The Shower Baths Buyer’s Guide

White curved shower bath with glass shower panel and shower kit

As we search for the ultimate bathroom bliss, our choice of shower bath plays a pivotal role. A well- reasoned and considered choice will elevate the aesthetics of the bathroom and enhance your daily bathing or showering experience.

This guide will delve into the intricate details of shower baths, equipping you with all the knowledge necessary to make an informed, reasoned decision.

White curved shower bath with glass shower panel and shower kit

What is a shower bath?

A shower bath combines plenty of room for a relaxing soak, with a spacious and practical showering area. Available in a range of sizes, as well as p-shaped and square designs, shower baths feature one end that’s wider than the other, which allows you to enjoy a comfortable showering experience.

Whhy choose a shower bath?

Firstly, why should you choose to invest in a shower bath anyway?

Space Optimisation

Shower baths are a very versatile option for a bathroom of any size. No matter if you are upgrading a compact en-suite or a sizeable master bathroom, you can complete a seamless shower bath installation.

Dual Functionality

One of the main advantages of a shower bath is the dual functionality it provides. A shower bath will double up as a relaxing bathtub for a leisurely soak, as well as a convenient shower enclosure for quick morning routines.

Elegance and Style

Modern shower baths are supplied in an impressive choice of designs, with sleek and minimalist models and more traditional styles too. A shower bath can seamlessly integrate with existing or fresh bathroom décor to bring a touch of elegance and style to the space.

Cost Efficiency

A separate bathtub and shower enclosure fitting can prove an expensive vice. A shower bath offers a cost-effective solution with the combination of both components in a single unit.

White rectangular shower bath with glass shower panel and shower kit

Key factors when shopping shower baths

Shape and Size

The shape and size of your bathroom space will be a crucial factor in finding the perfect shower bath. Meticulously measure the available space and select a size that will fit comfortably. There are P-shape and L-shaped shower baths, in addition to ‘standard’ straight shower baths, so you can choose a style that complements your bathroom layout.

Material and Durability

Shower baths usually consist of two main materials in steel and acrylic. The latter named acrylic baths feature lightweight properties, and are easy to clean and a budget-friendly option. The steel bathtubs are very robust and provide excellent durability. Think about what sort of budget you are working with and consider your maintenance preferences when coming to a decision.

Glass Shower Enclosure

If you decide on a shower bath with a glass enclosure, be attentive to the quality of the glass used. Opt for a model with toughened safety glass and a protective coating that will help with the prevention of limescale build up and water stains. Each shower screen or enclosure from Big Bathroom Shop comes complete with premium quality toughened safety glass for durability and excellent longevity.

Showerhead and Taps

Go for stylish, high quality fittings to accompany your shower bath. You could decide on a thermostatic shower system to provide precise temperature control, and a modern shower head style with a rejuvenating spray pattern. Choosing the right fixtures will massively upgrade your showering or bathing experience.

Safety and Accessibility

Safety and accessibility features will be a bigger priority for households with elderly or mobility-challenged individuals. The likes of anti-slip surfaces and grab bars are amongst the bathroom accessories to consider. Never compromise on access elements in favour of style, but you can have the best of both worlds in selecting attractive designs.

Shower bath designs

Shower baths are available in two main designs, as well as lengths including 1700mm and 1500mm, with most measuring 850mm in width. If you have a small bathroom, it makes perfect sense to go for the 1500mm length to help maximise space.

P-shaped shower baths

A popular option, P-shaped shower baths have a curved section at the shower end with a matching curved glass screen, providing you with extra space for showering. Featuring a classic design that won’t ever look dated, this design looks equally stylish in both modern and traditional bathrooms.

L-shaped shower baths

Another popular shower bath style, L-shaped shower baths are (as you may expect) shaped like an L. Great fro giving you an extra bit of bathing and showeirng space, an l-shaped shower bath is a sleek and simple design that is just as well suited in traditional settings as it is in a modern bathroom space.

Square shower baths

For those wanting to add contemporary style to their bathroom, a square shower bath is the perfect solution. This style features clean, geometric lines for a sleek, streamlined look, and is usually supplied with a matching square shower bath screen.

Shower bath cleaning and maintenance

To keep your shower bath in prime condition, there’s a few simple cleaning and maintenance tips you can follow…

Frequent Cleaning

Use a mild bathroom cleaning solution and a soft cloth to treat your shower bath and enclosure regularly. Frequent cleaning practices like this will stop watermarks and soap scum from forming.

Grout Maintenance

Make sure the grout in between bathroom tiles is properly sealed to combat water infiltration and mould growth.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Ensure you don’t use acidic or abrasive cleaning products, so you don’t damage the surface of your shower bath.

Check Seals and Fittings

Closely inspect seals and fittings from time to time, searching for signs of wear and tear. You might need to replace them with new versions on occasion.

Shop shower baths online from Big Bathroom Shop

Arriving at the decision for the ideal shower bath involves careful consideration of a range of factors.

Size, shape, material, fixtures, glass quality and safety features all need to be taken into account. In coming to an informed choice that considers all these factors, you can transform your bathroom into a stylish haven of relaxation and practicality.

Big Bathroom Shop offer a supreme selection of high quality shower baths in all sorts of different designs, fit for any preferences or requirements.

Shop online with us today, or feel free to get in touch with us for further shower bath information. You can leave a comment below, or contact us via InstagramFacebook or Twitter.

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