A Buyer’s Guide To Bathroom Vanity Units

modern bathroom vanity in a grey bathroom

Bathroom vanity units are certainly a justifiably popular bathroom furniture fixture for any bathroom area.

It is important to understand however, the nuances between the mass amount of differing designs on the market before committing to the purchase of a bathroom vanity unit.

We have many types of vanity units, made up of a plethora of different materials with alternate features, so there’s lots to consider before selecting the perfect vanity to suit your specific space.

In this blog, we’ll highlight the subtle and glaring differential elements that define particular vanity unit models in comparison with others.

This could include drawing up the pros and cons of bathroom cabinets with mirrors against those with incorporated LED lighting, for instance.

All in all, you’ll learn about the key design elements of bathroom vanity units in addition to their prime functionality, and gain an overview of the wealth of available styles and their advantages and disadvantages.

What is a Bathroom Vanity Unit?

A bathroom vanity unit is a flat surface piece of furniture, which incorporates a sink or basin atop along with adequate cupboard space beneath.

They negate the need for a floor standing basin to restrict space. Offering ample storage space without impacting on the surrounding area, bathroom vanities can also cleverly conceal essential pipework for a cleaner, more attractive overall aesthetic.

Vanity units are an ideal component to assist a bathroom de-clutter drive, providing an ideal storage hub for the likes of shampoos, shower gels, toilet rolls, towels and other bathroom necessities. As such, they make for an equally tempting proposition from both a practicality and looks standpoint.

And whilst we’re going with the universally recognized ‘bathroom vanity units’ terminology for the sake of this blog, this type of fixture can be referred to by a number of alternative monikers. Amongst them are basin cabinets, under-sink cabinets, bathroom combination vanity units, as well as abbreviated terms like simple vanity units and vanities, as already aforementioned here.

Which Bathrooms Are Bathroom Vanity Units Best Suited To?

Realistically, the immense scope of bathroom vanity unit designs on the market nowadays means they can prove a suitable fit for any bathroom area.

The size and layout of your bathroom will play a part in dictating which style you opt for – larger vanity units will somewhat obviously be better utilized as an eye-catching focal fixture of bigger bathrooms, for example.

Alternatively, you could decide in favour of cloakroom vanity units for especially compact bathrooms or en-suite rooms.

Again, whichever type wins your preference, you can be assured that a marriage of stylish aesthetics and excellent functionality will prevail, with neither compromised for the other.

What Are The Different Types Of Bathroom Vanity Units?

We’ve already harped on about the extensive variety of bathroom vanity unit designs available, but it’s useful to split these into broadly defined categories. From there, you can add or eliminate components as you see fit for your bathroom setup.

Milano Thornton Antique White Freestanding Vanity Unit

Freestanding Vanity Units

Freestanding vanity units or floor standing vanity units as they are also known, are stand-alone bathroom vanities, which are perfect for creating a striking centrepiece in bathrooms large or small.

Ideally, a freestanding bathroom vanity unit will be located in front of a bathroom mirror, with expansive surrounding space to allow the user to make the very most of its functionality.

Wall Hung Vanity Units

With wall hung vanity units, space is present between the floor and the furniture component itself. Contemporary style comes into mind with a wall hung unit.

Of course, the look of wall mounted vanity units will be preferable to many, whilst they could prove a necessity for some depending on bathroom layout.

Regardless of which criteria of reasoning they are installed under, wall hung vanities will incorporate a useful, ultra-neat added storage facility immediately beneath.

Floating vanity units (another name for wall hung) work beautifully in smaller bathrooms.

Milano Oxley Grey Wall Hung Vanity Unit
Milano Edge wall hung furniture

Corner Vanity Units

Somewhat self-explanatory via their moniker, corner vanity units are designed to be tucked comfortably away in the corner of the bathroom – ideal for small bathrooms!

Another type of bathroom furniture to excel in terms of maximizing space, corner bathroom vanities retain all the same storage advantages as other styles. However, they will only be suitable for fitting in bathrooms with a very specific layout that is conducive to the installation of corner furniture.

Basin Vanity Units

Basin vanity units repeat the theme in emphasising the virtues of maximizing space, so can be considered an especially prudent option for compact bathrooms or even en-suite areas.

Exuding a chic bathroom boutique aura, both modern and traditional basin vanity units can be counted amongst the most fashionable statement bathroom furniture pieces on the market.

Basin vanity units are also available in double basin vanity unit designs, great for busy mornings.

Milano Henley Antique White Traditional Vanity Unit w/ Basin

Combination Vanity Units

Of course, it’s not just basin vanity units that incorporate additional elements to provide potential buyers with a well-rounded bathroom furniture solution that extends beyond a useful storage option.

Combination vanity units do just that too, featuring a 2-in-1 toilet and basin component. Each facet of the units are attached to each other for a streamlined appearance which will once again enhance available room.

That doesn’t mean you have to opt for an especially diminutive combination unit, though. As with most all types of bathroom vanities, there’s a wide spanning range of size options in relation to combo units. So if you have a big enough bathroom to accommodate, the likes of double vanities with a width exceeding 1000mm become viable styles.

