of your bathroom décor from top to bottom.

If you would like any further advice regarding bathroom suites, or have any other bathroom queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can leave your thoughts in the comments section below, or contact us via FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

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