How to Choose a Milano Walk In Shower and Wet Room

How to choose a Milano walk in shower and wetroom

The Milano walk in showers and wet rooms are a great option for adding designer style to any bathroom.

But, with so many styles, sizes and configurations available, it can be hard to know which to choose.

So, to make things a whole lot easier and clearer for you, we’ve created this handy guide and video.

Watch – Choose a walk in shower or wet room

1- Walk in shower or wet room? What should you go for?

Whether you choose a walk in shower or a wet room, you can be sure to create a bathroom that wows.

Walk in shower – this option creates a designer look but without all the hassle of installing a wet room. A low level tray is included, which still provides a very sleek, minimal look.

Wet room enclosures – if you love the minimalist look, then you’ll love the wet room option. Providing easy access, our wet room showers are supplied with a drain. The glass screen is fitted to the floor with the water draining away through a drain in the floor. The bathroom will need waterproofing, and the floor in the shower area must slope in the direction of the drain so the water flows away in the most effective way.

2 – Choose a shape

Milano walk in showers and wet rooms come in a choice of shapes including recessed, corner and floating.

Recessed – if you are planning on installing your new shower between two walls, then you will need to choose the recessed option, which features a single glass panel.

Corner – for bathrooms without a recessed area, the corner installation option is the best solution – this has two glass panels.

Floating – for the ultimate designer look, the floating shape is ideal. This features a single glass panel that’s fitted to the ceiling or wall with support arms. You can access the shower on both sides.

All shape options can be used with a 250mm return panel. The glass return panel helps minimise splash out.

3 – Choose a style

Once you’ve decided on a shape, you can then think about the style that best suits your bathroom design.

Here’s a rundown of some available styles:

Portland – features a chrome finish, which enhances any bathroom décor.

Nero – featuring a black finish, this style is great for creating a minimalist designer look.

Alto – this has chrome floor to ceiling poles that fit up to a height of 2.5m.

4 – Choose a size

One fantastic benefit of a walk in shower or wet room, is that it will enhance a sense of space in any bathroom regardless which size you choose. Walk in showers and wet rooms come in a wide range of sizes to suit any requirement.

Walk in shower – the size of the tray dictates how big your enclosure will be. To make it easier, we’ve combined the glass screens with the shower trays in a variety of configurations to ensure the perfect showering space.

Wet room – simply choose the size of glass screen you require and we show you the space it can make.

Milano walk in showers & wet rooms – Key features

The Milano walk in showers and wet rooms are packed full of great features, and each one has been designed to withstand the rigours of daily use, making them perfect for a busy family bathroom.

8mm glass

Each walk in shower and wet room comes complete with one or two glass screens, and some include a return panel – these feature 8mm toughened glass for a luxury, high-end feel. This premium glass thickness is extremely durable and safe, and is ideally suited to wet rooms and walk in showers. All glass panels have been treated with an easy to clean protective coating that protects against soap scum and limescale.

1950mm height

All glass panels measure 1950mm in height to catch more splashes. The extra height is also great for those who are on the tall side.

Durable aluminium arms and profiles

The Milano walk in showers and wet rooms feature tough and durable aluminium arms and profiles. These are available in a choice of finishes including chrome, black and white. Chrome is a great option for any bathroom, as it blends seamlessly in with any bathroom décor. White creates a smart, modern look, while black adds a designer feel – perfect for if you’re after something a bit different.

Reversible design

The glass panels can be installed so that the entrance to your shower is on the left or right hand side, and to best suit the design of your bathroom too. The showers provide very easy access, which makes them ideal for the elderly and less mobile.

4 different images of parts of a shower tray and glass shower screen

Walk in shower trays – the options

When choosing a walk in shower, you’ll notice there’s a choice of trays available. Here’s some key features of each type:

Milano low profile shower trays

  • Low profile design – each tray measures just 40mm high for easy access and a neater finish to your bathroom
  • Super flat underside to make installation and levelling easier
  • Polymer stone resin construction and ABS acrylic capped
  • Includes a fast flow waste

Milano walk in shower trays

  • Slimline design makes this type ideal for creating a contemporary wet room look
  • Incorporates a drying area
  • Lightweight, yet strong and durable
  • Easy to clean
  • ABS capped acrylic provides a hard-wearing surface
  • Encapsulated baseboard provides strength, and screw retention for easy installation
  • No shrinkage, warping or twisting
  • Supplied with a fast flow waste

Milano slate effect shower trays

  • Slate effect finish for a natural feel – available in graphite, light grey and white
  • Measures just 30mm high for a neater finish and easier access
  • Hard-wearing surface
  • No shrinkage, warping or twisting.
  • Lightweight yet durable construction
  • Made from SMC (sheet moulding compound) – a ready to mould glass-reinforced polyester
  • Includes fast flow waste

If you’re choosing a wet room, then you’ll get a selection of drains to take your pick from, the main features of these are:

  • Brushed stainless steel finish
  • Range of designs available
  • High flow rate
  • Made from 304 grade stainless steel

Need more helping with choosing a shower tray? Our shower tray buyer’s guide will point you in the right direction.

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