The Milano Radiators Buyer’s Guide

milano electric designer radiator

From the sleek and contemporary to the timeless and classic, Milano radiators are available in an array of styles, as well as shapes and sizes, to suit any requirement.

Whether you’re updating the kitchen, living room or bathroom, Milano offer a radiator to enhance any room in your home.

The wide choice of sizes on offer, ensures a perfect fit for almost any space, while the variety of finishes allows you to create a look you’ll love.

But with so many styles available, choosing a Milano radiator can be difficult, so to help you out, we’ve created this handy buying guide to make your decision easier.

white vertical designer radiator in grey room with natural furniture

Why Choose A Milano Radiator?

There are many reasons to choose a Milano radiator – from high heat outputs to premium quality and comprehensive guarantees.

We uncover all there is to know about Milano heating products, so you can be assured you are investing in a quality product that will last for many years.

Leading UK heating brand

Milano are a UK leading heating brand with over 30 years’ experience in the industry, and their comprehensive range includes radiators, heated towel rails, underfloor heating, radiator valves and accessories – everything you require to heat your home in a stylish and efficient way.

All Milano heating products are made to the very highest of standards. They combine impressive heat output and efficiency, with great durability and the latest designs. Milano are committed to providing affordable quality, and their reputation as a UK brand continues to go from strength to strength.

High heat outputs

milano aruba flow designer radiator

Each Milano radiator boasts a high heat output that will quickly transform your chosen room into a warm and inviting space. Before choosing a new radiator, it’s important to work out the required BTUs (British Thermal Units) to heat your room effectively.

You can use a BTU calculator to work out this figure, or measure the length, width and height of the room in meters and note this down. You will also need to take into account the heat loss – are there any windows or doors, and are the windows single or double glazed?

As an example, if a family bathroom with a double-glazed window measures 2.72m L x 2.39m W x 2.4m H, then you will require a radiator with a BTU output of 1975.

At Big Bathroom Shop, on each radiator product page, you’ll find details of each radiators BTU output, so you know how powerful the appliance will be.

Premium quality

All Milano radiators are made to the highest quality to ensure long lasting durability, and are tested and certified to EN442 standards. They are constructed from either steel or aluminium.

Milano uses premium gauge steel for their steel radiators. This steel thickness has a solid, heavy feel, and is durable and reliable, which is why you can be assured your Milano radiator will stand the test of time.

Aluminium radiators contain less water and can easily be recycled.

They reach their highest temperature faster than a radiator made from steel, which helps to save money on energy bills.

Aluminium radiators are also lightweight yet durable, making them suitable for any type of internal or external wall.

Variety of designs to enhance any interior

milano alpha chrome designer radiator

Whether you want to create an on-trend look or prefer something more timeless, Milano have all styles covered to enhance any interior.

For a classic look, the Windsor column radiators are perfect, but for something more contemporary, choose the popular Aruba or Alpha.

For an ultra-minimalist look, the Riso is a great option. Plus, there’s a variety of finishes to take your pick from too including white, black, anthracite and even orange, plus many more coloured radiators to choose from.

A size to suit any space

From a compact 300 x 600mm to a large 635 x 1647mm, and everything in-between, the Milano radiator collection has a size to suit any space, whether that’s a small cloakroom or a spacious living room.

Plumbed, electric & dual fuel models

Milano offer both plumbed and electric radiators to suit any installation requirement.

Many electric radiators are supplied with a Bluetooth heating element, and are pre-filled with a water based heating solution called glycol, which helps to reduce rust, noise and limescale.

Electric radiators are ideal for where plumbed radiators are not an option such as in apartments, or for where the pipework cannot be extended in loft conversions or extensions for example.

We also supply a range of dual fuel radiators and towel rails that feature both plumbed and electric heating options.

Vertical and horizontal installation options

milano aruba black vertical designer radiator

In addition to an array of sizes, styles and finishes, there’s also vertical and horizontal installation options.

So, if you need to heat a room, but there’s limited wall space, the Milano range of vertical radiators offer the perfect solution.

Horizontal radiator designs have always been a popular choice, but more homeowners and interior designers are going for a vertical style.

Coordinating valves

Of course, your new Milano radiator wouldn’t be complete without valves, that’s why there’s a wide range to choose from for a coordinating look.

