Why Buy Wall Hung Toilets? The Complete Guide.

Discover the amazing advantages of a wall hung toilet.

Here at Big Bathroom Shop we have over 14 ranges of wall hung modern toilets.

From rimless wall hung toilets to full wall hung toilet and sink sets, each style designed with you in mind, to help complete your bathroom suite.

Once of a day wall hung toilets would only be found in the most luxurious of hotels and restaurants.

However, with so many affordable designs available and the unlimited benefits of this particular design, we are seeing a huge increase of these gorgeous toilets installed in UK homes.

If you’re unsure about a wall hung toilet and would like to find out more, read on, fill your boots with inspiration and more importantly, find the toilet of your dreams.

What Is A Wall Hung Toilet?

Let’s start off by explaining what a wall hung toilet is. A wall hung toilet is a toilet bowl that has been mounted onto the wall to give the illusion of floating. When a toilet is wall-hung the cistern is concealed within the wall.

So rest assured, a wall hung toilet with cistern is a standard commodity when shopping wall hung toilets with Big Bathroom Shop. Even if a visual impression of cistern invisibility is presented.

Wall hung designs work particularly well in smaller spaces. In terms of floor space, the more shown, the larger the room appears.

Though it may be hard to believe, this design of toilet is extremely secure, due to it’s robust frame. Plus, wall hung toilet fixings are amongst the most rigid of any toilet type. So, no need to worry about the toilet failing off the wall mid-wee.

Why Buy Wall Hung Toilets?

Wall hung is the ideal choice for compact bathroom spaces, unlike a floor mounted toilets. Due to the cistern being hidden in the wall, a wall hung toilet and frame will take up much less space than a standard design.

They are also easier to clean than other toilets because of their elevated design. Therefore, you can mop, sweep and wipe down underneath the toilet without the struggle of getting into difficult nooks and crannies.

Here’s more details on the fabulous benefits of choosing a wall hung toilet…

Wall Hung Toilets Have Hidden Plumbing

Nobody likes messy, visible plumbing. You want your bathroom to look tidy and seamless.

People are often put off wall hung toilets because the cistern and plumbing are hidden in walls and they therefore believe installation will be complicated and access to the cistern is difficult after installation.

Photo Credit: @hallie_and_harrisons_house

This couldn’t be more wrong. If you’re looking to purchase a wall hung toilet, you’ll be thrilled to learn that a wall mounted toilet needs to be installed with a flush plate.

This means, the plates simply lift off and provide all the access you will ever need to the concealed cistern in the wall. This also makes fitting a wall mounted toilet a relative breeze.

Another huge benefit of a wall hung toilet pan is that plumbing can be hidden away and leave you with a beautiful, uncluttered bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom!

Wall Hung Toilets Have A Beautiful Aesthetic

One of the most important parts of choosing a product for your bathroom is of course making sure it has a beautiful aesthetic that will enhance your space.

Floating just above the floor, this toilet design is perfect for homes that focus on minimalism, unlike other types of toilets.

Milano Ballam                                              Photo Credit: @lizaprideauxhome

beautiful wall hung toilet

Milano Overton                                             Photo Credit: @home.of.gold

Designed to provide a modern and functional solution.

They are available in several styles, so you have plenty of ranges to choose from, including square, round, and oval designs.

There’s also ultra-modern black wall hung toilet models available within our Nero collection, ideal to enhance a contemporary bathroom interior.

Wall Hung Toilets Are Great For Space Saving

If you’re looking to renovate bathroom, particularly a smaller bathroom, such as an en-suite or downstairs toilet, we would recommend a wall mounted toilet frame.

You can place them closer to other bathroom fixtures and avoid it looking cluttered because they come with no bulky external cistern.

They also create the illusion of more space because they hang just off the floor, an illusion exacerbated with short projection. As we mentioned previously, the more the eye can see of your bathroom floor, the bigger the space will seem.

