12 On-Trend Bathroom Ideas

trending bathroom ideas

Looking for some bathroom interiors inspiration ideas? Take a look at some of the latest bathroom ideas.

There are so many aspects to think about when it comes to re-decorating your bathroom. So, whatever your style – modern, traditional, sleek or simple, we have some amazing ideas that will get those creative juices flowing.

  1. The Minimalist
  2. The Traditionalist
  3. Industrial Style
  4. Neutral Decor  
  5. Mixed Textures 
  6. Navy Space
  7. Brass
  8.  Pastel Paradise 
  9.  Monochrome Moments
  10.  Rustic Chic
  11.  Retro
  12.  Modern  

bathroom trends

1. The Minimalist

Minimalist bathroom aesthetics are simple and calming. They are clean, uncluttered spaces that have simple bathroom designsIn order to achieve a stunning minimalist bathroom, there are a few simple steps to follow to achieve this fab bathroom design idea.

Keep your bathroom walls as light as possible. Lighter tones make a room feel larger and airer. This particularly applies to those who have smaller bathrooms. The trick is to ensure your walls are plain and let other objects do the talking.

Purchase ample storage solutions. The trick to any minimalist bathroom is avoiding ‘clutter’. Add a cabinet, mirrored storage or even wall hung vanity units to store away your bathroom goodies. Again, this will work even better for smaller bathrooms.

Use taps and furniture to make a statement. The key to achieving the ultimate minimalist look is choosing statement pieces for your bathroom. You could opt for black features, against a white wall to create a super intense contrast or go for gold and incorporate antique brass fixtures to make room really pop.

Minimalistic bathroom designs rely on limited accessories. That being said, if you have itch to add some added detail to your bathroom, you can find some beautiful minimalistic bathroom accessories from Perch & Parrow .

minimal bathroom decor


2. Traditionalist

If you’re a traditionalist you’ll love calm, slightly dated bathroom interiors. Big statements or funky colours are a big no-no for you. Traditionalist bathrooms are comforting and classic. Here we break down all the best features of traditional bathroom ideas

Try to keep colours minimal. Often, traditional bathrooms stick to a very neutral palette, this upkeeps the notion of elegance and the simple design associated with traditional inspired bathrooms.

Traditional vanity unit

photo credit: thecraftpatchblog.com

Nostalgic countertops. Traditional bathroom décor typically features granite, marble or white ceramic vanity tops. This elegant design reflects the vintage vibe traditionalists love about bathrooms.

One thing the Victorians loved was a freestanding bath. Many aspects of traditional bathrooms are taken from different periods, particularly the Victorian period. So, if you have enough space, we would recommend including a Doubled ended clawfoot freestanding bath alongside a freestanding tap to match.

Freestanding bath in copper

If your space is limited and your bathroom is on the smaller side, use traditional styled mirrors and fittings to assert that traditional vibe in your bathroom design.

traditional wall hung light

One feature that screams ‘traditional bathroom’ is the exposed traditionally designed showers. Styled out with marble tiles, you can create a beautifully designed showering area.

Traditional exposed shower system

Add an extra traditional luxury touch with some luxury fluffy hand and bath towels. Choose a hue that will flatter the colour scheme of your room. Christy towels have a gorgeous selection of traditional towels.

3. Industrial

The industrial-inspired bathrooms originate from old industrial buildings being converted into domestic homes. The vibe consists of, bare brick walls, low lighting a variety of textures and of course Black frame shower doors.

Industrial bathroom

Strip back to basics. One of the most successful ways to accomplish this look would be to expose your home’s brickwork. Sounds scary, we know! But stay with us, because once you’ve braved it, you won’t regret it. Using raw materials like brick create a one of a kind industrial bathroom suite.

Low lighting and exposed wires. When it comes to an Industrial bathroom low lighting is a must! Remember you’re trying to replicate that derelict feel. Pedant lighting should be your go-to. Suspended by a chord, this design of light will have your bathroom looking like an industrial dream in a flash!

industrial bathroom with pendant lighting

Include textures. Industrial bathrooms look super nice when combining a variety of textures. Worn and raw textures work best and even more so when mixing materials such as glass, wood and metals. This combo isn’t for the faint-hearted, but boy does it look good.

Dot an array of accessories around your industrial bathroom. Lush cosmetics packaging looks fab in bathrooms of this style. Their black aesthetics will compliment your room and make it smell yummy.

4. Neutral

A smart choice when decorating your bathroom is to go for neutral colours. Neutral colour schemes are widely popular amongst bathroom interiors and offer an effortlessly stylish look. If you’re struggling to settle on a neutral colour palette for your bathroom, Dulux can help you put together colours you like to form your favourite hues.

Once you have your colour scheme, your next steps would be flooring. We suggest using light wooden floors to really make your other bathroom pieces stand out. The wood against the neutral colour palette works fabulously. The natural aesthetics of the wood will bring home that cosy neutral feel.

neutral bathroom design

Finish off with some striking modern chrome bathroom fixtures and a beautiful neutral vanity unit of your choice.

Accessorise with modern shelves and add some fresh greenery to create the ultimate neutral bathroom suite.

Finish off with neutral blinds, we recommend cream & beige tones. Blinds -2go have a wonderful selection to choose from.

5. Mixed Textures

Be a part of the mixed textured bathroom gang by replacing your old floor with some marble tiles. Marble is a timeless bathroom classic. mix marble with a black framed shower enclosure and a concrete basin, blending these textures can look insane, when done correctly.