There’s angular and straight radiator valves, as well as manual and thermostatic in modern and traditional styles.

Extensive guarantees

Milano offer extensive guarantees of up to 20 years across all their radiators for added peace of mind.

The lengthy guarantees that Milano offer are an indicator of the quality of the materials used and the build of all their radiators.

white convector radiator

Milano Convector Radiators

Available in an array of sizes to suit any room, Milano convector radiators boast high heat outputs to ensure your space is heated fast to a comfortable warmth.

They feature a quality white finish and a design that will complement any interior style, which makes this type of radiator a popular choice.

There are also single panel and double panel options to suit your heating requirements, and all have a quality steel construction to ensure great durability.

Milano Torr - Dry Heat Smart Electric Heater

Milano Electric Radiators

Milano electric radiators are ideal for where a central heating connection is not possible, such as in apartments and extensions.

Each electric radiator is supplied with a Terma Bluetooth heating element, which, when used with the Terma BlueLine app, allows you to control the settings with ease from your mobile phone.

You can manage several devices simultaneously, and program as many heating cycles as you wish. The heating cycles can be assigned to specific devices, and you can personalise the settings of each element such as the time and desired temperature.

The electric radiators are pre-filled with glycol to eliminate rust, noise and limescale. The solution also contains anti-freeze and anti-corrosion.

The electric option is available on the Milano Riso, Capri, Alpha and Aruba models.

Anthracite designer radiator

Milano Designer Radiators

From sleek flat panels to eye-catching diamond shaped columns, Milano designer radiators come in an impressive range of styles.

If you’re looking to revamp the rooms in your home, replacing a standard white radiator with a designer style, provides an easy way to create a fresh new look without breaking the bank.

The wide range of sizes on offer means you’ll have no trouble finding a radiator that will perfectly fit the intended space, and the high heat outputs ensures your room will feel warm and welcoming in no time at all.

There’s also a variety of finishes available such as black, white and anthracite. Black and anthracite radiators are ideal for those who want to add a contemporary edge to their home, while a white finish will blend in perfectly with any décor. For a pop of colour, why not choose a mint green, orange or blue finish?

Raw metal lacquered finish column radiator in white traditional room with grey accents

Milano Column Radiators

If classic and traditional is more your style, the Milano column radiators are the perfect option for you.

Featuring an old school-house inspired design, column radiators add timeless elegance to any room.

Made from steel, they offer a more affordable option than a cast iron radiator, and weigh a lot less too, so you can get the look but without the associated cost.

The Windsor column radiators look equally stylish in traditional and modern homes, and there’s a range of sizes and finishes available.

The Windsor radiators come in plumbed and electric variations to suit your installation requirements. The Windsor electric radiators are pre-filled with glycol, anti-freeze and anti-corrosion to ensure maximum performance. They include an IP67 rated heating element, which boasts a high degree of moisture ingress protection.

Milano Radiators – The Collections

From the elegant Windsor cast-iron style column radiators to the contemporary Aruba designer radiators, the Milano radiator collection covers an array of styles to suit any interior – which will you choose?

Milano Alpha

Milano Alpha - Camellia Pink Vertical Designer Radiator

Available in a wide range of sizes, as well as double and single panel, vertical and horizontal styles, the Milano Alpha radiators feature a flat panel design for a sleek, contemporary look.


  • Available finishes: Anthracite, Black, White, Chrome and several colour finishes
  • Slim flat panel design
  • Towel rail available for the Alpha vertical designer radiators
  • Horizontal and vertical styles
  • Double and single panel options
  • Made from premium quality steel
  • High heat outputs
  • Plumbed and electric options

Shop the Milano Alpha collection

Milano Aruba

Milano Aruba - White Vertical Designer Radiator

The Milano Aruba radiator range is a popular option, and comprises the Ayre, Slim, Low Profile, Plus and Flow collections – a style to suit any modern interior.


  • Steel and aluminium options to suit any type of wall
  • Towel rail and robe hook available for the Aruba vertical designer radiators
  • Stylish oval columns
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Available finishes: Anthracite, Black, White and a range of colour options
  • Aruba Slim and Low Profile offer fantastic space saving choices
  • Aruba Flow features centrally located valve inlets for a neat and tidy finish
  • Aruba Ayre has a lightweight yet durable aluminium construction
  • Aruba Plus features a floor mounted design for a more versatile installation option
  • Double and single panel designs
  • Wall and floor mounting options
  • High heat outputs
  • Plumbed and electric options (Aruba and Aruba Slim)

Shop the Milano Aruba collection

Milano Capri

Milano Capri - Anthracite Flat Panel Vertical Designer Radiator

Featuring flat vertical panels, the Milano Capri radiator collection is a great choice for creating a designer look. The flat panels help to maximise space, and produce an impressive heat output.


