What Are Rimless Toilets?

If you’re a regular visitor to the Big Bathroom Shop inspiration pages, you’ll already know that we love a bit of bathroom innovation and minimalism at BBS HQ, so it is with great pleasure that we can now introduce a new range of rimless toilets.

What is a rimless toilet?” you say, well it is a toilet without a rim, obviously.

But, how do they work, are they worth your time, money and effort and should you consider getting one?

The answer to these questions and a few more lies below, in the Big Bathroom Shop guide to rimless toilets.

What Is A Rimless Toilet?

an nimage of a toilet being flushed and the water turning blue

As we have said already, a rimless toilet is just that – a toilet without a rim.

Chances are, you have already come across – or even sat on – one, but you’d be forgiven for not realizing it – I mean, who out there goes looking around the inside of toilets in their spare time?

The thing is, from the outside, a rimless toilet looks very much the same as a ‘standard’ loo does.

It is only when you lift the lid on one that they reveal the reason for their rimless moniker.

You see, a standard toilet has a rim around the top of the bowl – it’s that sometimes difficult to clean place that all those snazzy toilet cleaners have been designed to help you get to.

But with a rimless design, that hard to reach ‘under the rim’ section of your toilet has been taken away, making for a simpler look that is easy to clean and has its advantages.

Are There Advantages To A Rimless Toilet?

Although from the outside they may not look that much different, a rimless toilet can make for much easier cleaning and improved hygiene.

It’s obvious really.

Think about cleaning an average toilet bowl.

The outside is relatively simple because you can see every portion of the surface; it’s only when you get inside that the hassle begins.


Well, because of the rim at the top of the toilet.

blue microorganism of bacteria under a microscope

That rim is a breeding ground for bacteria, limescale and all manner of other nastiness. And, short of sticking your head inside and underneath it, it can be difficult to tell if you’ve cleaned all the mess away.

The thing is, you can’t ever be sure that you washed every last bit of grime away under the rim of a toilet bowl and the key advantage of a rimless toilet design takes that issue out of the cleaning equation.

With no rim, cleaning the inside of the bowl is as simple as cleaning the outside of the toilet. You can see everywhere you need to clean and be sure that you’ve cleaned every last inch of the surface.

We wouldn’t go as far as to say that rimless toilets make the job of cleaning your loo “enjoyable” – but it will be quicker and much easier to get the job done!

Other Rimless Toilet Features

If making your toilet cleaning tasks easier isn’t enough, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are some other advantages to a rimless toilet design.

Unlike more traditional toilets, many rimless loos feature a direct flush technique.

A direct flush shoots water around the bowl of the toilet, washing it more effectively and efficiently than the water redistribution ways of older designs.

The great thing about a direct flush design is that – although it is more powerful than a standard flush – it’s actually more economical too; therefore, helping you to save money on your water bill.

A wall hung toilet in a bright and clean bathroom

What Are The Disadvantages Of Rimless Toilets?

I know you’ll say that we are bound to say there’s no drawbacks to rimless toilets, but in all honesty there really aren’t.

The customer feedback we have had on the first few out of the BBS door has all been positive – and that takes into account people’s natural skepticism about new products coming to the market.

But, in short, the only people that might get their proverbial undergarments in a bit of a twist over rimless toilets are the makers of those little plastic nozzles you get on the top of bleach bottles.

Why? Because with a rimless toilet, you’ve no longer any use for them!

Rimless toilets – Frequently asked questions

Are Rimless Toilets Worth The Money?

As they make for significantly easier cleaning, use less water and work more efficiently than their rimmed counterparts, the short answer is yes, they are worth the money.

Do Rimless Toilets Splash?

There is a chance this can happen, but that’s the same for any toilet really. As with standard rimmed toilets, the water that flows into your rimless toilet cistern is supposed to be controlled.

Every flush should produce just enough water to adequately clean the toilet when flushed, but if the water level in the cistern is not set correctly, it could lead to splash over.

If you’re not sure about the water level in your cistern, adjust the float in the cistern to allow for less water to enter, this may fix any splashing problems.

What Is The Difference Between Rimmed & Rimless Toilets?

A rimless toilet simply means that the inside rim of the toilet has been removed. Unlike with rimmed designs, this leaves no place for germs to build up – making a rimless toilet safer for you and your family.

Rimless Toilets At Big Bathroom Shop

At Big Bathroom Shop, we supply a range of modern rimless toilet designs that feature attractive flushplates and spa-style wash functions.

To discover our complete range of rimless toilets -and a range of other luxury bathroom items – click on the bathroom image below!

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