Is 2024 the “Year of the bath”?

Milano Hest - Stone Grey Traditional Freestanding Corner Shower Bath with Screen

With Google searches for “freestanding baths” up by 160% since the start of January, we are quietly confident in dubbing 2024, ‘The year of the bath’.

We’ve delved into some of our sales data, as well as online search volumes to find that, when it comes to home updates in the UK this year, statement bath tubs are proving to be a priority.

Our data shows that over the past three months, traditional slipper baths have become a best-selling category for us, with bold, block colours such as midnight black being preferable.

And as luxurious and wonderful as these stunning baths are, we feel it is worth reminding those weighing up their options when it comes to stand alone tubs, that there are four key considerations to keep in mind.

1 – Do you have the space?

Whilst making a feature out of a bath is desired by many, freestanding tubs will not work in every bathroom and it’s important to firstly assess the space available and determine if it’s a viable option for you.

For larger family bathrooms, big baths like these are a great option that enables you to have more control over the overall layout of the space to make it work for you and the multiple users.

Having more space around a bath makes it easier when it comes to bathtime for parents to get involved.  

In smaller bathrooms, freestanding baths could still work but may have to be placed closer to corners and walls for space-saving purposes.

2 – What will suit your style?

As the freestanding bath tub trend has grown over the last year or so, there are increasingly more options to choose from when it comes to style and design.  

Personalisation is key when it comes to statement pieces like this as it has to align perfectly with your style.

Last year we added eight new colourways and five new feet options to our range of baths as consumers looked to add personality to their bathrooms and turn them into more vibrant rooms, as opposed to the typical clinical-looking space.

When choosing your tub, consider everything from colour, brassware, shape and structure to ensure you find the perfect match for your scheme.

From more traditional roll tops and slipper baths with statement feet to contemporary square and oval baths with solid bases, there are a plethora or options available to make the trend work for you.

3 – It’s likely to add value to your home

Whether it’s freestanding or fixed, having a bath will only have a positive effect on the saleability of a house and even the overall value in some cases.

Properties without a bathtub are less attractive to potential buyers.

Buildings without baths can prove tougher for estate agents to market effectively.

And some people will outright eliminate options from their potential property portfolio if there’s no bathtub as it’s seen as a luxury essential.

So in effect, lower demand, and a house taking longer to sell, can eventually spiral into a lower house price point.

Freestanding tubs make bathrooms even more attractive to buyers as they enhance the aesthetic and often give the illusion of a bigger space.

4 – Cleaning will be made easier

bathroom cleaning products laid out on a peach background

Cleaning around and beneath a freestanding bath is generally easier compared to built-in tubs.

Because there are no surrounding edges, it’s easier to manoeuvre around the bath and clean all the surface area as opposed to reaching into the fixed corners.

Having a freestanding tub also means there is less grout and sealant used in the bathroom which reduces the amount of mould that could form due to the high humidity levels.

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