How to Really Clean a Toilet – Top Tips & Tricks

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When looking to achieve and maintain a healthy and hygienic home, the toilet is one key component that will often require special particular attention.

A clean toilet will not only improve your bathroom aesthetic but also guarantee a healthy living environment for all the family.

This comprehensive guide will explain the steps to follow to achieve a spotless toilet that looks pristine and is free from bacteria and germs. By gleaming our advice, you’ll soon have a toilet to be proud of…

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What you’ll need to clean a toilet

Before we get started on the process, collect the following materials for an effective and efficient operation.

Toilet Brush

Grab a sturdy toilet brush with strong bristles for scrubbing away grime and dirt.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Select a high quality toilet bowl cleaner that is effective in removing stains and disinfecting the toilet bowl.

Rubber Gloves

Get a pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands from any harsh chemicals.

Paper Towels or Microfibre Cloth

For the wiping down and drying of surfaces.

Baking Soda

Perfect for tackling stubborn stains and unwanted odours.


A natural substance for cleaning, vinegar can assist with disinfection and combating mineral deposits.

How to clean a toilet – step by step

Begin by preparing the area ready for cleaning. Remove any items from around the toilet, such as toilet rolls, plants, towels or any other personal items. This will ensure you have the proper access to clean every nook and cranny you can find.

1. Preparation

Begin by preparing the area ready for cleaning. Remove any items from around the toilet, such as toilet rolls, plants, towels or any other personal items. This will ensure you have the proper access to clean every nook and cranny you can find.

2. Safety First

Put your rubber gloves on to protect your hands from exposure to the cleaning products you are using. Make sure the bathroom is ventilated well to reduce exposure to fumes.

3. Flush and Empty the Toilet Bowl

Flush the toilet to empty the bowl. The first flush will aid in removing any loose debris to make the cleaning process more effective.

4. Apply Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Squirt your toilet bowl cleaner beneath the rim of the bowl, enabling it to drip down and encompass the full interior surface. Allow the solution to sit for a few minutes to kill germs and break down stains.

5. Scrub the Surface

Using the toilet brush, thoroughly scrub the surface of the toilet bowl, closely tending to any stains or discoloured areas. Make sure you don’t neglect the rim or the edges of the bowl. For especially tough stains, apply some baking soda to the brush to help with the scrubbing.

6. Clean the Exterior

Wipe down the toilet exterior, inclusive of the handle, seat and tank, using paper towels or a microfibre cloth and a mild disinfectant solution. Make sure you clean the whole surface thoroughly.

7. Tackle Hard Water Stains

If hard water stains have formed on the bowl, use a vinegar-soaked paper towel and place it directly on the affected area. Leave it to sit for several hours or overnight to allow the mineral deposits to dissolve. Then, use the toilet brush to scrub the area clean.

8. One Last Rinse

Flush the toilet again for one last rinse, ridding the bowl of the last remnants of the cleaning solution and debris. Your toilet should now be gleaming sparkling clean.

9. Disinfect the Toilet

To guarantee a germ-free toilet, spray a disinfectant cleaner on every surface, including the toilet seat and handle. Allow it to remain for a few minutes before taking a clean cloth to wipe it down.

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Maintenance tips for a clean toilet

To make sure your toilet remains looking and smelling fresh in between the cleaning process, stick to these maintenance tips…

  • Frequently clean the toilet at least once per week
  • Use toilet bowl cleaners or tablets to stop odours and stains
  • Keep a small brush or disposable cleaning wipes nearby for quick toilet touch-ups

By following the aforementioned steps and keeping on top of your regular cleaning and maintenance routine, you can achieve a glistening toilet that will enhance the cleanliness of your bathroom, improve its look and result in a healthier overall living environment.

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