How To Switch To Sustainable Bathroom Products

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Ending The Single-Serving Bathroom Trend

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90% of Brits would make the switch to reusable bathroom products

Nine in ten (89%) people are unaware that half of bathroom products cannot be recycled, despite increased efforts to shop sustainably.

We took to Instagram to ask our followers about their sustainable bathroom buying habits and found that, while over half (56%) of people are not currently making a conscious effort to buy environmentally-friendly bathroom products, over three-quarters (76%) would like to begin buying more of these products in the future.

The majority of those who took the survey were also open to reusable alternatives, with a whopping 90% willing to ditch single-use bathroom products.

So, to help people make sustainable improvements to their bathroom product choices and to reduce waste, below are some simple bathroom “switch-ups” that we’ve put together with the help of Vegan campaigning charity, Viva!.

1 – Shampoo & Conditioner

Green Plastic Shampoo Bottles

Shampoo and conditioner are amongst the most common bathroom products that come in plastic packaging that is often not recyclable and ends up in landfill.

Switch to refillable options, or newly popular shampoo and conditioner bars – you can always store this in a bath tidy, vanity unit or hardwearing soap holder for convenience.

“If you are looking to switch up your haircare to do your bit for the planet there are many options available that use nourishing and natural vegan ingredients such as argan oil, cocoa butter and aloe vera. These products are easily available on the high street in refill shops and eco-friendly chains such as Lush.”

Jasmine Clark, environment campaigner at Viva!

2 – Toothpaste & Brushes

sustainable bathroom bamboo toothbrushes

Brushing our teeth is a part of our daily routines, and since a single plastic toothbrush will take around 450 years to decompose, it’s really important to consider more sustainable options.

Swap out your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo option and keep up with using these instead.

“There are many plastic-free toothpaste products now available, which focus on using natural ingredients and recyclable packaging. These can come in the form of a paste or a small tablet. A key thing to look out for when buying toothpaste is that they avoid glycerin, an ingredient usually derived from animal fats.”

Jasmine Clark, environment campaigner at Viva!

3 – Switch To Reusable

Sustainable bathroom products - Zero waste, plastic free beauty essentials. Natural soap, solid shampoo in metal tin, reusable razor, crystal eco deodorant, toothpaste, sponge, bamboo toothbrush,ubtan on wooden background

Wherever possible, swap out single-use items for reusable alternatives – as our poll shows, 90% of people are willing to make this swap so it’s worth doing some research around your most commonly used items and finding reusable alternatives.

Some of the most simple swaps are from cotton pads to reusable pads, plastic razors can be swapped to a long-term alternative where blades are swapped every so often, you can also switch out single-use toothpicks and pick up some biodegradable dental floss.

There are plenty of options to consider, just tailor your research to find the right option for you!

4 – Cleaning Products

Flat lay composition with eco-friendly natural cleaners. Baking soda, salt, lemon, bamboo brushes on pink background

“Sometimes the best eco-friendly and plastic-free cleaning products can be made from common household ingredients. For instance, vinegar is an excellent kitchen cleaner as the acetic acid it contains cuts through dirt, grease and grime. For a fresher scent, you might choose lemons, which are great for cleaning due to the citric acid they contain. Bicarbonate of soda can do wonders for removing odours and stains. These home remedies are kinder for the environment, animals, and kinder on your wallet too.”

Jasmine Clark, environment campaigner at Viva!

Pick up some glass spray bottles to home your cleaning products and add some labels so you can keep track of which is what, then when it comes to storing them away, they already look much more presentable than the usual plastic containers.

5 – Toilet Paper

sad face painted on toilet paper roll.

We can often find ourselves looking for thick, soft toilet paper which we associate with quality, however, this is wasteful and the paper can actually be packed with toxins such as bleach.

One of the easiest things you can do is switch to a recycled, toxin-free toilet paper brand which is kinder to the environment and regulates chemicals you allow near your body. 

If you’re willing to go that step further, there are reusable toilet paper options on the market which require a machine wash after use but this is down to personal preference.

 “Commercial bathroom products are a big pollution problem – mainly due to them including synthetic materials, such as plastic and polyester.

We can make a big difference to the planet, simply by opting for eco-friendly, reusable and plastic-free products.  

It’s not just the packaging (or lack of in some cases) that is important to consider.

You also need to look at the ingredients used and how the efficacy of these products is tested, to make sure that your bathroom items are truly ethical and kind to all.

Two important labels to look out for are vegan and cruelty-free – meaning the products aren’t tested on animals.” 

Jasmine Clark, environment campaigner at Viva!

How Are You Being More Sustainable In Your Bathroom?

There are clearly a number of ways to make your bathroom more sustainable and eco-friendly, so how about you?

Have you found clever ways to improve sustainability in your bathroom?

If so, let us know about them in the comments below, or share your ideas with us on Instagram @big_bathroom_shop

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