A mixed textured bathroom wouldn’t be complete without mixing fixture and fitting colours. A black enclosure paired with our subtle Milano Monet wall hung tap.

Stick to earthy tones and don’t forget to include a big mirror, to open up your room up as much as possible. Mirrors act as a great substitute for lack of natural lighting

6. Navy Space

Navy bathroom decor is hitting the interior world hard and we’re completely crushing over this bold colour.

One of the best ways to create a luxury navy bathroom is to choose a feature wall and go to town with it. We would suggest using Farrow & Balls Stiffkey Blue. Use half a wall to panel and paint in a beautiful rich navy will provide an element of fun without being overpowering.

Great for even the smallest of bathrooms, however, we would suggest usign minimal navy on your bathroom walls and try to include navy in other aspects of the room i.e. furniture or accessories.

Photo credit: lovelyharbor.com

Style with light flooring to create a beautiful contrast. We would suggest opting for patina or textured tiles.

Once the shell of your bathroom décor is complete it’s time to pull out all the stops. Use gold fixtures to really drive home that luxury vibe. Gold showerheads, Gold taps, gold furniture handle. You can’t have enough of this finish. Because your décor is so simple, you can add as much as you like without looking tacky!

7. Brushed Gold

Gold bathroom fixtures are making a swift come back in bathroom designs. Gold bathroom fittings are the perfect way to make a statement in your bathroom and work with almost any bathroom design idea.

Gold can be paired with almost any tile, marble and colour palette. So, you have complete freedom with what you wish to do with your bathroom.

One of the most popular gold bathroom fixtures is the Thermostatic Exposed shower system. A versatile shower, handfinished for a truly bespoke look. It works well in both modern, traditional and period properties.

Brushed brass bathroom

Photo credit: @thepavlouhome

8. Pastel panache

Pastel bathrooms are the perfect go-to colour if you’re looking for a calm, relaxing and subtly colourful bathroom. Pastel’s work well in small and large bathroom. By using pastels, you can achieve almost any look, whether that be a bold modern statement or a vintage haven.

Many pastel bathroom ideas have pastel tiled walls. These soft bathroom tiles act as a beautiful base to build on. Some of our favourite pastel tile colours include blues, pinks and greens.


Once you have your bathroom colour pinned down it’s time to start thinking about the vibe you would like to project…

For an urban-inspired bathroom, use black fixtures where possible. Black shower heads and valves, black taps, towel rail – everything you can!

For more of a traditional look, use classical gold fixtures or chrome.


If you love accessorising your bathroom, opt for matching pastel hand towels. H&M home is a great place to find coloured hand towels at a competitive price.

9. Monochrome

Monochrome bathrooms will never go out of style. It’s a timeless classic when it comes to bathroom décor ideas. Black and white are a match made in heaven.

The black and white bathroom design can be achieved throughout different elements – including a monochrome suite, furniture, tiles or accessories.

Try this delightful duo on a statement floor. Geometric patterned tiles are the new bathroom favourites. Pair geometric flooring with traditional fittings and you’ll have a bathroom fit for a king.

Topps Tiles are a great place to find your dream tiles.

Photo credit: lovelyharbor.com

Use black furniture on a white wall. This stark contrast will modernise your bathroom space that you’ll never get bored of looking at.

Remember to opt for wall-hanging basins and toilets. Their off the floor design allows more space and will make sure your bathroom looks spacious and fresh!

Lijn M

10. Rustic rules

Rustic bathroom décor is the perfect choice if you’re wanting a homely feel to your bathroom. The wooden features give a nod to nature and brings a sense of peace.

Rustic bathrooms look great when you play around with textures. Think natural materials.

Heavy wooden shelves are a simple and effective rustic bathroom idea. It’s a cost-effective way to include rustic vibes in your bathroom.

For bathrooms on the smaller side look at wooden shelves as a way of utilising your limited space to store your bathroom essentials.

farmhouse rustic inspired bathroom

If you want to go full-on rustic, consider adding some wooden furniture. Vanities, stools, storage – The contrast of the wood will give your bathroom a dreamy farmhouse-inspired texture. Find a great selection of wooden stools for your rustic bathroom from Cult Furniture.

11. Retro

Love the look of yesteryear? Don’t underestimate the power of a retro-inspired bathroom. Think dark oak vanity units with brushed brass, playful tiles, and bold pops of colour on walls or with a vintage light.

To really capture a specific era, consider Art Deco vibe, with fluted effect tiles and vintage art for a mid-century modern feel. With a touch of nostalgia and the right modern updates, you can create a bathroom that’s both unique and undeniably chic.

retro bathroom

12. Modern

Modern bathrooms consist of clean and simple bathroom décor. In order to achieve the ultimate modern bathroom, use neutral minimal colours.

One of the most favourable aspects of a modern bathroom suite is the use of floating furniture. Wall hung vanities, basins and toilets will not only create a luxe modern bathroom, it will also create a more spacious bathroom. If you’re dealing with a compact space, we certainly would recommend wall hung furniture.


If possible, utilise natural light to open up your bathroom, and create a relaxing, fresh suite.

If you’re looking at a complete ensuite revamp, why not consider a shower room? Shower rooms are a fantastic way to save space in compact bathrooms. Adding a large shower enclosure will make your space appear bigger and provide more room to dance around in the shower! Alternatively, you can include a modern ladder shelf to sharpen up your bathroom look.


We hope you found plenty of inspiration on bathroom trends for 2024, if not explore more of our ideas and inspiration below!

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