10 Contemporary Shower Room Ideas

Black framed walk in shower with black slate shower tray

Designing and creating a new shower room can be a challenge and sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to help you along the way. Your new shower room should be a place where you can relax and enjoy a refreshing shower to awaken your senses. Here are ten contemporary shower room ideas to help you create the perfect space.

Black framed walk in shower with black slate shower tray

1. Fit a wet room glass screen

Installing a wet room glass screen will not only look sleek and contemporary but will help open up a small space. Wet room glass screens are available in a range of sizes and most can be fitted direct to the floor or on top of a low profile shower tray.

2. Enhance a sense of space

Your shower room will most likely be the smallest room in your house so it’s important that you make the best possible use of available space.

Making use of high gloss surfaces and reflective materials helps to bounce the light around creating a more spacious feel.

To create extra space think about installing a large, recessed mirror, which provides a fantastic way to add useful shelving for toiletries or decorative objects.

Large high-gloss tiles in the same tone will also make your shower room appear more spacious as well as creating an ultra-modern appearance.

All are ideal options for anyone looking to introduce some space-enhancing wizardry with under stairs shower room ideas, for instance, or small loft shower room ideas.

Rectangular wall hung basin for cloakrooms

3. Choose wall-hung fittings

Wall-mounted fittings such as a basin or a vanity unit and a toilet provide the best way to maximise space in your shower room and ensure of easier cleaning.

wall-hung basin and toilet also looks more contemporary and there are an impressive range of styles to choose from too.

white vanity unit with open drawer

4. Include storage space

A shower room full of clutter will only make the space look and feel even smaller than it really is, so install a stylish, wall-mounted vanity unit which features plenty of storage space for all your shower room essentials for a neat, clutter free appearance.

Opt for a high gloss finish to bounce the light around.

Milano alpha chrome designer radiator

5. Create a warm and inviting space

To ensure your shower room feels warm and inviting install a vertical designer radiator or a heated towel rail. 

Vertical designer radiators are ideal for making the best use of limited wall space as well as creating an eye-catching feature too. 

Heated towel rails are great for adding modern style to your shower room as well as ensuring of warm, dry towels; choose from a variety of designs and sizes to suit the space you have.

black shower tower

6. Shower in style

Your shower area should be the main focal point of your shower room, so make sure you install a statement shower head or shower tower to add that all important wow factor.

Think about creating a feature wall with stunning mosaic tiles and opt for a fixed ceiling mounted shower head for a touch of designer style.

7. Create a spa-style look

Choosing limestone tiles for the floor and wall will not only create a unified look but provides a great way to add a luxurious, spa-style appearance to your new shower room.

To enhance a feeling of space take the tiles all the way up to the ceiling and install a floor-to-ceiling glass shower panel to help emphasise the height of the shower room.

modern basin tap closeup

8. Fit eye-catching taps

The right choice of basin taps can really make a big difference to the overall look of your new shower room.

Basin taps with an open spout design are bang on trend and create a stunning waterfall effect.

Alternatively if you want something different to chrome how about black or gold and copper taps?

Curved triangular shaped counter top basin with wall mounted tap

9. Go chic with a countertop basin

Countertop basins are a great option for contemporary shower rooms.

They come in a wide choice of sizes and designs, ranging from sleek and angular to the smooth and curvy.

A countertop basin has been designed to be fitted to a worktop or vanity unit, and is perfect for creating a chic, boutique-hotel look.

Combine with a high-rise basin tap or a wall-mounted tap to complete the look.

10. Add a splash of colour

Introducing a bold splash of colour into your shower room will add extra interest.

Adding colour into your shower room is easy and could be through the use of a furniture, towels, tiles and accessories.

Black and white shower room ideas represent fail-safe stylings, but if you’re not sure which colour scheme to go for, take a look at our blog on future-proof bathroom colour ideas for some inspiration!

We hope these contemporary shower room ideas have given you plenty of inspiration to help you create the perfect space.

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