Over the last year we’ve all spent more time at home than we probably want to remember.

With the increased hours spent within the confines of our own four walls – and cravings for more personal space to chill and unwind – there’s an ever growing clamour for cosy creature comforts that only our own homes can provide. 

Enter “Cottagecore”.

Nope, not the name of some unusual farmhouse metal band that plays iconic rock tunes on banjos and washboards, but something altogether more wholesome and appealing.


a lady being all cottagecore in style

Cottagecore – also known as Countrycore or Farmcore – is a largely internet-based aesthetic inspired by traditional English heritage and countryside romanticism. 

Think Wuthering Heights meets the Darling Buds Of May! 

Most recently coming to the attention of the masses on Tik-Tok, Reddit & Tumblr, Cottagecore revolves around the idea of living an idyllic life in the country and glamorises things like baking, gardening and a peaceful life at one with nature. 

From making vegan cupcakes and home-made strawberry milk to embracing a simpler way of life that is sustainable and harmonious with the natural environment, it’s a nostalgic venture into a world of floral prints, chintz and escapism.


As we love to keep up with the latest internet trends here at Big Bathroom Shop – and knowing that so many of you have posted about it on Instagram and Pinterest – we thought we’d talk you through how to create the ultimate Cottagecore bathroom space.

Below are 5 simple tips to achieve a Cottagecore bathroom, so you can bathe, shower and relax in countryside luxury and escape the outside world.

1 – Get Plenty Of Plants On Show

Watering indoor tropical plants in the bathroom.

First up, a really simple change to make is with plants and adding them to your bathroom.

In your Cottagecore bathroom you must have plants. So, go and get some plants and just when you think you have enough of them, go and get some more.

For as well as naturally purifying the air in your bathroom, indoor plants help to soothe and soften a space and relieve stress – which is what you want in a bathroom! 

A central element of the Cottagecore theme, plants help to keep us in touch with nature and provide an added dimension in terms of style.

Most plants will get by perfectly fine in the damp and humid conditions of your bathroom, so they’re low maintenance and easy to care for. 

We have guides for the best bathroom plants and the worst plants too, so be sure to check them out to be sure you’re buying the correct greenery for your space..

2 – Get Natural With Furnishings

Wood, stone and ceramic are the foundations of the Cottagecore trend. 

Just as long as you don’t have a super high-end modern bathroom, they’re also really simple elements that you can bring to your existing bathroom space. 

Hardwood and wood-effect flooring can help to soften any bathroom and tip it nearer to a cosy and welcoming mood. 

Make use of wooden stools or chairs and furnish with wooden accessories to create a simple and informal country vibe.

For a truly natural aesthetic, choose light oaks and pines – but be sure that any wood you use is correctly treated and designed for use in a bathroom space.

Alongside your wooden chairs and furnishings, use woven baskets for storing towels, hang macrame from the walls and look for a selection of both short and tall ceramic vases for added authenticity.

3 – Use The Right Wallpaper

Graham & Browne Jungle wallpaper

Yes, we know, wallpaper and damp bathroom conditions are not the best combination, but these days wallpaper manufacturers have pulled out all the stops to ensure you can get great bathroom wallpaper! 

Though patterns are probably more “regencycore” in style, there are several types that can add another dimension to a room and really complement a more laid-back interior style. 

Create even more of a connection to the great outdoors with rich and indulgent floral patterns and leaf prints and go half and half on the wall, with wood panels, to complete the look.

If you are opting for wallpaper in your bathroom, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Make sure your walls are clean, dry and smooth before you start hanging, and use a mould-resistant paste that will work in high-humidity rooms. 

It’s also worth the time and effort to make use of decorators varnish to protect your wallpaper even more and prevent damage in splash zones.

4 – Tone Down The Colour Scheme

Cottagecore colour palettes feature the more neutral shades found in nature. Fresh seaside blues, greens with an earthy undertone and laid back pastel shades work best. 

Though these neutral shades help to maintain an uncomplicated look, it’s important to consider introducing some textures so the room doesn’t appear bland and flat.

Keep in mind how natural light enters your bathroom too. North facing spaces often bathe in cold natural light, so choose a colour with a more soothing and warm feel to it to compensate. 

Wood furniture and neutral colour tones are key to achieving the perfect cottagcore look, and there are several colour combinations to consider. 

Darker woods look great with cooler white paint palettes, while lighter brown tones work better with fresh blues and warmer greys, but there are many choices and both modern and traditional approaches work with the trend.

5 – Think Big, Dream Bigger

cottagcore bathroom decor

It’s brilliant that you can make lots of simple and inexpensive changes to your bathroom space to achieve the Cottagecore look, but nothing quite beats a big splurge on a grandiose gesture does it? 

So, as “understated” is not really a word that relates well to the Cottagecore trend, it would follow that you should look to explore some more extravagant bathroom essentials. 

Pair clawfoot bathtubs with traditionally styled freestanding mixer taps to truly nail a rustic charm that has a modern edge to it.

Mount a shower in the ceiling over your bath and, using a ceiling mounted curtain ring and floral print shower curtain, create the ultimate farmcore centrepiece! 

Shopping For A Cottagecore Bathroom

At Big Bathroom Shop you’ll uncover a range of luxury items to help you achieve a perfect Cottagecore bathroom in your home.

Cottagecore Baths

Whether traditional or modern in design, there are several baths that will give you the required centrepiece statement for your Cottagecore bathroom. 

But, if you’re going “full Cottagecore”, one of these three favourites will be perfect!

Cottagecore Showers

From ceiling and wall mounted to slide rail designs, rustic and modern finishes are available to help complete the authentic look or explore a more contemporary approach to the Cottagecore trend.

Cottagecore Brassware

Both modern and traditionally styled brassware work great in a Cottagecore bathroom space, with a range of finishes available to match your decor and complete the look.

Cottagecore Heating

From more modern styles to simple vintage look brass and oil rubbed bronze finishes, radiators and towel rails are often overlooked, but choosing the right one can add an extra dimension to the look of your Cottagecore bathroom.

One Stop Cottagecore Shop

Get all you need to upgrade your bathroom with our full suite and brassware bundles! 

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