9 Inspiring Nautical Bathroom Ideas

Blanca pebble tiles

From the sandy bays of Cornwall to the rocky cliffs of Scotland, there’s more than 11,000 miles of coastline in Britain.

But when it comes to giving your bathroom a nautical scheme, you could look further afield for inspiration – think classic New England coastal and the brilliant white and cobalt blue of the Mediterranean.

All nautical bathrooms feature key elements and, like the coast itself, the space should feel bright and open, so use minimal décor and furniture.

A palette of white and blue, as well as tongue and groove is at the heart of a coastal look, while striped textiles and nautical accessories complete the seaside theme.

Feeling inspired? These nautical bathroom ideas are sure to give you plenty to think about.

Nautical inspired wallpaper

Nautical inspired wallpaper is ideal for making a statement in a coastal bathroom.

From yacht motifs, nautical charts to seagulls and even timber cladding effects, there’s plenty of designs available.

In a small cloakroom suite you could get away with wallpapering the entire room for extra impact, but for a larger space it’s best to create a feature wall.

Porthole mirrors

A porthole window or a mirror that creates the illusion of one provides the perfect way to add a nautical feel to your bathroom.

Complete the look with a lantern style light, oars and paintings with a coastal theme.

Coastal colours and natural textures

Pale colours best create a sense of the coast, and are ideal for large expanses of wall and floor.

White is great as it reflects the light and enhances a sense of space, but make sure to mix up different shades of white, as all-white can look really cold.

Choose lots of different shades and incorporate natural textures to create definition.

White-painted tongue and groove cladding on the walls is perfect for creating a nautical look.

You could even scour salvage yards for reclaimed wood to use as panels on your bath, walls and floor.

Salvaged and reclaimed wood, even when damaged, can be restored to its former glory, and any dents or scratches will add character.

Pebble tiles

Using pebble effect tiles on the walls and floors provides a great way to create a coastal bathroom, and you’ll be instantly transported to one of Britain’s beautiful pebbly beaches!

The Blanca tiles by www.WallsandFloors.co.uk are a fantastic option.

Charlotte Thomson used them for the Loo with a View project, and we think they look fab!

Coastal chic

Calming whites and cool shades of blue are great for creating a chic coastal feel.

Take inspiration from the colours of the sky, sea and sand to create a dreamy coastal colour scheme, and achieve a weathered, faded look with bleached and dip-dyed linens and fabrics.

Enhance this nautical bathroom theme with candle holders and accessories in a similar colour palette.

Miami beach vibe

Create a Miami beach vibe with modern, stylish bathroom furniture and glamorous white glossy finishes.

Use bright aquatic colours and cover a feature wall in reef-inspired wallpaper – opt for a coral print to bring back the holiday feeling – we love the Lorca Coralie wallpaper in Aqua, available from Osborne & Little.

Paint adjacent walls in cool white and complete the look with large shells positioned as though they’ve just washed up on the shore.

Vintage inspired seaside theme

Vintage-inspired seaside themed wallpaper and simple white painted wooden furniture creates a nostalgic feel to your nautical bathroom.

Look in charity shops for nautical artwork and add classic beach-side plaques for an old-fashioned charm.

You could even take the look one step further with a novelty toilet seat.

Old crates can be used as a quirky box shelf to display coastal objects.

Wooden crates don’t have to be expensive, and less than perfect ones are easy to make attractive and practical.

Beach hut chic

White bathroom furniture, white wooden walls and coastal-style accessories are all you need for a chic beach-hut inspired bathroom.

You could even evoke memories of summers spent in beach huts with an eye-catching photo of a seaside landscape above the bath.

Your favourite photo could be made into a large-scale print, but seal it with varnish to ensure it’s watertight.

Add finishing touches with nautical accessories

The right accessories for your nautical bathroom will really help set the scene and complete the look.

Think shells in pretty glass jars, driftwood beach signs and lanterns for those all-important finishing touches.

You could even get crafty by decorating glass jars with netting, or you could try your hand at making a nautical towel holder – take a look at our Pinterest board for more ideas.

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