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Our team of exceptional bathroom experts have years of industry experience and a relentless passion and dedication to advise you on all things bathroom related. Our aim is to provide the highest quality of products at a comfortable price, offer innovative design advice and expert guidance to ensure your bathroom exceeds your expectations.  

Rikki Fothergill

Bathroom Style and top tip expert (and red wine enthusiast)

Rikki loves keeping on top of the latest bathroom trends to bring our readers the latest in bathroom interiors. She enjoys being creative with content and aims to bring you the very best when it comes to all things bathroom related. Rikki’s style advice can be found in your favourite home style magazines and she’s our teams chatterbox too.

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John Klee

Bathroom advice guru and football fanatic 

John has a way with words, there has never been a faster content writer…ever. Even though he works at the speed of light, John’s bathroom advice and technical knowledge is unmatched. If you love reading content with a hint of humour, while learning something new about your bathroom, John’s articles are the ones for you.

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John Lawless

All round bathroom specialist and wordsmith

John isn’t just an accomplished bathroom specialist, he’s a walking encyclopedia of all things plumbing, tiling, fixtures, and design. His love for the industry extends beyond technical know-how. He has a genuine passion for helping people create bathrooms that reflect their unique style and needs. With a gift for clear communication, he makes complex topics easily digestible, even for those unfamiliar with plumbing jargon.

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