Digital Showers – Innovative Technology for your Bathroom

digital shower control with blue light

Digital showers are the latest innovation in bathroom technology, and they offer a great range of features including precise temperature control and programmable functions.

So, if you’re considering a digital shower for your new bathroom, but not sure if it’s the right choice for you, then let our handy buying guide help you make your mind up.


What is a digital shower?

A digital shower control incorporates a digital thermostat, which allows you to set the precise temperature of the water, so you can achieve your perfect shower.

Digital showers work in the same way as a mixer shower, in that they draw hot and cold water and mix it together inside the processing unit to the desired temperature.

The water is controlled by a thermostat, which means the temperature of the water won’t suddenly run hot or cold if someone switches a tap on in the kitchen, or flushes the toilet in another bathroom.

Although very similar to a mixer shower, a digital shower provides much more accurate temperatures. They are easy to use too – just switch the shower on and off with the touch of a button. Some controls even change colour, so you can tell when your shower is at the desired temperature.

Blue illuminated digital shower push button control being pressed

Milano digital showers

Milano digital mixer showers provide the perfect way to add designer style and the latest technology to your bathroom. They come in one, two and three outlet options, so you can create a shower that suits your requirements.

The one-outlet option supplies water to just a single outlet such as a fixed shower head or hand shower.

The two-outlet control, supplies water to two different outlets such as a fixed shower head and a hand shower or body jets for example. But. for the ultimate shower, the three-outlet digital control is the one for you. This supplies water to three outlets, so you could combine a fixed shower head, body jets and a hand shower.

The digital shower control systems feature a brilliant chrome finish that blends in easily with any bathroom décor, and a clean, minimal design. They feature a colour changing indicator for the temperature, and are programmable to suit the choice of your shower outlets.

All you need to do to operate the digital shower is to touch the button to switch it on, and then adjust the temperature by turning the control.

They are suitable for all plumbing systems, and a recessed area in the ceiling or wall is required to allow for installation of the control box. This has a simple push-fit design with a standard electrical plug fitting and easy to set up cable connections. Just remember to ensure that safe and easy access to the digital control is available at all times.

Each Milano digital shower control is IPX4 rated for total peace of mind. This means that each digital shower control is protected from splashes of water, regardless of the direction.

At Big Bathroom Shop, we’ve made it easy to choose a complete digital shower system. As well as being available separately, the digital shower controls have been bundled together with various shower heads, handsets and body jets, which takes the hassle out of you combining everything together yourself.

digital shower system

Reasons to buy a digital shower

A digital shower really make can all the difference to your showering routine. Here’s just a few reasons why you should make the switch to a digital shower.

  • Precise temperature control at the touch of a button
  • Easy to install, use and maintain
  • Sophisticated design
  • Colour changing control
  • Divert the water flow quickly and easily between shower outlets
  • Flexible control options
digital shower and walk in shower

Will a digital shower work with any water system?

Yes, a digital shower will work with all types of heated water systems.

As long as your home has a boiler or immersion heater, there’s no reason why you can’t have a digital shower in your bathroom.

Depending upon the type of water system you have, you may need to install a pump to make your shower feel more powerful.

A gravity fed water system is where you’ll have a cold water tank in the loft, which feeds a hot water cylinder (usually in an airing cupboard). A pump can be fitted with this type of system.

A mains-fed hot water cylinder that mixes the cold mains water, before being delivered through your shower, means you have a pressurised system and won’t need to install a pump. You won’t be able to install a pump if your home has a combination boiler.

Check out our guide on how to create an amazing showering experience, where you’ll find out more about water pressure and water systems.

Do I have to remove the tiles with a digital shower system?

This will all depend on whether you want to replace an existing shower, or are designing a new bathroom from scratch – as well as the type of digital shower you want to buy.

With Milano digital showers, the control box requires a recessed area in the wall or ceiling, and the power cables will need to be installed.

digital shower control and shower head

How much does a digital shower cost?

Digital showers are the most expensive type. Expect to pay between £300 for a basic model, and up to £1000 for a high-end brand.

If you don’t have the budget for a digital shower, a great alternative is to choose a push button shower instead.

Push button showers still give a modern feel, but without the price tag. 

The Milano Orta push button shower valves feature easy to use push button controls and a sleek design.

They are supplied with five separate push buttons, each of which is etched with a different image of a shower outlet including a shower head, shower blade, handset, bath spout and body jets, so it’s easy to customise your shower.

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