28 Amazing Modern Bathroom Ideas


If the time has come to welcome a new bathroom design to your home, then you’re probably looking for some fresh, modern, and fabulous bathroom inspiration, right?

Well we hope so!

We have carefully put together 28 amazing modern bathroom ideas for you to gain inspiration from.

So, get the screenshots ready and take your bathroom from drab to fab.

The time always comes when your taps are rusted and worn or the toilet is slowly coming to its demise.

But we’re here to make your bathroom renovation project a whole lot easier with our modern bathroom ideas.

Big bathroom ideas to make the most of any bathroom

Double basin vanity units

Double vanity basin units are here to make life easier for busy homes. If you find yourself having to form an orderly queue in the mornings, you might want to consider one of these gorgeous wall-hung vanities.

With so many different design options available, you’re bound to find one that suits your style preference.

Opt for an ultra-modern grey gloss design for a seamless finish or, keep it simple with a gorgeous minimalistic matt white finish.

Though this design is a larger size, it’s a brilliant choice for family bathrooms, if you’ve got the spare space.

Seamless storage

A great thing about storage units, is that they come in all shapes, sizes, colours and textures.

Seamless storage is all about ensuring the less-than pretty bathroom products can be easily hidden away, leaving you with a “show-home” tidy bathroom after every use.  

We’d say ‘seamless’ storage is one of the main focal points of any modern bathroom. It’s what keeps the room looking streamlined and epic. If you can maintain a streamlined look in your bathroom, it will give your space the ultimate contemporary feel.  

Streamlined storage will help you achieve a clean look, allowing the eye to focus on the shape, colour and symmetry of your bathroom, rather than a busy storage unit. Keeping everything streamlined is the ultimate contemporary look. 

Combination units

Thanks to combination units, we can now have a vanity unit, toilet, and basin all in one beautifully designed piece of bathroom furniture. Not only are combination units practical and stylish but also becoming an increasingly popular trend in UK homes.

Combination units are available in all shapes and sizes. They’re definitely something to consider for a downstairs cloakroom toilet or small bathrooms. The practical design means you can have all the bathroom solutions you need, without compromising space.

Shop a variety of lavish finishes, from wooden textures to concrete grey effects, to the more minimal glossy white ceramic. The combination unit should be considered when updating your bathroom.

Digital showers

Digital Showers should be a feature in your modern bathroom upgrade and here’s why…

They come filled with handy features including precise water temperature settings, and LED display controls – with light-up digital shower valves that flash as the water heats up and cools down, you’ll always know when your new digital shower is at the perfect temperature.

You will have the most invigorating shower experience possible. Perfect for the contemporary bathroom or en-suite, a digital shower adds to the feeling of modern functionality and style.

Contemporary heated towel rails

Contemporary heated towel rails are all about combining design and function to bring you the most fabulous styles when creating a cosy warm bathroom space.

Having a heated towel rail in your modern suite is a must. You need something to keep those new fluffy towels warm!

There are so many options, when it comes to heated towel rails that you’re almost spoilt for choice.

From understated ladder-styles to flamboyant, curved models, there is a style to suit any suite, cloakroom or en-suite. From minimalistic matt black to polished chrome, the heated towel rail is ideal for creating a warm, relaxing atmosphere and its practical too.

Soft close toilets, doors & drawers

Soft-close toilets, doors and drawers are ideal for family homes. They are designed to put a stop to the loud bangs that may wake up the whole house.

Not only will the soft close options give you a quieter home, but they also reduce the risk of wear and tear with forceful shuts.

Kinder on the ears, soft-close toilets are also easy on the eye. Explore curved, wall-hung, or floor-standing designs – all perfect options for creating a gorgeous modern space.

Milano Edge - Anthracite 600mm Modern Vanity Unit with Basin  with doors open

The wood effect

Wood and natural textures are on the rise for bathrooms and the wholesome feel and touches of the outdoors are great for well-being.

Research shows a correlation between our health and factors such as providing adequate daylight and views of nature, using colours that promote mental well-being, acoustics, indoor air quality, ergonomics, furnishings, scents and more.

Wooden panelling has become popular in UK bathrooms along with wooden finished furniture and wood floor.

Tongue & groove panelling works well when painted a gorgeous deep navy or majestic emerald green.

Woods, stones and other natural materials will help you achieve a calming space to relax and unwind.

Wood panelling in modern bathroom

“Well I’m freeeeeee – freestanding!”

There’s nothing that says Spa, quite like a freestanding bath or tap. They are beautiful features to consider when planning a modern suite.

Our freestanding tubs have been created to hug you as you soak, for a truly soothing bath and are a great way to add a focal point to your bathroom.

Design options include oval, slipper, and square – so, you have plenty to choose from, and different size options are available depending on the size of your space.

