The Ultimate Guide to Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

How to style a farmhouse bathroom

For modern and traditional homes alike, the introduction of rustic country themes has never been quite as popular.

The relaxing, laid-back vibes associated with rural farmhouse settings are by no means just limited to country cottages out in the sticks anymore. And one room in which the stylings are proving especially sought after is the bathroom.

As such, we thought we’d put together a guide with some helpful tips on how to bring the very best farmhouse bathroom ideas into your home.

What is a farmhouse bathroom?

First things first, we should probably explain what we actually mean by a farmhouse bathroom.

Essentially, it’s a bathroom space beautifully accentuated with weathered and worn finishes, usually dominated by strong materials like steel and wood.

Exposed fittings and furniture are also a common feature of farmhouse bathrooms, often incorporating bulky, thick-cut designs to create a real sense of authentic character.

If you love a good root around second-hand shops and antique caves, the prospect of a farmhouse bathroom offers a wealth of creative license to fill the space with all your favourite tat. Or charming classic accessories, of course.

modern farmhouse bathroom

Farmhouse bathrooms – Get the look

To create an authentic farmhouse bathroom look, there’s a number of vital elements you’ll want to introduce. However, plenty of scope exists to bring unique design ideas to the table in line with your own personal style preferences.

No matter if you plan to achieve a rustic traditional aesthetic, or a more contemporary understated aura, either farmhouse style can be ushered in with relative ease.

A classic farmhouse bathroom will be adorned with a neutral colour scheme and benefit from the presence of multiple worn wooden fittings and furniture.

In terms of sink style, you’d expect to find a counter top basin complemented by a traditional tap set. Pot pourri, plants and flowers are other accentuating items typical of a country bathroom space.

For more modern farmhouse bathroom stylings, a freestanding bathtub often represents an attractive focal point. Surrounding wooden panels and retro fixtures and accessories serve to enhance the contemporary farmhouse vibe, as will the brickwork regularly found in nearby shower enclosures.

Again, flowers and plants will commonly contribute to the countryside atmosphere in contemporary farmhouse bathrooms. The allowance of light to flood in through large windows will also assist in fostering an airy, fresh outdoorsy flavour that is perfectly in keeping with the overall feel of the space.

Tips & tricks for a farmhouse bathroom feel

Of course, it’s easy to say introduce a lot of wooden themes to your bathroom in the form of fittings, furniture and fixtures to create a rustic feel. But there’s actually some tips and tricks you can follow to achieve the most authentic aesthetic possible.

Firstly, avoid polished wood and instead look to add worn and distressed pieces to the space. You can do so in the form of bathroom cupboards and cabinets, shelving, toilet seats, mirror frames and even wall panelling.

If you would prefer to invest in ‘newer’ wooden items with a clean surface, these can be sanded down to give the more rugged appearance you might associate with a farmhouse bathroom.

Furthermore, you can get creative with very small tidbits that will really enhance the rustic aura. For instance, the introduction of candles is a clever lighting ploy that will boost the country feel of the bathroom no-end.

You can also populate worn shelving with diminutive ornaments or figurines for a friendly and familiar homely vibe.

Ultimately, take full advantage of the creative license you’re afforded when adopting a farmhouse bathroom look. Incorporate your own unique interests and quirks with bespoke handmade items.

You could ask the kids to put a decorative spin on an empty marmalade jar for your new toothbrush holder, or apply similar imagination to fashion wildly unique plant pots. Use discarded wicker containers to house towels and other items.

Budget and eco-friendly, these sort of custom-made items can bring a real sense of authentic personality to your bathroom, all the while in keeping with the naturalistic appeal you’d expect from a farmhouse bathroom.

candles on a floor in a bathroom

The main features of a farmhouse bathroom

So, now you’re well versed regarding the more subtle elements that can make for a stylish farmhouse bathroom, we can take a look at the main features you might want to include.

Unless you’re playing with a hefty budget, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to introduce all of these statement features, but you can select your favourites to create a stellar rustic look and feel.

And what better place to start than the bathroom entrance?!

A chunky oak door is an excellent option to add an air of farmhouse authenticity, or you could even go the whole hog and source a traditional barn door.

Again, don’t be afraid to exercise your imaginative streak. You can adjust the hinge type or select your own unique door handle to apply a contemporary touch to a monumentally countryfied entry and exit point.

Now then, what to do with the inside?

We’ve already touched upon the popularity of counter top sinks in farmhouse bathroom areas, and you could do a lot worse than to team these with traditional lever taps such as the Milano Traditional Mono Basin Mixer Tap.

The featured example incorporates a beautifully rustic oil-rubbed bronze finish, but plenty of other colours are available, including chrome, gold and black just to name a few. You can choose the right option to enhance the scheme you’re in the process of building. So if it’s a light and airy feel, chrome or gold taps might be the best choice. If it’s a darker woodland theme, you’re probably better served sticking with bronze or black.

For a farmhouse bathroom centrepiece?

Freestanding bathtubs stand out as the perfect pick to dominate a farmhouse bathroom landscape, with copper baths especially well suited to both modern and traditional rustic décor.

You can achieve a real luxe feel by introducing a freestanding copper bathtub to a wood-filled bathroom, evoking memories of yesteryear and a renewed appreciation for the simpler things in life.

So simple, yet in equal measure stylish, and a standout focal point you can build the rest of the room around.

Finally, for the lighting.

Minimalist and understated is the way to go to achieve a sophisticated, outdoorsy glow. The likes of lanterns and oil lamps are perfect components to dot around the space.

You could even add your own pop cultural twist on the lighting design you opt for. Harry Potter fans might choose a branded lantern to create a Forbidden Forest or Hagrid’s Hut vibe in their farmhouse bathroom, for example.

a farmhouse bathroom with a coppe bath

What colour scheme best suits a farmhouse bathroom?

On the whole, you usually won’t go far wrong in selecting neutral, understated shades to engulf a farmhouse bathroom area.

If you do have plenty of darker wooden items or fittings populating the space, it’s wise to indulge in lighter tones of paint or tiling to maintain an airy, relaxed feel.

But don’t feel as though you’re forced to stick with plain white or light grey. There’s all sorts of light colours you can bring to a farmhouse bathroom in keeping with the overall theme. So consider shades of green, blue and pink, as well as brighter autumnal options.

And don’t be afraid to add a splash of colour to furniture and fixtures as well.

As there are likely to be plenty of wooden surfaces in a farmhouse bathroom, you can complete a DIY paint job on bathroom cabinets, shelving, countertops and whatever else you fancy.

You can even introduce patterns if you so wish, bringing your own motifs and ideas to life if you’re the artistic type. Such stylings will be a particularly appealing option in bathrooms with tiling present, be it in the form of flooring or on the wall.

However, you should look to limit your main colour choice to three in order to avoid the exact opposite of what you want – the scheme becoming too crowded. You want to retain that laid-back rustic feel, so look at choosing a single darker colour to team with two lighter tones.

Creating your own farmhouse bathroom

We hope that by now, you’re well equipped with all the knowledge and inspiration required to implement your own uniquely stylish farmhouse bathroom ideas.

More than most renovation schemes, introducing a farmhouse vibe provides a superb chance to exercise your creative streak.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to overcrowd or clutter the area, so as much as you can scatter around random bathroom accessories and items, be careful not to overdo it. Striking the right balance, you can achieve a real deluxe rustic, homely appearance.

If you want to know more about creating a farmhouse bathroom style, or have any other questions about upgrading your bathroom layout and décor, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Big Bathroom Shop team.

You can leave your thoughts or queries in the comments section below, or contact us via FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

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