  • Space saving flat panels
  • Available finishes: Anthracite, Black & White
  • Single and double panel designs
  • Wide range of sizes
  • High heat outputs
  • Premium quality steel construction
  • Plumbed and electric options

Shop the Milano Capri collection

Milano Icon

Milano Icon - Anthracite Vertical Designer Radiator with Mirror (Double Panel)

The Milano Icon radiators combine stylish looks with superb functionality.

Available in white and anthracite finishes, the Icon radiator is sure to make a statement in any room. Featuring a full length mirror, this radiator is ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways.


  • Full length central mirror
  • Range of sizes
  • Space saving vertical design
  • Premium quality steel construction
  • Stylish and practical
  • Available finishes: Anthracite, White
  • High heat outputs

Shop the Milano Icon collection

Milano Java

Milano Java - Silver Vertical Designer Radiator - 1780mm x 472mm (Single Panel)

The Milano Java radiators will add designer style to any room in your home at a price that won’t break the bank. Choose from a range of sizes and finishes.


  • Circular columns
  • Range of sizes
  • Premium quality steel construction
  • Available finishes: Anthracite, Black, White
  • Floor mounting feet available
  • High heat outputs
  • Great for creating a designer look at an affordable price

Shop the Milano Java collection

Milano Riso

Milano Riso - White Vertical Designer Radiator - 1800mm x 600mm (Single Panel)

Featuring a sleek flat panel, the Milano Riso designer radiators are ideal for enhancing a minimalist interior. Choose from white and anthracite finishes, as well as plumbed and electric installation options.

  • Sleek flat vertical panel enhances a sense of space
  • Plumbed and electric options
  • Range of sizes
  • Premium quality steel construction
  • Available finishes: Anthracite, White
  • High heat outputs

Shop the Milano Riso collection

Milano Skye

Milano Skye - Aluminium Anthracite Horizontal Designer Radiator - 600mm x 1135mm (Single Panel)

The Milano Skye designer radiators feature flat panels for a clean, contemporary look, as well as centrally positioned valve inlets, which provide a neater finish. A great option for adding smart, modern style to any room in your home, the Skye radiator is available in white and anthracite.


  • Centrally located valve inlets for a neat and tidy finish
  • Flat vertical panels
  • Range of sizes
  • Horizontal and vertical options
  • Lightweight yet durable aluminium construction
  • High heat outputs
  • Available finishes: Anthracite, White

Shop the Milano Skye collection

Milano Windsor

Milano Windsor - Metallic Silver Horizontal Traditional Column Radiator - Triple Column

The Milano Windsor radiators are the perfect option for bringing class and elegance to any interior – both modern and traditional. Choose from a range of finishes and an array of sizes to suit your requirements, as well as plumbed and electric variations.


  • Traditional old-school house design
  • Two and three column variations to choose from
  • Range of sizes
  • Vertical and horizontal, as well as plumbed and electric installation options
  • Premium quality steel construction
  • High heat outputs
  • Floor mounting feel available
  • Coordinating radiator valves
  • Available finishes: Anthracite, Raw Metal Lacquered, Black, White

Shop the Milano Windsor collection

milano towel rail for designer radiator

Radiator Valves & Accessories To Complete The Look

Your new Milano radiator wouldn’t be complete without a set of valves.

Milano radiator valves are available in both modern and traditional styles to complement any décor, as well as manual and thermostatic options.

There’s also straight and angled radiator valves to suit a range of installation requirements. The h-block valves are for use with middle connection radiators, and these provide a neater finish and help save space too.

Other accessories include towel rails and a robe hook for the Milano vertical designer radiators, which provide a stylish and practical way to keep towels warm in a bathroom or kitchen.

The floor mounting feet are available for a range of radiators, and these come in white, black, anthracite and coloured finishes.

Browse our coordinating radiator accessories for the perfect finishing touches.

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