What does your shower routine say about you?

How do your shower habits reflect your personality?

First thing in the morning or the last thing at night? Both?

Your specific shower habits, and especially so the order in which you choose to wash your body parts, has a surprising level of psychological connotations.

Here at Big Bathroom Shop, we’ve decided to zone in on these sub-conscious decisions to work out what your shower routine says about you, your personality and general mindset.

These are very broad psychological connotations, so if we’re to tell you that scrubbing your legs first makes you a raging narcissist in the Patrick Bateman mould, don’t take it too seriously!

a half naked man using a bottle of shampoo as microphone while singing in the shower

Those who wash their hair first…

Order in the shower! Those who choose to wash their hair first in the shower are thought to be big on discipline and order.

The upmost section of your body radiates a general connotation of strength, so cleansing that area first suggests you are strongly opinionated on most subjects and have a big belief in practicality.

An excellent timekeeper with superb organisational skills, you’ll value brains above wealth when choosing what sort of people to include in your friendship circle.

Those who wash their face first…

If you adopt a face-first approach to showering, you are sub-consciously tending to each of the five senses right from the off – taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing.

This indicates a significant interest in how others perceive you, and a will to take optimal care of the area other people will first take notice of.

You might have a tendency to get hung up on what you perceive people to think about your appearance, and sometimes feel embarrassed or stressed in relation to how you look in public.

Or maybe it’s just the easiest body part to initially wash considering the position of your shower head? Either explanation is good!

woman behind shower screen

Those who wash their chest first…

Should a chest cleanse be your first move upon entering your shower enclosure, the psychological ramifications denote you could very well be a confident, outgoing individual. Maybe you’re a gym buff who needs to get those pecs glistening clean as soon as possible.

Practicality is another trait associated with those who prioritise chest washing within their shower routine. It also suggests a straightforward and determined personality, and a mindset that won’t be long compromised by confusion.

Imagine independence as the defining characteristic pouring out of the shower to encapsulate you – that profile won’t be too far removed from someone who opts to wash their chest first.

Those who wash their privates first…

Psychological studies suggest that if your private parts are your first port of call for shower scrutiny, the likelihood is you are a very shy person.

You might be a bit of an introvert who prefers to avoid the attention in larger social groups, for instance. However, the people closest to you will attest that you are as real as they come and one of the most genuine people about.

Whilst you might not be comfortable arguing your point to the hilt, you are naturally able to put others at ease, helping them to feel very comfortable in your presence in only a short space of time.

a smiling woman putting her hands under a shower spray

Those who wash their arms or legs first…

Shower users who wash their feet first are typically considered to be very down to earth and humble.

On the flip side though, legs and arms denote willpower and strength. So if you cleanse these areas first, it suggests you don’t mind ruffling a few feathers in making your voice heard. You’re likely very forthright in your views one way or the other with no sitting on the fence.

Those who begin their shower routine by washing their armpits, meanwhile, are typically thought of as popular key members of their social groups, renowned for trustworthiness and reliability. They’re also thought to be extremely hardworking.

Those who wash their neck and shoulders first…

If you have to remind yourself to detach your Bluetooth headset right before stepping in the shower, chances are you’ll seek to indulge your neck and shoulders with a refreshing deluge of water first up.

Essentially, people who wash these areas initially are thought to be especially hardworking. Burden is associated with the shoulders, leaning into a profile of a person that wants to combat the burden by achieving perfection.

Typically, positive, determined and competitive people will wash their neck and shoulders first, and they’ll expect to find the same qualities in other people.

Just not quite on your level, as you love to be one step ahead.

Those who wash their back first…

Whilst this article might be all about the sub-conscious showering decisions that shape our psychological profile, the back more than any other body part reflects consciousness. The spine and nervous system are part of the back – each strongly related to the functioning of the brain.

Further to this, those who choose to cleanse their back first are thought to be of a reserved nature; very cautious and unwilling to trust others so easily.

Hasty back washers will take a deep dive into subjects they are interested in, and take great care when coming to decisions. Rather than feeling lonely, they’ll see any period of solitude as a chance to unwind without any distractions.

man washing his back in the shower

Showering by the numbers

As I again harp on about the sub-conscious nature of our showering decisions, it makes sense that there’s limited statistical data regarding which body parts people wash first.

We did conduct some research with a 1000-strong field, however, gleaming some interesting findings related to the areas we wash, and how frequently we do so.

Perhaps most surprising is the fact that of those surveyed, a quarter admitted to not washing their face at all while showering, with 45% paying no attention to their ears as they freshen up.

Plenty of macho men and women won’t be surprised to learn that arms are the most washed body part of those we asked – 83% said they scrubbed those limbs while showering.

Meanwhile, somewhat staggeringly, 1% said they don’t wash anything at all after entering their shower enclosure. Maybe they just like the view?

You can find further interesting information about the UK’s lockdown showering habits in this blog.

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