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Beautiful Hotel Bathroom Styles Across The Globe

In the midst of a third national lockdown, it’s fairly safe to assume that a significant slice of the UK population are now craving the return of any sort of normalcy to their lifestyle.

Whether that be by pumping some iron at the gym, sinking a few cold ones in the pub after clocking off on a Friday, or taking the kids to their weekend swimming lessons, we’re all missing out on some of the vices that would usually keep us ticking over from day to day and week to week.

Meanwhile, one of the main luxuries many look forward to from year to year is a holiday. So if you’re pining for paradise, we thought we’d whet your appetite for when the time comes that we can once again indulge in such a scenario, and shine a spotlight on bathrooms found in some of the top rated hotels around the world.

How amazing does it sound to be pampering yourself in any of these relaxation havens before venturing out to sample some local cuisine?

Hotel Bathroom Trailblazers In Holiday Destinations

To start our bid to discover the very best hotel bathrooms around the world, we first had to find out where the UK population prefer to visit. And with 2020 by and large a write off, we borrowed data from’s 2019 outbound tourism research to give us a good idea.

So, for a bit of good housekeeping (which we’re always a proponent of at Big Bathroom Shop!), we’ll first shine the spotlight on the favourite holiday destinations of the UK public from the most recent ‘normal’ year on record…

Spain was the leading country in terms of attracting visitors from these shores, with a whopping 18.13 million travelling there in 2019. France lured the next most UK visitors in the same annum with 10.35 million, while Italy drew the third highest total with 5.11 million. After that, the USA was the next most popular destination, welcoming 4.8 million UK residents.

We’ve used these statistics to form the basis of our research into the most desirable hotel bathroom interiors around the world, looking at the bathrooms of the top rated hotels in these countries, and several more.

If you can pick up some hints and tips on how to introduce hotel style inspiration to your own bathroom too, all the better.

Apanemo Greece infinity pool

Infinity pool overlooking the Caldera and the Volcano – Apanemo, Akrotiri / Courtesy of Tripadvisor

Spain – La Residencia, A Belmond Hotel, Mallorca

La Residencia, Mallorca pool mountains overview

Image courtesy of Steven W

It seems appropriate to begin in the most-visited area of the most-visited country for UK residents. And Mallorca’s La Residencia is our first port of call to zone in on Mediterranean bathroom décor.

This premium-rated hotel has earned a stellar reputation in no small part due to its location, shrouded in gorgeous Spanish mountainside, and bringing that surrounding rustic aesthetic into the accommodation itself.

Indeed, elements of cottage core can be seen to populate La Residencia rooms throughout, though whilst this is undoubtedly one of the hottest UK bathroom trends of 2021, it hasn’t properly infiltrated the bathrooms of this ultra-popular resort.

Creamy, kind shades dominate the substantially sized bathrooms, with wooden details adding an air of authenticity too. Classic chrome fixtures and fittings also feature in the form of robe hooks and a heated towel rail to deliver a contemporary touch.

la residencia bathroom overview

France – Hotel Plaza Athenee, Paris

Our next stop is the French capital, Paris, where the bathrooms of the Hotel Plaza Athenee exude all the luxury you’d expect of a hub located in one of the fashion metropolises of the world.

Dripping with elegant class, these bathroom areas prominently feature marble elements, whilst sophisticated etchings adorn bathroom furniture such as the freestanding vanity units, in addition to the bathtubs.

Alternative colour schemes are present in different bathrooms throughout the hotel, though light, bright hues are largely consistent with regards to wall and floor tiling. Airy turquoise shades, as well as luxurious anthracite and caramel tones can be found to detail supporting fixtures in different room numbers.

Hotel Plaza Athenee, Paris

Image courtesy of Musgo

Hotel Plaza Athenee bathroom overview

Italy – Hotel Artemide, Rome

Onto the first of the more surprising bathroom styles for the setting, I write as a seasoned traveller that has never so much as set foot in Italy.

Even from the outside aesthetic of Rome’s Hotel Artemide though, connotations of quaint grandeur would appear to be the ordine del giorno (order of the day).

However, as most visitor snaps would attest, the bathrooms of this highly thought of accommodation appear to possess a good deal more contemporary, somewhat flashy design details than you might expect.

LED mirrors complement ultra-modern sink areas, which in turn are enhanced by wall-mounted taps. And sleek shower enclosures are not impacted at all by the close proximity of the wall hung toilets.

Meanwhile, the coup de grace in many rooms, it would appear, is a jacuzzi tub worthy of any specialist spa hotel. With coloured water effects and body massage functionality, the tubs look to offer the ultimate relaxation experience after a busy day exploring the many delights of Rome.

Hotel Artimede bathroom overview
Hotel Artimede jacuzzi bath

USA – Barbary Beach House, Key West, Florida

Light and airy, the bathrooms of the Barbary Beach House of Key West smack of fresh vibrancy, wholly appropriate for a Floridian property.

Brilliant white walls and doors serve to enhance a clean, bright bathroom aura, with the simple hue also on display in the bathroom cabinets, drawers and shelving used for towel storage. Each fitting and fixture contrasts effectively with the darker tiles which populate the flooring and shower wall.

Typically expansive, these bathrooms incorporate sizeable bathroom vanity units with large bathroom mirrors filling the entire wall space directly above.

