Power Showers For A Positive Showering Experience

It would be folly to underestimate the importance of a positive daily showering experience.

A refreshing shower can really set you up for the day ahead. It can have an advantageous effect on your mental state, leaving you feeling invigorated and fully prepared to attack your goals.

Contrastingly, a weak and paltry shower stream can have an adverse effect on your state of mind and approach to tasks that lie ahead. Nobody wants to kick off the day feeling frustrated or let down with a lethargic showering experience, and risk bringing those bad vibes into other aspects of their routine.

So, what makes for a good shower?

Well, one type that doesn’t fail in the refreshment and invigoration stakes is a power shower. Unsurprising really, given their moniker.

But what is a power shower? And how do they provide the type of showering experience that we all crave to kick-start our day in an affirmative fashion?

This article takes an in-depth look at power showers, and what sets the designs apart from other styles…

How Does A Power Shower Work?

Essentially, a power shower combines water from each of the hot and cold supplies, in the same way that a mixer shower operates.

Power showers differentiate from mixer showers significantly though. Power models feature a shower pump to enhance shower pressure. That can make a massive difference to homes with a typically low water pressure.

milano baya exposed shower panel

If your property incorporates a cold water tank in the attic, which delivers water to a hot water tank elsewhere (likely in an airing cupboard), it is probably a prime candidate for a power shower installation.

That said, you can expect as good a performance from a power shower as you could from any other type for your specific home setup. Typically, these sort of plumbing systems are susceptible to low water pressure, so an included electric pump can provide a welcome boost for a thorough, refreshing shower experience.

Can I Fit A Power Shower In My Home?

Described earlier are pretty much the optimal conditions for a power shower installation.

But there are some circumstances that render power showers unsuitable for certain properties.

The boiler is the key factor at play.

Combination boilers heat water from the mains as and when required, with pressurised systems filling their hot water tank directly from the mains.

Power showers are not compatible with either type. Basically, think gravity fed systems only. Digital showers and mixer showers are the closest available alternative if you have either a pressure hot water system or combi boiler installed.

milano vaso shower tower

Different Types Of Power Showers

You might be surprised to learn that there are a couple of different types of power shower on the market. Following is a brief overview of the main available styles…

Pumped Electric Showers

A pumped electric shower is the most generic type associated with the term ‘power shower.’ But that by no means is a bad thing.

Usually, pumped electric showers will be favoured by homeowners with low pressure water systems.

Power shower summates a pumped electric shower perfectly. And you have to admit, it just sounds cooler as well.

elizabeth chrome shower system

Thermostatic Power Showers

One of the major criticisms levelled at standard power showers relates to outdated aesthetics.

‘White wall box’ has long been a term associated with typical power shower designs, and the jibes directed at these, to be fair, probably were fair! But as is the case with electric showers on the whole, there’s a lot more attractive contemporary designs now available.

Thermostatic power showers fall under the umbrella of these stylish modern designs. They incorporate in-built, concealed shower valves along with thermostatic controls.

This style does require the buyer to utilise a bit of creative license however. A separate shower pump would need to be fitted at the back of the hot water system to operate properly, forcing water to the shower head and accompanying outlets for a luxurious showering experience.

Power Showers or Electric Showers?

One of the most common bathroom questions people ask is what is the difference between a power shower and an electric shower? A popular misconception exists that they’re one and the same.

In truth, both shower styles share many traits, but they do serve contrasting purposes.

For starters, electric showers exclusively take water from the cold water supply, before warming it to your desired temperature. The water travels from the mains directly, so there is rarely any need for the pressure to be bolstered with a pump.

Electric showers are suitable for installation alongside any plumbing system, whereas power showers are only compatible with those types referenced earlier in the article.

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