A freestanding tub looks far superior to the standard bath – if you’re looking for a luxury modern room you have to include this indulgent tub!

midnight black freestanding bath

Pops of colours

The bathroom is typically one of the less colourful rooms in the home. Well not anymore, because people are loving the more vibrant bathroom look.

Injecting some colour into your bathroom colour schemes is a great way to have fun with interiors.

Not only are certain colours great for encouraging a good mood but also brilliant ways to get children excited about bath time.

Colourful bathroom

Embrace the SMART era

The smart era is just beginning.

With more innovative bathroom products available now more than ever, there has been a rise in Japanese bidets, digital showers, and digital shower valves.

Smart bathroom solutions connect your home. From Bluetooth functions to WIFI connectivity, smart products help make your everyday hygiene habits that little bit easier.

Who doesn’t want a self-cleaning toilet, or a shower that is programmed to save your favourite water temperature for the next time you use it? To us, they’re a modern bathroom must-have.

Modern marble

You can’t have a modern bathroom without a touch of Marble. Marble is a soft stone, that’s very absorbent.

Due to its absorbent nature, it’s the ideal material to use in a space where there’s lots of condensation. Not only is it a practical option for a bathroom but also looks fabulous.

Marble was famously used for Roman baths and has been used in bathrooms since. Its gorgeous aesthetic brings a touch of elegance and softness along with a monochromatic feel, for a timeless modern bathroom décor.

Marble bathroom and freestanding bath

A wet room is where it’s at

A wet room is a showering area designed to be left open.

Instead of having a closed shower enclosure, its open design creates the illusion of space, perfect for small spaces.

The wet room revolves around the shower or the shower set. Usually, you would find that most people opt for wall-mounted or ceiling shower heads.

Don’t forget that with a wet room, a gradient would have to be created on the floor to channel the water into a drain and the room would have to be completely waterproofed to avoid leaks.

Their contemporary style helps to keep the interior seamless. It’s ideal for those that love an ultra-modern look and require a shower room.

A modern family suite

In order for them to be a success, a modern family bathrooms should have two things – plenty of storage and a shower bath.

Be savvy with furniture that includes storage, pieces like mirrors cabinet, vanity units, and shelves.

If you have a growing family, it’s essential to have plenty of storage without cluttering your bathroom space.

Use your vanity units for the bits you need easy access to, i.e. shampoos & conditioners. Leave the other bits to be stored on open ladder shelving or the very popular wall-hung baskets.

For busy homes, having either or, isn’t an option when it comes to baths and showers. Not only will having a bath shower be a positive factor when it comes it selling your home, but they’re also great for families.

Having a bath option is great for bathing babies and small children and the shower is perfect for the adults of the home.

Modern family bathroom with loads of storage
Modern Shower Bath with subway tiling and a black and white theme

Compact spaces

If like many of us, your bathroom is on the smaller size, why not consider the following:

  • Use big mirrors, they will give the illusion of more space
  • Stick to the lighter tones of the colour spectrum
  • Avoid chunky furniture and opt for streamline wall hung units & toilet
  • Opt for plain glass shower doors to keep the space open & clear
  • Swap your door for a sliding door

Plus, for especially smaller bathroom areas such as downstairs cloakrooms, there is the chance to invest in the likes of cloakroom furniture sets to maximize room.

compact bathroom design

Contemporary tiles

As you know, there are so many wall tile options available. Tiles come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and patterns, it can get a little overwhelming if you don’t know what to look for.

Tiling can be made cheaper by purchasing larger floor tiles – doing this means you need fewer tiles and should minimise the cost.

Remember to have fun with your bathroom tiles. It’s a great way to add texture, colour and personality.

Contemporary bathroom tiles

Fluted glass showers

Fluted glass shower enclosures are up there as one of the more popular modern bathroom designs.

Helping you to introduce texture and sophistication to your shower space, these Art Deco inspire shower enclosures feature reeded glass that helps to diffuse the light and adds a touch of additional privacy too.

Style it with wood panels and a choice of black or grey for your shower tray, and you’re on your way to the most modern of shower looks possible.

Light it right

Bathroom lighting is often seen as the least important aspect of a bathroom but, we believe your choice of lights is just as important as any other aspect of the room.

There’s, no point in revamping or renovating your bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom and leaving an old, rusty light in.

Bathroom pendant lighting

Hang it from the wall!

For a modern bathroom, wall-hung features should be considered. They look great, add interest and eliminate the cluttered and overcrowded effect of standard bathroom furniture, which takes up unnecessary floor space and therefore makes the bathroom less spacious.

By installing a wall-hung vanity unit, you can be assured of a streamlined aesthetic. Their style is undeniably sleeker than the average vanity unit.

Keep your furniture harmonised with a wall-mounted toilet. Again, the wall-hung design means space will be saved, plus, because the bowl doesn’t touch the floor, they’re far easier to keep clean.

wall-hung bathroom features

Spa-inspired baths

There are not many things quite as relaxing as a long soak in a bathtub.