Image courtesy of Murray2009

Barbary Beach House bathroom overview

Ireland – Clontarf Castle Hotel, Dublin

The picturesque Clontarf Castle Hotel is steeped in stunning traditional style, so much so that it would hardly look out of place situated in Westeros, or any other region referenced in the much-acclaimed Game Of Thrones.

As for the ‘throne’ rooms in the popular Irish hotel itself, the classic theme very much continues, particularly in the communal bathrooms, and frequented by guests at the many weddings the venue hosts.

Majestic marble effects populate the shower walls of the spacious enclosures in ‘standard’ rooms, which in turn are populated by modern shower systems finished in chrome, alongside other complementary bathroom accessories such as soap dishes and rails.

Meanwhile, the spacious area doesn’t necessitate the presence of a back-to-wall toilet, but it does open up even more room for the freestanding bathtub, itself completed with a classic clawfoot base.

Clontarf Castle Hotel, Dublin exterior

Image courtesy of RedMuzza79

Clontarf Castle, Dublin traditional bathtub

Netherlands – Ambassade Hotel, Amsterdam

From the rich heritage of Dublin’s Clontarf Castle, we take a sharply contrasting trip to the Ambassade Hotel of Amsterdam, a short tram journey away from the city’s fabled Red Light District.

The bathrooms want for nothing with respect to boasting a slick, modern aesthetic however, incorporating a timeless black and white colour contrast scheme, accentuated by chrome details and components.

Whilst not quite as spacious as other entries on the list, the compact area still manages to accommodate a shower bath and double vanity unit in addition to the core elements such as the toilet.

Besides, you’re unlikely to be spending too much room at the hotel if you’re venturing to the Netherlands capital anyway!

Ambassade Hotel, Amsterdam exterior at night

Image courtesy of Ernie S

Ambassade Hotel, Amsterdam double sink and bath

Greece – Apanemo, Akrotiri

Eye-catchingly original fluid design features account for the makeup of the bathrooms in Greece’s Apanemo hotel, where frameless shower entrances could evoke thoughts of a glammed up Flinstone’s pad!

Curved shower walls serve to accentuate the room’s languid style, beautifully encasing the spacious walk-in shower enclosure, which boasts a pair of shower heads for a sensational showering experience for one or multiple users.

Stylish rounded counter top basins are another notable inclusion of the bathrooms of this Akrotiri resort, set upon stone-effect shelving that attaches to the shower entrance itself.

A perfect base from which to glam up for an evening sampling local seafood and a few scoops of Mythos.

Apanemo Hotel, Greece exterior and pool

Image courtesy of Mark Frajbis

Germany – Bachmar Weissach Spa & Resort, Rottach-Egern

Bachmair Weissach, Germany exterior

Image courtesy of Christianvsch

At first glance, Germany’s Bachmair Weissach Spa & Resort, situated in Rottach-Egern, has all the makings of a somewhat stereotypical Bavarian accommodation.

That’s no bad thing though, and nor are the characteristics of the bathroom areas housed within. Efficiency and organisation are the key traits of the rooms, with functionality and basic aesthetics favoured over a flashy, over-the-top interior scheme.

A predominantly pristine white colour scheme is preferred, effectively contrasted by black tile details, and subtle bathroom accessories such as the stool and pedal bin pictured.

The black wall-mounted sink, positioned directly beneath a significantly sized square mirror, serves as the most significant component to deviate from the dominant colour scheme.

Plenty of room is afforded to visitors making use of the walk-in shower enclosure, with a wall hung toilet also serving to maximise bathroom space to the full.

Hotel Bachmair Weissach, Germany toilet and cabinet
Hotel Bachmar Weissach, Germany bathroom overview

Portugal – Conrad Algarve, Algarve

Conrad Algarve, Portugal exterior pool

Image courtesy of ren64

The bathrooms of the Conrad Algarve property in Portugal are dripping in lavish luxury, with marble effect walls and diminutive square floor tile patterns exemplifying the glamour.

An in-built television is a tempting shower bath accompaniment, whilst the compact heated towel rail is cleverly concealed for extra space, still allowing holidaymakers to keep their robes and towels toasty warm.

A toilet and bidet is literally just around the corner from the shower bathtub, whilst a sizeable double vanity unit and wall-encapsulating mirror sit opposite.

Conrad Algarve toilet and bidet with towel rail

Poland – Sheraton Sopot Hotel, Sopot

Sheraton Sopot Hotel, Poland exterior

Image courtesy of PA M

Situated on the picturesque Polish seaside, the Sheraton Sopot Hotel features stylish contemporary bathroom areas, exemplified by the dominant presence of a large modern bathroom vanity unit.

Incorporating an in-built modern basin in a similar means as a washstand would, the vanity unit is fronted by a chrome robe hook with significant storage space beneath.

Elsewhere, a straight shower bath is positioned beyond sliding shower doors, and directly underneath a rainfall shower head.

Black and cream colours populate one of the more standard bathroom entries to round off our shortlist.

Sheraton Sopot Hotel, Poland shower enclosure and toilet

Finding Your Perfect Hotel Bathroom Style

If you’re lucky enough to have a holiday on the horizon, we hope you find bathrooms to be of such exquisite style that they’d be worthy of a spot on our list. So do be sure to grab some snaps and get at us if you’re living it up in a dream destination!

You can contact us via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with your hotel bathroom images, or get in touch with us for any further advice on the latest bathroom colour trends or other ways to enhance your interiors.