Kylie’s Modern & Minimal Bathroom

Kylie’s home account – our_home_interior_3 has well over 100,000 followers on Instagram and after seeing her beautiful home you’ll understand why so many people are obsessed with her interior style.

When speaking to Kylie about what inspired her bathroom interior, she told us that she wanted her bathroom design to flow with the rest of her home’s décor.

Kylie's bedroom
Kylie's lounge
Kylie's hallway

Her use of neutral tones and bold matt black fittings allowed her to create an effortlessly chic, minimal bathroom – wouldn’t you agree?

Kylie utilised her space well by using wall hanging vanities and toilet. Wall hanging pieces will give the illusion of more space because the floor is still visible.

The more floor you can show off, the bigger your bathroom will appear (a little top tip from us).

Elegantly placed in the corner of her bathroom is her matt black shower enclosure, complete with black shower tray and head. 

You should always aim to place your shower enclosure in the corner of your bathroom. Then you have the rest of the room to play around with.

As you can see, Kylie now has lots of room to dance around the shower and still more than enough room to fit all of her other bathroom pieces.

Kylie once again kept to her minimalism roots with her choice of accessories.

She carefully placed botanicals around her sink, shower and shelf area to add a subtle splash of fresh colour.

We were interested to find out why Kylie loves interior design and why she loves sharing her home with her followers.

She explained –

‘Home interiors is something that I’ve always had passion for since I can remember. It provides a calming escape from everyday working life, I love to take a blank canvas and visualise mood boards to build the perfect room. Home interior can say so much about the person and reflect so much on an individual’s mood setting ambiance in the home. For me there is no greater achievement than seeing a vision come together and being able to stand back relax and be happy enjoying the room you have created.’

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