Budget Friendly Ways to Add Colour to Your Bathroom

Want to find out how to add colour to your bathroom? Perhaps you’re looking to inject a pop of vibrancy, or you want a bold, colourful suite. Either way, we have plenty of ideas for you to choose from.

To make your bathroom more fun, you can paint it or use funky wallpapers. This will add character to the cloakroom, en-suite, or main bathroom. 

We have assembled some amazing bathroom ideas to help inspire beautiful family-friendly interior style. Time to say goodbye to the neutral bathroom and welcome the new colourful bathroom era!

Colours can impact our mood. Your bathroom should be a peaceful place for you and your family. So, choosing the right colour is personal and should reflect how you want your bathroom to make you feel.

How Does Affect My Mood?

black woman with calm mind and eyes closed on a white background

Colour wields immense power as a communication tool and has the ability to influence mood, feelings, and emotions. Warm colours, such as red, orange, and yellow, induce comfort, tenderness, and even feelings of anger.

Cooler colours, such as blues, greens and purples evoke feelings of calm and tranquillity and often remind people of nature.

Start by Painting The Walls

If you are dedicated to colour and want to go all out, then painting the walls is a cost-effective way to update and brighten your bathroom interior.

White walls, be gone! Let’s explore some of the best colour options to maintain a modern, relaxing, and stylish bathroom space.

Painting bathroom walls with blue paint and a roller

Add a Touch Of Blue

If colour is introduced into the bathroom, we typically see shades of blue. Blue has always been a colour associated with the bathroom.

It’s the perfect option if you are trying to keep a calm and relaxing atmosphere and great for evoking a tranquil space. Be careful about going OTT as you will run the risk of creating a room with a cold feel.

We recommend using darker blue hues; navy blues, teal and royal blues offer a more welcoming experience.  Bold colour schemes are great for creating unique look.

Blue walls in a bathroom with a white basin and chrome taps

Splashes Of Orange

Orange sounds a scary colour to paint the walls but if you shop around there are plenty of gorgeous, subdued orange paints.According to very well mind, ‘orange can be a very strong and energetic colour’. If you are seeking a warm Scandinavian space, orange should be your go-to colour.

Orange bathroom space with white fixtures
Photo Credit – interiortwin.com

Inject Green

Calmer colours may be more your thing and green is perfect for the bathroom. Olive greens, lime greens and pastel greens all work well on a bathroom walls.

Pastel greens work particularly well with black fixtures, the intensity of the black against the cool green is the perfect choice for a bathroom that pops!

Green bathroom walls with white vanity and black brassware
Photo Credit – cassiebustamante.com

Paint It Pink

Like orange, pink can be a daunting colour to dedicate an entire wall to. However, if accessorised right, pink will help create an artistic, dramatic urban room. I mean, take a look at this gorgeous pink bathroom!

Pink bathroom walls with a range of white furniture and fixtures

Include Coloured Bathroom Wallpaper

Some people believe that wallpaper cannot be used in bathrooms due to the presence of moisture and condensation. This can cause the wallpaper to peel off the wall.

However, this is not true. We now can purchase specially designed wallpaper called ‘waterproof paper’ that’s great for humid, wet environments.

With this innovative wallpaper you can now have colourful walls with patterns, scenic backgrounds or geometric shapes without the fear of it peeling away, ideal for drawing the eye!

Bathroom Wallpaper rolls laid out on a countertop

Wallpaper can be a little overpowering. Especially if bright colours are involved.

So, we would recommend choosing one feature wall, if you’re opting for a super intense paper. We love an intense patterned paper in a smaller space such as a cloakroom.

Remember, to always have your feature wall as the same wall your basin sits. This will give your bathroom a powerful focal point.

