On-Trend Traditional Bathroom Ideas

The traditional bathroom trend is making a revival this year, but this time with a twist. It’s all about on-trend traditional style. Influencers and interior designers have developed a love for incorporating traditional and contemporary elements to create a beautiful on-trend traditional space.

Traditional bathrooms offer a timeless charm to your bathroom space. It’s a style that’s perfect for period properties by maintaining a traditionally authentic theme in your home. There is so much scope when it comes to creating an on-trend traditional bathroom, cloakroom or en-suite. 

If you’re thinking about renovating, revamping or just simply swapping your taps, then we have plenty of traditional bathroom, en-suite and cloakroom ideas to explore.

Traditional En-suites

Ensuites can be hard to decorate at the best of times. They come in all shapes and sizes, but whatever size en-suite you have, we have en-suite design ideas that are compact, mix and match style and practical in their design to inspire even the most challenging spaces. 

If you have an en-suite bathroom that’s on the smaller side, it’s important to utilise your space. Discover our favourite traditional en-suite designs ideas and the best ways to style a small space.

Keep It Simple

If you’re struck for space, there’s nothing worse than an over-crowded room. Try to keep your design & decor as simple as possible. Do this by installing the bare minimal. If you already have a shower in the main bathroom, don’t install one in your ensuite. Keep it simple with a toilet and vanity unit. 

simple traditional ensuite
Credit // fugar.sepatula.com

At a touch of traditional elegance to your simple and small en-suite with a traditional vanity unit, and matching vintage mono tap. Opt for a half tiled and half dark brunswick green painted wall. The tiles will break up the room and make it appear bigger.

Spacious Luxury

A  neutral colour palette is always a good idea. These light and airy colours will open up your space for a calming canvas to build on. If you’re looking for more of a glamorous touch, consider including a marble splash back in your shower area?

For more spacious en-suites, why not consider a walk in shower? It’s a fantastic option for those who can compromise space and add copious amounts of fabulous to your bathroom design. To achieve the ultimate on-trend look pair your walkin with one of our traditional metallic thermostatic shower sets. They are available in three gorgeous finishes; brushed gold, oil rubbed bronze and chrome. 

Credit // @luffhome

Small Splash Back

Who says traditional has to be boring? Like most interior styles, you can make your home decor as exciting or as neutral as you like. Take a look at this traditional teal dream en-suite. It has been put together using both traditional and contemporary elements. Mix and matching interior styles means you can create a real unique bathroom look. 

A basin splashback is the perfect way to add colour, style and individuality to your bathroom space. A high rise traditional mono basin tap creates a stark look against the tiles – perfect for a traditional en-suite with an impact. 

Credit // @frowhome

Traditional Cloakroom Ideas

Cloakrooms are the most visited loo’s in your home. Your friends, neighbours and family will have seen them. So, it’s important for them to be presentable and what better way to decorate your cloakroom than with a splash of traditional bathroom pieces? Scroll through some of our favourite traditional cloakroom ideas.

Traditional Glamour

For Cloakrooms that are extremely small, we have a glamorous idea for you. Traditional glamour is a light colour palette with chunky traditional vanity units combined with modern basin and tap for a contrasting look.

Split your walls in half and use the bottom half for wallpapering and the top half for paint. This divide will leave your room looking glam and subtle. 

Credit // neptune.com

Use a Statement Tap

A statement traditional tap is a fab way to update the look of your bathroom without costing a fortune. Traditional basin & bath taps come in all shapes, sizes and finishes. So you have more than enough choices. 

Traditional bathroom taps can be a beautiful focal point in your cloakroom, if the right colour is selected. Take these gorgeous Diamante Blue, Herringbone tiles from Toppstiles. Combined with the authentic Oil Rubbed Bronze Wall Mounted Taps  – they makes an eclectic pair. If Oil Rubbed Bronze so not you’re thing, why not look at other finishes such as brushed golds, chrome & white or just simply chrome. 

tradition wall mounted tap - bronze
Credit // Big Bathroom Shop

Industrial Glitz

Traditional Industrial Glitz, sounds fancy doesn’t it? This interior style takes aspects of traditional, industrial and glamorous interiors and combines them into one beautiful look. For your cloakroom, consider a washstand. They look fabulous in a smaller space and give off a gorgeous traditional vibe. Washstands can be found with a chrome or black finish, but for a real authentic look we would suggest sticking with chrome.

Style up your washstand with statement wallpaper. We would usually advise avoid using wallpaper in your bathroom but considering you’re cloakroom is highly unlikely to have a shower installed and therefore no steam or extreme heat will affect your wallpaper. 

Credit //marcusdesigninc.com

Go as bold and as crazy as you like, remember this style is for the ‘wow-factor’. Murals Wallpaper have some gorgeous prints for your cloakroom and they even have a category dedicated to bathroom wallpaper.

Traditional Bathroom

Your main bathroom is classed as the largest bathroom in your home. It’s the bathroom that all the family will use and the bathroom that you’ll love the most. We have put down our favourite traditional bathroom ideas and inspiration for you to fill your boots with.

Navy & Gold

Navy and gold is our favourite traditional interior combo. Together, they make a truly stark contrast. The navy holds colder connotations and the brass brings a much warmer touch to your space.

There are many ways to incorporate navy into your traditional bathroom. You could go for navy wall tiles, for a regal feel, cover the walls in navy wallpaper or simply just paint the walls in a gorgeous deep navy. We would highly recommend Dulux Sapphire Blue 

If painting your whole walls in navy blue is way beyond your comfort zone why not keep half of your walls tiled with metro tiles? Or you could keep your walls light and airy with white and leave the navy details to your bathroom accessories. Navy blue Shower curtains, towels and bathmats will add pops of colour.

traditional bathroom wallpaper
Credit //Etsy

Calm and Cosy

If you long for a calm and cosy bathroom sanctuary then look no further than greys, whites, checkered floor and paneling.

Your bathroom should be one of the most relaxing rooms in your home and what’s more relaxing than the calmness of greys and whites? This colour scheme will create an open and tranquil space for you to bathe in. 

Panels are becoming increasingly popular in UK bathrooms. Paneling will help you create an authentically traditional bathroom design and works particularly well in period bathrooms. 

Credit //Sheerluxe.com

Period Bathroom

Period bathroom decor is all about a room keeping its original charm and using history to inspired the interior style. 

There are some fabulous features to a period bathroom. One feature, i’m sure you have all noticed is the patterned floor tiles. This trend shows no signs of slowing down – how do you feel about the vintage tile look?

period bathroom
Credit //Roseontherow

Grid shower doors are a gorgeous way to include some industrial luxe into your period room. The fine lines create a beautiful contrast against the traditional pieces of your room.

Grid Shower doors are very popular amongst Instagrammers and we completely understand why. They look fabulous, especially when paired with traditional shower heads. The lines, panels and extrovert details will help you create a period charm you’ll never get bored of looking at.

One key traditional bathroom piece is the high level toilet – look at how it stands out in this bold bathroom. It’s true Victorian style is the perfect finish for a traditional space. 



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