12 Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

12 bathroom storage ideas

Even the smallest of bathrooms can include storage for those less-than pretty items we like to hide away.

In this article we explore 12 bathroom storage ideas for small spaces

There is nothing that can make a small space seem even smaller, than unnecessary clutter.

Toiletries, cotton buds, bobby pins, shaving products, can make your bathroom feel messier than it needs to and therefore, more compact.

So, whether you live in a busy family home, are two new love birds who have just bought their first home, or flat share with friends, we have plenty of bathroom storage ideas to help you achieve a seamless, functional space.

bathroom clutter

1 – Try a wooden finish bathroom unit

Wooden vanity units are a great option for bathrooms on the smaller scale.

The natural textures add warmth, depth and can soften the look of the room. That’s why the Milano Bexley is a beautiful option for an en-suite or cloakroom.

The unit comes with a beautifully crafted ceramic basin, a single tap hole and a handy little open shelf for all those essentials to find their place.

Crafted from strong moisture resistance engineered wood, and with a beautiful dark oak effect, not only is this vanity unit superbly priced, it also has surprisingly spacious storage inside.

When you open the door you are greeted with another handy shelf, ideal for popping a spare towel, spare soap and the odd household cleaner.

One of the best features of this Milano Bexley vanity is how compact it is. Even if you have a small en-suite or cloakroom space, this stunning modern vanity unit will be the ideal solution.

2 – Modern spacious storage options

For bathrooms on the more modern side, the Milano Edge is great choice.

Designed to be family friendly, you have ample storage with this stunning vanity unit range.

Available in both floorstanding and wall-mounted designs, this modern vanity unit collection features a navy blue finish that works in both modern and traditional bathroom spaces.

You’ll also find a stunning anthracite finish in this collection; ideal for modern bathroom spaces that want a darker and more mysterious finish.

a wall hung navy milano edge vanity unit
a slim freestanding milano edge vanity unit
an anthracite milano edge vanity unit with copper handles

3 – Buy baskets for extra storage

Baskets, or stylish boxes and bowls can help solve your storage problems.

Pop them on your shelves or tastefully place them on the floor next to the toilet for extra storage.

This is a fab cost-effective way to store, shampoo, shower gels, soaps and other bathroom essentials (or maybe even some pears!).

4 – Compact wall hung basins

If you have a tiny space, that will only fit a small basin we have a range of beautiful wall hung vanities to help you create a stylish look.

One of our faves is the Milano Thornton.

This eye-catching little number is ideal for en-suites and cloakrooms and offers much in terms of period vibes and design.

Available in antique white and light grey, and with a range of basin and handle options too, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to completing the look of your bathroom space.

5 – Combination storage units

Small spaces can often benefit from installing a combination unit, to save on as much space as possible.

This is where the Lurus can help you out.

Modern and available in a variety of finishes such as, monochrome, concrete, wood and white.

The Lurus range was designed for compact, complex spaces to help ease the stress of finding a vanity unit right for your cloakroom or en-suite.

The Lurus collection is our most extensive cloakroom/en-suite furniture range. From corner basin units, to basin & toilet combination units, there’s something to suit every space and, more importantly, they look fabulous.

6 – Install floating shelves for extra storage

If you have a small bathroom with restricted space, it’s going to get cluttered pretty easily.

So, why not install floating shelves?

They will give you plenty of storage without taking up further floor space – plus they are super easy to install!

Use the shelves to place cotton pads, mason jars, plants and all the other decorative bits that make a bathroom homely.

floating shelves

7 – Use a combination cabinet for additional storage

If you’d like to save space and avoid buying your bathroom storage & toilet separately, why not opt for this Milano Lurus?

A modern unit with plenty of extra storage space and available in a contemporary white gloss finish for a luxury interior.

Ren combination unit in customer home
Photo credit – @becky_hiatt

8 – Include a small coloured storage vanity unit

Say hello to the Aston, a little bit more on the traditional side but equally as stylish as the Edge. This beautiful unit is available in a rich navy blue or a wholesome light grey finish. Prices start at just £169.99.

blue aston vanity unit

Whether you’re looking to add a pop of colour or keep it minimal, the Aston is the perfect option and can achieve both looks. The beauty of the Aston is its versatility to suit almost any interior space.

This floorstanding vanity unit comes with a superb quality acrylic basin with a single tap hole, perfect for a gorgeous mono tap to proudly sit on top.

With soft close doors and a shelf inside to hide away essentials, the Aston is a great vanity option for even the smallest of rooms.


9 – Invest in oak inspired bathroom furniture

Are you looking to introduce a touch of oak into your bathroom? We have the perfect oak effect wall hung vanity unit.

The Bexley collection focuses on bringing a modern organic feel to your bathroom space, with its calming driftwood affect and soft close doors. This unit has been designed for a soothing bathroom experience.

With the Bexley you have a choice of finishes and sizes. Opt for the bright and comforting light oak finish, that pairs beautifully with our Nero tap collection, or go darker with the dark oak finish.

bexley drawers

bexley countertop vanity
Photo Credit: @theturnerhouseproject


10 – Modern wall hung vanity storage units

The Oxley wall hung vanity unit offers your bathroom a sleek and space saving storage solution.

Blending style and practicality, the Oxley is a great option if you are looking for a minimalist bathroom.

Wall hung furniture in a compact bathroom will give the illusion of extra space.

The Oxley is a available in dark grey, white, golden oak or white with golden oak top and can be purchased with a built in basin sink or alternatively, for that ultra modern feel, a countertop basin.

The 600mm Oxley comes with an open shelf and a spacious drawer to store away whatever your heart desires.

customer oxley bathroom storage image
Photo credit: @our_home_interior_3

To help you create a beautifully harmonised space we have created the Oxley duo, including a wall hung vanity unit and WC unit back to wall pan bundle.

additional features include, stunning soft close storage draw for towel storage or just to hide away any toiletries you don’t want on display.

The Oxley wall hung vanity unit offers your bathroom a sleek and space saving storage solution. Blending style and practicality, the Oxley is a great option is you are looking for a minimalist bathroom.

By ensuring you have wall hung furniture is a compact bathroom will give the illusion of more space, because the floor looks look cluttered.

Available in dark grey, white, golden oak or white with golden oak top and can be purchases with a build in basin sink or alternatively, for that ultra modern feel, a countertop basin.


11 – Use ladder shelving to store your towels

Decorative ladders are another fab bathroom storage idea for small spaces. They will complement most interior styles such as Scandinavian décor or shabby chic inspired spaces.

Depending on the type of storage you are looking for, a ladder shelf can be used stylishly as a towel rack for hanging towels, or you can purchase ladders with shelving units installed for extra bathroom storage solutions.

decorative ladders

12 Replace bathroom storage with a bar cart

Sometimes bathrooms can be so small that there isn’t really any room for a vanity unit, so you have to improvise. Enters the bar cart option. Sounds funny we know, but it’s a great solution to storage issues.

One of the best things about using a bar cart for storage is that you can purchase them in almost any style. Minimalistic, glamorous, authentic looking carts, whatever floats your boat.

It’s storage on wheels, if you’re in the bath or shower you wheel and make it accessible to you whilst you wash!

With a bar cart there is no need for shower caddies, make sure you have a shower curtain to stop the water from going everywhere when reaching for the shampoo on the bar cart!

bar cart

What have you done to solve bathroom storage issues?

Got an amazing bathroom storage solution that really changes the bathroom storage game?

Let us know how you’ve sold your bathroom storage issues in the comments.

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