Why Not Try A Floral Design

Floral wallpaper is a brilliant way to inject plenty of colour into your bathroom. If you like bold and vibrant interior design, floral wallpaper might be a good choice. Not recommended for those who are easily scared.

floral wallpaper in a decadent traditionally styled bathroom
Photo credit – melanielissackinteriors.com

Playful Wallpaper

Bathroom design that balances playful yet calm and casual feel can be tricky.  We would recommend opting for a wallpaper with muted colours and minimal pattern wallpaper. Use this blue, fun pattern paper to keep the basin area fresh and stylish with its bright color and energetic pattern. Mix it with black fixtures for an eclectic look!

fun bathroom wallpaper with a large round mirror and black brassware
Photo credit – rebeccaatwood.com

Be Bold  

If a splash of colour in your bathroom is all you’re after, then welcome to the bold look. Inspired by abstract art, this fresh and urban paper works wonders for modern bathrooms.

mural style wallpaper
Photo credit – muralswallpaper.co.uk

Try Coloured Tiles For Your Bathroom

One of our favourite-coloured bathrooms looks must be a coloured tile. Well, not just any coloured tile but a pastel-coloured tile. There is something all so soothing and welcoming about a pastel colour palette.

Wall or floor tiles, pastel will help brighten up your bathroom and keep it airy, which is perfect for maintaining a healthy wellbeing.

Use pastel pinks, greens, and blues for a bright, tranquil space. What makes these colours even better is how great they look against black, brushed gold and oil rubbed bronze brassware.

Use the bright tiles as a gorgeous feature wall or splash back area on either the basin or shower area.

Add Colourful Tile Stickers

Tiles stickers, also known as decals, can add that little bit of colour you lack. Extremely cost effective and make a huge difference.

The stickers are designed to cope with water and moisture, so you don’t need to worry about peel back.

Coloured Freestanding Bathtub

If you’d prefer to leave the walls alone, then why not invest in a beautiful, coloured freestanding bath? This will instantly brighten up your bathroom and give it a real modern glow-up.

Lucky for you, our Milano Legend freestanding rolltop baths come in a variety of colour options.

pink freestanding bath tub with black brassware

Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl is one of the more affordable floor types. Laying it is easy and it is available in sheet or tile design. Whatever your existing colour scheme, you can find a vinyl floor that offers colour and patterns.

Coloured Vanity Units

Diminish the shades of grey and add pops of colour with a coloured vanity unit. If you’re on the more eccentric side, then coloured vanity’s should be right up your street. Use a traditional navy-blue unit to add a regal feel to your space.

Or if you are exceptionally creative, try and upcycle your current furniture into bold, modern and colourful bathroom pieces.

a blue wall hung vanity unit with gold taps

Coloured Radiators

Coloured radiators sound interesting, right? Wait until you see how beautiful they can look!

Why not change your white rad for pops of bright, fun and mood boosting colours. We have all the colours of the rainbow available; red, pinks, blue, orange, green, purple and yellow hues.You can install our coloured radiator collection throughout the home. Why not introduce colour into your living room with our olive green rad?

Incorporate Colourful Accessories

Make small changes for a brighter space with colourful accessories…


You might be thinking, painting, wallpapering, and changing furniture isn’t in your budget, and would be far too time consuming. If you’d much rather make small, quick vibrant changes.

One of the easiest ways to freshen up your existing décor is to swap your old white towels with plenty of funky colours, patterns and prints.

a white black and yellow bathroom space
Photo credit – remodelista.com

Bath Mats

You can have so much fun choosing a bathmat for your colourful décor. Similar to towels, a bathmat can make a huge difference to the overall look of the room.

So, don’t settle for the boring greys, blacks, or whites. Spice things up with animal print, hot pinks and slogan mats!

Don’t Forget About The Little Things

If you’re happy with your white bathroom but still want that colour fix, then turn your attention to the finishing touches. Soap dispensers, diffusers and picture prints are all the small details that make up a room. So, if you’re not looking to paint why not up your décor game.

Change the dull soaps/dispensers to more funkier designs.

coloured soap next to lavender flowers

Create a Feature Wall With Fun Prints.

Include botanicals, Pampas grass and flowers. If you’re looking for the ideal plants to fit into your bathroom décor but aren’t sure what type of plants will survive in there.

And that’s how to add colour to your bathroom!


peace lily plant

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