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Milano Nero black showers – The ultimate buying guide

A Milano Nero shower is a must-have for your new bathroom, after all who wouldn’t love this stunning range of black showers? 

Featuring a gorgeous matt black finish and sleek lines, the Nero shower collection will create a look that’s bold yet utterly sophisticated. 

With such a fabulous selection of black showers to take your pick from at Big Bathroom Shop, you may need a helping hand with choosing the perfect one that not only enhances your bathroom design but suits your requirements too.

So to make life a little easier we have created this ultimate Milano Nero shower buying guide to help point you in the right direction.

So what black shower should I buy?

Make a statement with a Milano Nero walk-in shower enclosure

The simply stunning Milano Nero walk-in shower enclosures are the perfect blend of form and function. 

They feature frameless glass screens for a minimal look combined with a matt black profile, so if you’re after something that stands out from the crowd, a Milano Nero walk-in shower cubicle is the perfect option. 

There’s a huge range of sizes available and with a choice of recessed, floating and corner designs, it’s easier than ever to create your dream bathroom.

Nero Walk-In Shower Features

Huge range of sizes

Corner, recessed and floating designs 

8mm toughened safety glass

 Easy shower access

Minimalist frameless design

Matt black profile

Complete with tray and fast-flow waste

Manufactured to EN14428 standards

Long life 10 year guarantee

Milano Nero walk-in showers

Nero Walk-In Corner Showers

The Milano Nero corner walk-in shower cubicle, as the name suggests, fits snugly into the corner of your bathroom, so you will require this design if you aren’t fitting your walk-in shower in a recess area. 

Nero corner walk-in showers use two glass screens that are supported by aluminium support arms or floor-to-ceiling poles, creating a stable and secure installation. 

The hugely popular, stylish black Milano Nero corner walk-in shower enclosure with slate tray comes in a choice of sizes to suit your bathroom space. 

You can also choose from a range of shower tray colours such as anthracite and white with a hard-wearing slate effect finish for a natural feel.

Nero Walk-In Recessed Showers

The Milano Nero recessed walk-in shower enclosures have been designed to fit between two walls. 

This design uses a single glass screen that is supported by a support arm or floor-to-ceiling pole, again ensuring the installation is safe and secure.

For the ultimate in contemporary style, you may want to consider the Nero black floating walk-in showers – these feature a walk-through design that gives you easy access from either side. 

All the above styles are available with and without a hinged return panel, which helps to contain splashes when taking a shower, so you may need to take this into consideration too when it comes to choosing your walk-in shower.

Walk-in trays for Milano Nero showers

You can also choose between a slate effect shower tray, a white standard tray, or black shower tray to get your perfect bathroom look – all types are supplied with a fast-flow waste.

Not only do the Nero walk-in showers look amazing, they have been made to the highest standards and each one is covered by a long-life 10-year guarantee for added peace of mind.

The Milano Nero shower screen uses 8mm toughened safety glass, which has been manufactured to EN14428 standards for guaranteed quality assurance. 

The 8mm thickness ensures excellent strength and creates a luxury feel. What’s more, the glass screens measure 1950mm in height, helping to contain more shower splashes.

Whether you choose a corner, recessed or floating walk-in shower, each one provides easy access into the shower area, giving you a stylish and super convenient showering solution, what’s not to love?

Create a spacious feel with a Milano Nero wet-room shower

Boasting all the same great features as the walk-in showers, the Milano Nero wet-room shower enclosures offer the ultimate in minimalist style, bringing a sleek and spacious feel to your bathroom. 

As with the Nero walk-in showers, these too come in many sizes and designs, including corner, recessed and floating.

However, instead of being supplied with a tray, a stainless steel fast-flow drain is included, though there is the option to not include one, in your purchase, if you already have an existing drain.

Nero Wet-Room Shower Features

Great range of sizes

Over 2000 variations

Corner, recessed and floating designs

Choice of stainless steel drain

Easy shower access

8mm toughened safety glass

Minimalist frameless design

Matt black profile

1950mm high glass screen

Manufactured to EN14428 standards

Long life 10 year guarantee

With a Nero black wet-room shower, the glass screen is fitted to the floor rather than a tray, providing even easier shower access and further enhancing a minimal look. 

The wet-room drain is available in a variety of styles to blend in with modern bathrooms and boasts a high flow rate to quickly drain the water away. 

The drains are made from premium quality 304 grade stainless steel for long-lasting durability and are easy to clean.

The Milano Nero wet-room shower screens are available in a range of widths, from 700mm to 1400mm, so there’s a size to perfectly suit your bathroom space.

Milano Nero shower doors – designed to stand the test of time

Milano Nero black shower doors are sure to set your bathroom apart from the rest and are designed to meet the demands of even the busiest family bathrooms. 

Combining modern style with excellent functionality, the Nero black sliding shower door comes in a range of widths from 800mm to 1700mm, with each one featuring reinforced safety glass for excellent strength and total peace of mind.

