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A Hotel Bathroom, At Home?

12 Ways To Bring A Holiday Hotel Experience To Your Bathroom

So, as we publish this article, it’s still illegal to go on holiday in or outside of the UK – so setting your eyes on a hotel bathroom is not easy. 

We are stuck in our own homes with the prospect of a snazzy apartment complex or expensive villa bathroom both a long distant memory AND a far off pipe dream away.

But don’t you go getting down about it! 

As you can’t spend money on flights out of the UK to a far flung holiday destination, we decided to take a few minutes to explain how you can create a stunning hotel bathroom all of your own, right here at home. 

So “check in” with the 12 tips below before you “check out” at Big Bathroom Shop.

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1 – The Correct Bathroom Lighting

A quick and easy way to add a hotel vibe to a bathroom, is to think like a designer and upgrade your lighting. 

Every movie ever made has relied upon amazing lighting to help set the scene, and your home’s hotel bathroom space is no different. 

A pair of sconce lights – placed at either side of the bathroom mirror – will help to create a more subtle ambience in your bathroom and are more luxurious than cold and clinical spotlights.

But if you do insist on spotlights, take care to create more subdued pockets of light by placing them over the bath and vanity areas.

Just remember, the lighting has to be right to make everything else work!

2 – Just Get A New Bathtub

I once changed my bathtub at home after visitng a huge country house hotel in the Lake District, for a friend’s wedding. 

The freestanding bathtub that sat at the end of the bed in our hotel suite was so extraordinary,  my wife and I talked about it all the way home. 

Now, if I can speak to my loving wife for 3 hours about a bath, it must have been something else! 

Any opulent and luxurious hotel bathroom should feature a freestanding bath in my honest opinion; it’s not just about the shower, you know, Hilton! 

A double-ended slipper bath, with a deep bottom and modern aesthetic would not look out of place in some of the most expensive hotels in the world. 

Now you can have one in your bathroom, in a range of styles & sizes, to suit your own family’s hotel bathroom space.

3 – Add Exceptional Window Decorations

Spacious white hotel bathroom with round window

Not every hotel bathroom is going to have the perfect view, and your bathroom at home may not have snowy mountains or rolling hills to stare at while you soak, either. 

You’ll also have to consider the frosted and opaque glass you’re likely to have to protect you from your nosey neighbours!

The thing is, if the view isn’t up to much, you need to do something to make it better – that’s what all good hoteliers would do! 

Pots with ivy or bamboo work great – as they handle high humidity – and, as cottage core is a big style trend this year you won’t fall short of additional ideas to spruce up your bathroom window decorations if you do a quick search online.

From cacti to cotton wool balls, reed diffusers to actual reeds that are dried, if you have a boring view when you’re soaking, do something about it to make it better!

4 – Get The Best Bath Towels Money Can Buy

Towels aren’t often memorable items, but if you have ever been handed a high-quality organic Egyptian cotton bath towel, you will remember the moment it happened to you. 

Give you and your family the ultimate hotel bathroom treatment with fluffy and oversized bath sheets and soft hand towels.

And although white is usually the hotel colour of choice, you’ve no need to worry about laundry day, so go for soft greens and blues like some of the more upmarket hotel chains like to do. 

Don’t stop at soft and irresistible though! 

Add a personal touch to your hotel-style bath towels and have them monogrammed with the family initials and crest – I imagine that’s what Her Majesty, The Queen, does!

5 – What Good Are New Towels Without A Quality Towel Rail?

houseofhoney hotel bathroom style

You can have all the luxury towels you want to have, but without a stylish towel radiator to keep them warm, they’re just not going to cut the hotel bathroom chic mustard. 

Modern towel rails offer much in terms of style, design and practicality – so it is really all about which one floats your heating boat the most. 

Plumbed, electric & dual fuel designs mean that you will always have warm towels to hand at any time of the year. 

Style wise, whether it is modern and matte black or oil rubbed bronze and traditional, at Big Bathroom Shop, our towel rails and radiators offer industry-leading guarantees and can be found in a range of sizes to suit. 

Small hotel en-suite or large villa apartment family bathroom, there are several styles, sizes and finishes to help heat the space and ensure you’re never short of a warm and comforting towel.

6 – Make Your Basin Area Shout

raw basin area in a hotel bathroom style

By shout, I don’t mean install waterproof speakers and have motivational speeches blaring out 24/7 – though if that’s the sort of hotel experience you’re used to, don’t let me stop you. 

What I actually mean is for your vanity area to stand out, and if there is one area of your bathroom to spend a little more time and money on, it is the basin unit – after all, you’ll be using it every day.

A great place to make use of your style energy, the basin and vanity area of any bathroom functions as a focal point and what you do with it can make all the difference to the feel of the room.

A double vanity with matching mirror, sconce lighting and understated (almost unfinished) paintwork and tiling can create a boujee bathroom chic that isn’t matched by any modern hotel bathroom in the UK. 

Whether it is a freestanding traditional vanity unit or a more minimalist washstand, choosing the right basin & vanity can be key to achieving your “hotel at home” bathroom space – so get it right!