That is of course unless you’re having a long soak in a freestanding tub. The oval modern bathtubs have been designed and created with the spa experience in mind.

Sculpted to be curvaceous and comfy for the ultimate bathing experience.

We would only recommend a modern freestanding tub in larger bathroom spaces.

Even though they are available in an array of sizes, you don’t want to over-crowd your room.

Freestanding modern bath

Modern vertical radiators

Many people ask what the difference is between installing a heated towel rail and a radiator in your bathroom.

Despite the obvious, that one is designed to hold towels, the main difference is radiators give out more heat.

So, if you’re more bothered about a cosy warm bathroom than toastie towels, a vertical rad might be the option for you.

Not only that but, their vertical design is fabulous for injecting a touch of contemporary flare into your space.

Vertical contemporary radiators

Modern bathroom wallpaper

Modern bathroom wallpaper is becoming increasingly popular in contemporary homes. With tiles being on the more expensive side, wallpaper can be a more cost-effective option.

Always remember when choosing wallpaper for your bathroom or feature wall, that it has to be a special kind to withstand the high levels of moisture – this tends to be why more people opt for wallpaper in their downstairs loo, as it’s the bathroom without a shower and therefore less moist.

Modern bathroom wallpaper

Contemporary spa

Nothing says a modern bathroom, quite like a home spa.

Why not try and replicate your favourite spa features at home? Here’s how we would create a spa space:

Use plenty of natural materials such as wooden panels, stone walls, or stone effect tiles. Natural materials are great for maintaining positive well-being and a sense of tranquillity.

Secondly, make sure you either have a walk-in shower with body jets, or a gorgeous oval freestanding bathtub. The walk-in shower will give your space an open-plan feel, similar to a spa. The body jets are there to enhance your shower experience, with their added pressure and water penetration.

Lastly, make sure your bathroom is filled with candles, oils, soaps, and anything that smells spa-worthy.

Top Tip * Always include incense burners when bathing, we recommend a lavender scent, for a great night’s sleep.

Spa bathroom inspiration

Quadrant showers for a modern touch

Modern Quadrant showers are the perfect option for bathrooms that need to save space. They’re a great alternative to the standard square tray showers.

The quadrant shape means this gorgeous shower enclosure can fit in even the most awkward of spaces such as en-suites.

With a curved front, the quadrant shower enclosure usually comes with a sliding or hinged door, to augment the rounded design.

Black showers

Black showers look magnificent. They inject an effortlessly chic feel into any showering space. Why not leave chrome behind and update your shower set for bold matt black?

Shower jets

Body Shower Jets will bring your showering experience to a new level of relaxation.

The jets offer a powerful, re-energising wash every time you shower.

The water temperature and pressure can be changed to suit your ideal preference.

shower jets

Countertop basins

Countertop basins are one of the newest modern bathroom concepts. These modern basins have peaked in popularity over the last 12 months.

Available in almost any desired shape, including, round, square, rectangle, love heart, and every other shape you can think of, making it easy for you to achieve a bespoke bathroom look.

Light oak countertop basin

Modern taps

You can’t create a gorgeous harmonising space without updating your tap, to one of our ultra-modern designs. Modern taps have mastered the art of striking designs and creating an easy-to-adjust temperature functionality, through mixer technology.

Browse through high rise, mono, mixer, and so many more sleek designs, for a perfect modern space.

Don’t forget the accessories

Bathroom accessories play a major role in creating a unique, stylish space. Adding some new decor features, small or large has the ability to change the whole look and feel of your bathroom.

If you have newly renovated your bathroom, cloakroom or en-suite then why not fill empty space with abstract pictures? Abstract art is right on trend and is very popular in Scandinavian designed homes.

Include plants, fake or real, depending on your history of successes with botanicals. Greenery is great for the mind and creating a healthy mindful room.

Another fab way to accessorise is with wicker baskets. Ideal for extra storage and they look gorgeous! It’s a win, win!

We hope you found all the inspiration you need to revamp, upgrade or renovate your bathroom spaces. Here is a quick recap of our 28 modern bathroom ideas:

  1. Double Basins
  2. Seamless storage
  3. Combination units
  4. Digital Showers
  5. Contemporary Towel Rails
  6. Soft close Toilets and draws
  7. The wood effect
  8. Freestanding furniture
  9. Pops of colour
  10. The Smart era
  11. Parisian luxury
  12. Wet rooms
  13. A Family affair
  14. Compact spaces
  15. Contemporary Tiles
  16. Grid designs
  17. Modern Bathroom Lighting
  18. Wall-hung features
  19. Spa-inspired Baths
  20. Vertical Rads
  21. Wallpaper
  22. Spa space
  23. Quadrant showers
  24. Black shower heads
  25. Shower jets
  26. Countertop basins
  27. Modern Taps
  28. Accessories to Finish off with

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