Cloakroom Vanity Units

If minute bathroom furniture models would be preferential, the humble design features of cloakroom vanity units are well worth considering, even if the component won’t necessarily be placed within a cloakroom.

These smaller models can be sourced in wall mounted and freestanding designs, with vertical and horizontal styles available with traditional and contemporary themes.

So you’re far from pigeon holed into selecting a certain specific type if cloakroom bathroom vanities do prove to be the best match for your compact bathroom area.

Milano Aston Navy Traditional Cloakroom Vanity Unit

What Colour Bathroom Vanity Units Are Available?

There’s an absolute plethora of different coloured bathroom vanity units available to suit all sorts of interior schemes – in some instances, the material the vanity is constructed from will dictate its finish also.

For example, speaking in broad terms, classic bath vanities will often feature wooden finishes. Whether that be light oak, darker distressed patterns, or painted MDF in blues, anthracites and pastel hues.

Modern bathroom vanity units, meanwhile, regularly boast glossy aesthetics, with elegant black and clean white shades popular dominant colours. Those shades can contrast to great effect too, with white basins or toilets complimenting black cupboards and vice versa.

Alternative designs include marble style components with both a contemporary and traditional aura, along with various other designs.

Personal preference should always play the biggest part in deciding which sort of bathroom vanity finish you go for, of course. But you’ll also need to decide if your vanity choice will line up with your existing bathroom décor, or if an overhaul on a larger scale is required to achieve the appearance you desire.

If you’re keen to row in with 2021’s red hot cottagecore bathroom trend, then the rustic appeal of wooden bathroom vanity units is likely to take your fancy.

Those keener to introduce a more futuristic vibe can serve the idea by selecting glossier styles or matt finished vanities – the Milano Oxley Wall Hung Stepped Vanity Unit with Countertop Basin is one such excellent option of this type.

What Size Of Bathroom Vanity Units Are Available?

Milano Oxley Grey Wall Hung Stepped Vanity Unit w/ Basin

Another aspect involving bathroom vanity units where there’s a multitude of choice is with regards to the sizing.

Speaking somewhat generically, bathroom vanities can be sourced in small, medium and large sizes, varying to different degrees in width, height and depth.

Cloakroom bathroom vanity units from Big Bathroom Shop come as small as 400mm in width x 540mm height and 240mm depth, making them an idyllic selection for an especially cramped bathroom area.

Such sized components have such little impact on surrounding space, that other essential fixtures and fittings can be comfortably positioned nearby without any detrimental effect on either.

At the opposite end of the size spectrum, the likes of double basin vanities can span in excess of 1200mm wide and 620m tall, with depths within the 500mm range.

Of course, a reasonably large bathroom area will be required to house this sort of furniture, but it can also negate the requirement for what might be bulky necessities such as sinks or basins elsewhere. The Milano Bexley Dark Oak Wall Hung Open Shelf Vanity Unit with Double Basin provides a perfect example of a streamlined bathroom vanity unit which incorporates a pair of in-built sinks.

Meanwhile, the contrasting shapes that vanities come supplied in are another huge factor in their versatility, and thus suitability for installation in all kinds of different bathrooms.

Narrow vanity units represent an excellent pick, for example, for a bathroom where limited floor space dictates that storage room is hard to come by. And opting for a vanity with a shallow sink can ensure internal storage space is enhanced further still in such a situation.

The Milano Lurus White Minimalist Compact Floor Standing Cloakroom Vanity Unit with Basin offers the best of both worlds with regards to these details.

How Do You Fit A Bathroom Vanity Unit?

Our entire collection of bathroom vanity units come supplied in cohesion with easy-to-follow instructions related to the fitting of the furniture.

However, for certain purchases, such as vanity units incorporating basins or sinks, it is recommended that you seek the help of a professional plumber to complete the installation.

Similarly so, if you wouldn’t consider yourself at the height of DIY expertise, you can opt to attain professional assistance in the fitting of any sort of bathroom vanity you might choose, whether wall hung or freestanding. You should though, consider the extra outlay this will necessitate, on top of the initial cost of the bathroom vanity itself.

How Much Do Bathroom Vanity Units Cost?

milano lurus concrete vanity

The pricing scale of bathroom vanity units is an expansive one, with models littering the chart at every stop from lows preceding £100 to highs exceeding £2000.

Essentially, the size and style of the bathroom furniture will prove significant factors in determining the cost of bathroom vanities, as well as the additional fixtures that are included in certain sets.

For example, a bathroom vanity unit that represents part of a bundle involving a toilet, double basin and mirror is bound to be towards the higher end of the price list than a simple minimalist cloakroom vanity without any such “bells and whistles”.

If you have a particular budget in mind when shopping bathroom vanity units, Big Bathroom Shop offers the facility to filter by price, so you can only eliminate any options you deem to be outside the limit you’re willing to spend.

Shop Bathroom Vanity Units From Big Bthroom Shop

You’ll hopefully be well equipped with all the information you need to make the right bathroom vanity unit choice by the end of this buyer’s guide.

But if you would like any further information surrounding vanities, or making the perfect selection for your bathroom in terms of functionality and aesthetics, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our friendly team can be reached via the comments section below, or through a message on InstagramFacebook or Twitter.

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