Nero Sliding Shower Door Features

Choice of sizes

 6mm toughened safety glass (5mm for triple sliding door)

800mm and 900mm options have a triple sliding door to maximise the opening width

Can be fitted in a recess or with the matching side panel

 Matt black aluminium frame and brass handle

Magnetic seal

1950mm height

Quick release door

Double rollers top and bottom

Manufactured to meet EN14428 and EN12150-2 standards

Long life 10 year guarantee

The Nero sliding shower doors have a hard-wearing matt black aluminium frame for an eye-catching look and measure 1950mm in height. 

Suitable for installation between two walls or with a matching side panel to create a corner enclosure, the Milano Nero shower door has a quick release mechanism that allows for easier cleaning and a magnetic seal to ensure it stays shut and watertight. 

What’s more, the double top and bottom rollers provide a smooth opening and closing action.

Take a look at the Milano Nero – Black Sliding Shower Door – Choice of Sizes and Side Panel – and create your perfect shower enclosure. 

Combine with a Milano Lithic white shower tray or one of the Milano Rasa slate effect trays and a Nero black shower to complete and further enhance the look.

If your bathroom is on the small side, then you may want to consider the Milano Nero black quadrant shower enclosure, which features a curved design and sliding doors to maximise space.

Available in a choice of sizes and measuring 1850mm high, the black quadrant enclosure has the same great features as the Nero sliding shower doors. 

So, whether you choose a sliding door or the quadrant enclosure, you can easily achieve a stunning contemporary look.

Enjoy a luxurious shower with the Milano Nero shower heads

Our range of black shower heads provide luxurious rainfall water coverage, giving you the most calming and soothing shower experience. 

The Milano Nero shower kits comes in a choice of round and square designs, with the option to add the matching black arm for wall-mounting. 

But for the ultimate in minimalist style, why not choose the Nero recessed ceiling shower head

This has been designed to fit into the ceiling, creating a totally seamless look, and at 400mm square, it delivers a relaxing spa-like shower.

Nero Shower Head Features

Choice of sizes

Matt black finish

Made from anti-corrosive stainless steel

Luxurious water coverage

Silicone nozzles for easy removal of limescale deposits

Suitable for domestic and commercial plumbing systems

Long life 10 year guarantee

Each Milano Nero shower head features a resilient matt black finish, that matches with the Nero shower cubicles, making it easy for you to create a perfectly coordinated bathroom. 

Nero shower heads have a premium quality anti-corrosive stainless steel construction for long-lasting durability, as well as silicone nozzles, so that any limescale deposits can be wiped away with ease, keeping your shower head at full flow.

In addition to the large rainfall shower heads, there’s also the Milano Nero black multi-function hand shower and the Milano Nero riser rail kit

Ideal for replacing an old shower handset, the Nero hand shower has a variety of spray patterns for your perfect shower. 

It is quick and easy to fit and looks great when combined with the Milano Nero black 1.75m hose

Providing a simple yet effective bathroom upgrade, the Nero riser rail kit comes with the hand shower, hose and outlet elbow. 

The hand shower delivers a refreshing spray of water and is easy to adjust to the desired height, giving you a practical showering solution.

Milano Nero black shower valves for effortless control

With a Milano Nero shower valve, controlling your shower is effortless. 

The Nero black thermostatic shower valves are available with one, two or three outlet options, allowing you to create your perfect shower experience.

Nero Thermostatic Shower Valve Features

Thermostatic temperature control

One, two and three outlet options

 Modern concealed design

Easy-to-use round handles

Made from solid brass

Matt black finish

Override button allows you to exceed the normal pre-set maximum temperature

Ceramic disc technology to prevent leaks and drips

Suitable for domestic and commercial plumbing systems

The Nero twin shower valve supplies water to a single shower function, such as a black rainfall shower head for example. 

Then you have the twin diverter valve, which delivers water to one shower outlet and can divert to a second function. 

The triple valve also supplies water to two shower functions, whilst the triple with diverter valve operates two outlets separately or simultaneously and can divert to a third outlet. 

As well as the thermostatic valves, there’s also the Milano Nero black manual shower valve, which supplies water to one shower function and has a single lever handle that controls the water temperature.

The Nero thermostatic shower valves incorporate anti-scald technology to give you a safe and comfortable shower experience every time. 

The stylish round handles allow for easy control, whilst the solid brass construction gives you a long-lasting and highly durable shower valve. 

The matt black finish is exceptionally hard-wearing and coordinates perfectly with the Milano Nero showers and enclosures.

Create your own Milano Nero shower bundle!

Of course, you can create your own Milano Nero black shower bundle by choosing your black shower head, valve, hand shower and body jets separately. There’s also the possibility to add accentuating black bathroom accessories as well.

But, to make things easier for you, we have created a great range of Nero multi-function shower bundles that cover all your showering needs. 

Whether you require a simple shower set-up with a valve and riser rail kit or want something more elaborate with a Milano Nero thermostatic shower with diverter valve, black shower head, hand shower and body jets, we have the perfect multi-function shower for you at Big Bathroom Shop. 

We hope you found this buying guide super helpful, so all that’s left for you to do now is head on over to the Big Bathroom Shop store and shop the amazing Milano Nero black shower collection!

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