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Gold Bathroom Brassware and Everything You Need To Know.

If gold brassware has caught your eye and feels like a strong contender as your finish of choice, then you might want to learn a little more about the types of gold we have on offer. Discover our variety of gold brassware finish options, aftercare advice, the best ways to style gold and so much more. 

Here at Big Bathroom Shop we have three variations of gold finish options.

Brushed Gold, Brushed Brass and Antique Brass.

Please note: our brassware is hand finished, so the colour and tone can vary slightly between products of the same finish, creating a look that’s unique and authentic.

what is the difference between the gold finish options?

Brushed Gold is the warmest gold we offer. It’s a more vibrant gold hue with a brushed stroke aesthetic.

Brushed Brass is slightly darker than brushed gold products, it’s subtle touch of dark gold. Our brushed brass products also have a brushed stroke aesthetic.

Antique Brass blends rich brown hues with a slight golden tint and brush marks on the surface.

Image credit: @scarletsabode

How does gold brassware look in our customers’ homes?




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A closer look at our Gold Brassware

What do our customers say about our gold brassware?

Adriano Cretaro28/10/20
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Amazing looking and very good quality
Elisa Maidment-bennett29/08/23
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Michelle Scott04/04/22
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Gorgeous colour and made really well
Adrian McGarrity13/10/23
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A well crafted product, with a great finish.
Alicia Lee27/03/22
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Love the colour, not too shiny & gold which is what I was looking for.