For a streamline aesthetic you should opt for wall hung furniture. Zero contact with the floor eliminates the bulk that comes with a conventional toilet, freeing your room of space.

Hygiene – Easier To Clean Wall Hung Toilets

For all you Hinchers out there, you’ll love how hygienic and easier to clean a wall hung toilet is. Mop, wipe, vacuum and sweep without the hassle of moving between the difficult gaps you would get with a standard toilet.

Because the toilet pan is elevated from the floor you can clean around and underneath with ease. Say goodbye to getting on your hand and knees to reach the places where dust and dirt has built up overtime.

Another positive about a wall hung toilet is that unlike close coupled toilets, there is no sealant securing the toilet to the ground that could discolour over time.

What Height Should A Wall Hung Toilet Be?

The standard wall hung toilet height is 14.5 inches from the floor to the toilet bowl’s rim. This is not including the toilet seat.

However, the height of the wall frame can depend on the toilet manufacture and the frame.

This is only a suggested height; people can always measure the height of their current toilet if they feel it’s comfortable. Or you can opt for any height that is best for you and your family.

How Do I Know If I Need A Short Frame or Long Frame Wall Hung Toilet?

Short frame cistern


Long Cistern Frame


Here at Big Bathroom Shop we have a mixture of short and long frames options for wall hung toilets. Our concealed cistern frames can be adjusted in height and depths for easy installation and preferred height.

Our cisterns are available with a variety of stylish flush plate options. From silky matt blacks to satin brushed nickel as well as, different shapes.

Your frame options will depend on the size of your bathroom wall and down to your comfort preference or your bathroom designer. There isn’t a law, or direct height set for wall hung toilet frames.

After reading the wonderful benefits of a wall hung toilet, you might be completely sold on this minimal design.

Here at Big Bathroom Shop, we have a large range of modern wall hung toilets. You can click link below to shop all our designs or keep reading as we take a look into our best sellers.

So here are Big Bathroom Shop’s top designs.

Milano Ballam Wall Hung Toilet Designs

The Milano Ballam wall hung toilet is one of our customer favourites. A modern, soft round design perfect for a minimalist space. Say goodbye to late night bangs because this trendy toilet has a soft close seat technology and 5* reviews.

Ballam wall hung toilet

Rimless design to improve hygiene and a long guarantee of 20 years, this beautiful toilet will make a great addition to your dreamy new bathroom, cloakroom or en-suite!


The Milano Overton Wall Hung Toilet Designs

The Milano Overton, another rimless design to make you, our wonderful customers cleaning lives much easier. The Overton is available with a long frame, short frame, adjustable frame and WC attached options.

A water-saving dual flush cistern and hands-free flush sensor for ease of use, the rimless wall hung WC unit blends form with function.

It features white tempered glass panels and clean lines for a minimal look and conceals the cistern and pipework for a neat and tidy finish.

3/5 of our Overton designs have had a only 5* reviews – another reason to purchase an Overton today!

The Milano Longton Wall Hung Toilet

If you’re searching for more of a square toilet, the Milano Longton might just be what you’re looking for.

The Longton toilet seat has a quick release mechanism for easy removal and cleaning, as well as soft close hinges to minimise noise.

The Longton has soft close functionality, water saving technology – great for the environment and Hard-wearing ceramic with an easy to clean white glazed enamel finish.

If this sounds like your dream loo, shop the Longton below

The Milano Elswick Wall Hung Toilet

We have another square toilet design, we know you’re going to love. Introducing the Milano Elswick. Once again, this beautiful wall hung design has nothing but 5* ratings.

Smart and comfortable, the Elswick can be bought with a matching bidet for the ultimate bathroom hygiene duo.

To create a fabulous harmonising space, shop the complementing Milano Elswick basin’s.

Milano Elswick


We hope you enjoyed our Why Buy Wall Hung Toilets guide and found all the answers you needed.

If not, drop a comment below and let us know if you have any other questions

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