How To Style Brushed Brass in a Bathroom?

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Learn how to style brushed brass in a bathroom with the latest trends.

Brushed Brass

As chrome, stainless steel and nickel fade into the background of brassware favourites, brushed gold, oil rubbed bronze and other more vibrant finishes lead the way in the bathroom industry.

Brushed brass is slowly dominating the fixtures and fittings games with its subtle gold finish and brushed stroke aesthetic for added texture.

Brushed brass adds warmth and a welcoming alternative to much cooler chrome finishes.

Brushed brass exudes style and wealth; unlike the yellow gaud, bling gold we saw during the 80’s!

This type of brass is called lacquered brass, which means that the finish will not change tone over time.

brushed brass wall mounted taps

Should I get Lacquered or unlacquered brass?

If you’re looking for bathroom brushed brass, your best opting for lacquered brass.

This is because the fixtures and fittings have been treated in lacquer to ensure the finish will not alter over time.

Generally speaking, satin brass, brushed brass and polished brass tends to be lacquered.

Alternatively, unlacquered brass is untreated raw brass that darkens and can develop patina as it ages/ adapts to its environment.

What is Brushed Brass?

Brushed brass is a type of brass that has been cured to give it a duller finish than polished gold brass. Brushed brass has more of a matte aesthetic and has impressive durable qualities.

Here at Big Bathroom Shop, we love how much warmth and style brushed accents can bring to a bathroom.

Upgrading or swapping old chrome taps and showers for a unique finish can be a game changer for your bathroom, en-suite or cloakrooms.


If you’re interested in brushed brass but unsure on how to style it then we have plenty of interior design inspiration for you to fill your boots with. Thank us later!

Brushed Brass and Green Walls

Nothing quite compliments brushed brass fixtures and fittings like green.

Green tiles, green painted walls, in any shade of green, will help bring out the vibrancy of the brushed brass finish in the most dreamy of ways.

Green and brass bathroom
Photo Credit: @abiinteriors

A small pop of colour with a white base palette is a great way to create on on-trend bathroom.

In 2022 we are seeing green as a staple bathroom colour and looking at the inspiration below, we aren’t surprised.

White will offer a clean, minimal feel. Whilst green tiles or walls add an element of nature and a restful feel to your space. Finished off with brushed brass fixtures add the contemporary warmth you need to complete the space.

Brushed Brass and Blue Tiles

Another great hue to pair with your brushed brass taps, showers and enclosure frames is blue and more specifically, blue herringbone tiles.

Blue is naturally associated with water and promotes a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

brushed brass shower

If you can ditch the bath and make your bathroom all about your shower, incorporate a blue herringbone shower wall with brushed brass frame.

brass shower enclosure

The minimal gold frame will pop against the cooling tones of the blue, plus herringbone tiles exude a sense of luxury and style that we can’t get enough of.

Neutral Tones and Brushed Brass Fixtures

Bring in light and plenty of neutral tones and textures for a bathroom that screams a positive, relaxing space.

Of course, not forgetting brushed brass, you can create a real statement with your fitting and accessories when combined with neutral hues.

In fact, we’d say brushed brass is most affective when used alongside simple, minimalistic bathroom designs and a great option for those that love a subtle interior.

Take this image, nothing but a simple curved modern freestanding brushed brass tap design with a neutral lime-wash wall. The contrast between the two helps create a real, modern bathroom focal point.

brushed brass freestanding tap
Photo credit: @georgieelizabethstyle

Modern Rustic and Brushed Brassware

Like brushed brass, rustic bathroom interiors are becoming increasingly popular. This perfect blend of farmhouse and contemporary will leave your bathroom feeling cosy, calm with a luxury edge.

Farmhouse and brushed brass interior
Photo credit: @no70.home

Brushed brass works effortlessly in bathroom settings like this. The brass works by bringing a modern charm to the space and provides a slice of opulence.

Not only does brushed brass look great, both showers and taps are high quality pieces made from hard-wearing and corrosion resistant brass construction.

We love how this bathroom has mixed and matched interiors with the vintage vanity, modern soft round countertop and high rise brushed brass tap to finish off the look.

Brushed Brass and Eccentric Prints

If your vibe is more on the eccentric side (accidental rhyming there), why not try something a little different?

Dark interior and brushed brass

Use your brass to add a splash of metallic to a darker space. We’re thinking, patterned wallpaper, dark tiles and a touch of greenery.

The darkness of your base will help bring out the subtle gold hues of the brushed bathroom taps, and we cannot be held responsible for how great this will look! 

It’s a truly luxurious finish that looks great in shower heads, wall mounted taps, basin taps and so much more!

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