7 – Get The Other Half To Wait On You For The Day

a woman lying in her bath being pampered

Less a style tip and more a call to arms for those of us feeling a little underappreciated after a year of perpetual lockdown – but getting your other half, or your lockdown “bubble buddy”, to agree to a day of pampering could be just the ticket. 

You do nothing, they make the Bucks Fizz, ready the deep and bubbly bath, warm and fold the towels, fluff your pillows, light the candles and rub your feet. 

Even if your bathroom isn’t up to a standard that you would like – in terms of style, fixtures, fittings and accessories – just having someone that is happy to step up and play butler for a day can release those endorphins and give your brain a boost!

By yourself? Take the time to set up a day or night where you do nothing but chill. 

Clean your bathroom, set out your robe, grab the strawberries and champers and soak away the worries – I like to pretend I’ve just been on an important business trip and the host has laid on all the creature comforts for me – as, unfortunately, my wife is never playing Albert to my Bruce Wayne!

8 – Stimulate & Indulge The Senses

spa treatment items laid out in a bathroom

To improve your mood and enhance the hotel feel even further, focus on the different scents you can use to evoke fond memories of nights in 5* hotels. 

Essential oils, scented soaps and candles – DO NOT FORGET THE CANDLES – all help to recreate that pampered feeling of rest and relaxation.

Indulge your faux hotel bathroom ideas with face masks and peels, use rosemary to de-stress and green tea and cucumber to reinvigorate yourself. 

There are lots of bio-based products now on the market – each filled with naturally-inspired ingredients – that can help to improve mood, beat back the beige and add a little light and colour to your routine, so use them!

9 – It’s Good To Like Wood & You Should!

a wooden bathroom space

Unless you’ve been stung, got unlucky, or just prefer it that way, you’d be hard pressed to find a hotel bathroom with a filthy bath mat.

To ensure you are always hotel chic ready in your bathroom space, clean up your bathmat act with a slatted wooden bath mat instead. 

They wipe clean, feel great under your bare feet, dry quickly, and when paired with the correct accessories, look the absolute bomb.

Use stools and bath racks to further enhance the wooden feel and you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve whisked yourself off to a Scandinavian spa day.

A great example of wodd being a huge bathroom success can be found at one of our customers homes – hallie_and_harrisons_house

10 – The Simple Shower Swap

hotel bathroom showerhead

There is really no need to rip out the entire bathroom and install a new one to feel like room service is just at the other end of the phone – it could be that a new showerhead is all you need.

Convince yourself that you’re in your Bali apartment bathroom with the introduction of a rainfall showerhead. 

This simple swap from your existing showerhead to a more luxurious option with waterfall functions and soothing body jets could be all that’s needed to make the difference. 

Ranging from standard chrome styles to matte black and traditional oil-rubbed finishes, whether you’re a lover of vintage getaways or more modern travels, hotel chic is a few clicks away at Big Bathroom Shop. 

If you are feeling like a massive makeover is the only thing for it – and you have the time and energy to get the job done – our collection of modern wetrooms and walk-ins is amongst the most comprehensive anywhere online.

11 – If It Isn’t Already, Hang Your Toilet Up

a wall hung Japanese toilet

Luxury hotel bathrooms always need to look great, but they need to be practical too.

Any hotel bathroom should be quick and easy to clean before the next visitors arrive for their stay, and taking this approach at home will make your life easier too. 

One such way of achieving this is with a wall hung toilet

Keeping your loo of the floor will make cleaning around and under it so much easier than with a floorstanding design.

For that added luxury hotel feel, why not opt for a wall-hung smart toilet or Japanese toilet

Wash and dry functions along with water saving controls not only provide a luxury experience, but also help you to save money for when you are actually allowed on holiday again!

12 – Scandi Is More Than Just A Style, It’s Handy Too

We’ve espoused the wonder of Scandi style for some time, and your home hotel bathroom would benefit from any aspect of Nordic and Scandinavian design.

For many of us – and that includes me – the height of luxury is often in the simplicity of things, and Scandi style is nothing if not plain, simple and striking. 

An unfussy bathroom space just hums with luxury for me, and with wood flooring and simple colours combined with functionality, Scandi style is a surefire hotel bathroom winner. 

Pair gold or bronze brassware with light grey or antique white furniture to create a space right out of the scandinavian style handbook.

With simple storage, clean lines and quality materials all round, a hotel bathroom that evokes a feeling of Nordic calm and leisure is easy to achieve.

Check out our Scandi Bathroom Living page to learn how to achieve this look!

Have You Achieved Your Own Hotel Bathroom, At Home?

So there you have it, around 2000 words dedicated to helping you to bring a holiday hotel bathroom into your own home. 

Have you managed to transform your bathroom during lockdown and create a hotel bathroom where you live? 

Have you got any special tricks about hotel bathroom design that you’d like to share with us all? 

Leave a note in the comments, as we all love a good bathroom success story at Big Bathroom Shop.