How Much Should a New Bathroom Cost?

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With prices updated for 2021, we take a look at how much you might expect to pay to have a new bathroom installed.

There are several things to consider when planning a new bathroom.

From choosing the best bathroom suite, to new taps, shower, furniture and accessories, there are plenty of things that can add to the overall cost of a new bathroom.

After deep and meaningful discussions with some of our industry partners – and with a little help from some of our trade account customers – we’ve uncovered just what you should be expecting to pay for the most common bathroom upgrades. 

Read on to get a breakdown on how much you should expect to pay for an entirely new bathroom and what each individual job should set you back in your own home to gain a proper idea of your full fitted bathroom cost.

Please note – Prices may vary depending on where you are in the UK – as these averages are based on data collected by Big Bathroom Shop.

Typical Bathroom Installation Costs

Standard Toilet Installation

Cost to you – Around £350
Average Completion Time – 2 to 3 hours

Standard Bathtub Installation

Cost to you – Around £380
Average Completion Time – 3 to 5 hours

Pedestal Basin & Taps Installation

Cost to you – Around £345
Average Completion Time – 1 to 2 hours

Complete Bathroom Retile

Cost to you – About £80-90 per square metre
Average Completion Time – depends on coverage required

Underfloor Heating Installation

Cost to you – £250-£300 for average UK bathroom sizes
Average Job Time – half a day – 2 days depending on bathroom size

Shower Enclosure & Shower Tray Installation

Cost to you – Around £550
Job Time – 3-5 hours

a cost breakdown of bathroom jobs

Extractor Fan Installation

Cost to you – £250 – £300
Job Time – 3 hours

Bathroom Cabinet or Vanity Unit Installation

Cost to you – £80 per unit
Average Job Time – 2-3 hours

Wet Room Kit Installation (tanking, tray & replacement sub-flooring)

Cost to you – Around £1800
Average Job Time – 4 or 5 days

Radiator or Heated Towel Rail Installation

Cost to you – £350
Average Job Time – 3-4 hours

Bathroom Ceiling Light Installation

Cost to you – Around £150
Average Job Time – 2 hours

Standard Mixer Shower Installation

Cost to you – £400 – £450
Average Job Time – 8-9 hours new/around 2 hours for a replacement

What Does A Bathroom Suite Cost?

Here at Big Bathroom Shop, we know how important the cost of your new bathroom is and that you want high-quality products at the right price. 

That’s why we’ve put together full bathroom suite ranges that are designed to give you everything you need to complete a luxury bathroom makeover that lasts. 

Browse bathroom suites from £459.99 to find a style that suits your home and create a luxury space you’ll love to relax in, with Big Bathroom Shop.

Click the images below to discover bathroom suites at Big Bathroom Shop!

Milano Altham Bathroom Suite from Big Bathroom Shop
Milano Ballam bathroom suite at Big Bathroom Shop
Milano Eslwick bathroom suite available at Big Bathroom Shop

The Cost Of A Bathroom Installation Can (And Probably Will) Vary

a new bathroom renovation in a hotel bathroom style

While planning updates and upgrades to your bathroom, evaluating an estimate is pretty simple to achieve, but the figure you end up with can often change. 

When conducting our research, our trade account holders quoted anything from £150 to £300 for smaller jobs like extractor fan installs and ceiling lights, whereas larger jobs like wall tiling commanded an average of around £90 for each square metre. 

On average, the total cost of installing a new bathroom here in the UK is about £6500-7000. 

That said, if you are simply replacing your old suite with a new one and not having tiles or new flooring laid at the same time, you can reduce this cost quite considerably.

Prices will vary from town to town and place to place, and each job you want completed will be priced according to the individual giving the quote and the circumstances around the job.

For example, the size and shape of your bathroom can affect a range of things, from how simple the job is to complete, the amount of material used and how long it takes to be finished.

Somewhat obviously, a small bathroom cost will typically be less than that of a large bathroom, given the job will usually be quicker to finish and require less material to be used.

From damaged pipework to damp issues, if there are things the naked eye cannot see impacting how quickly a job can be done, this can add to the cost of the job too, regardless of any quote you may receive.

Does Where I Live Impact Bathroom Installation Costs?

The short answer is, yes, certainly. 

In large urban towns and cities, the chances are you’ll have several tradespeople competing with each other for jobs, so you may be able to save a few quid on the estimates we have above. 

The opposite is very likely to be the case if you live on a hillside in Cumbria – or some other remote location – as there may only be one or two plumbers local to you that aren’t ever really competing with each other, as there’s so much work for so few professionals. 

However, if you live in and around London, you can probably stick up to an extra 20% on the costs above – as the average weekly earnings there are considerably higher than other places in the country, and plumbers aren’t daft – so they will take advantage of that fact.

Essentially then, the specific area a property is located in can potentially strongly affect the price of bathroom renovation work. So, be wary that a search for ‘new bathroom cost UK’ could yield some misleading results from one region to another.

What About All The Stuff From My Old Bathroom?

Ahh yes, the waste. All the stuff you have to get rid of. What happens to that? 

Well, as you probably guessed, no bathroom job is going to be mess-free so you’re going to have to consider the question of disposing of the waste that’s left over and that could cost you. 

Most traders will get shut of waste materials for you, but they will have to pay business rates for doing so – and you’ll probably already know that you can’t show up at many local refuse centres in a van or with a trailer, without paying a premium for the pleasure. 

The best thing to do – to avoid any unnecessary costs – is to find out if you can dispose of any waste with less of a financial outlay. Hire a skip, use a big industrial waste bag or take the rubbish to your local tip in the back of your car. 

All these options are likely to be less expensive than having your plumber take away the leftover materials, so be sure to ask the people doing the job what they think it may cost to remove it and balance that against taking it yourself, to save some cash.

Finish It Off, In Style!

Nobody, and we really do mean nobody, likes a job that is half finished or incomplete. 

You could go ahead and complete your bathroom remodel yourself and, according to the HomeOwners Alliance, save around 60% on the cost by doing so.

But would you want to?

A full bathroom refurb can be a lot of hard work and unless you trust yourself to get it right, you could be looking at a finish that just doesn’t stand up to your dreams, and be in for a costly bill to have it all done again. 

The finish of your bathroom should be of as high a standard as your budget allows. 

Once you’ve paid for the high-quality goods – like the ones available at Big Bathroom Shop – you’ll then have to consider the cost of the install, and check the previous work of any potential plumbers. 

All these elements combined can make up the input for a new bathroom cost calculator, so you can put together a rough estimate regarding how much your overall outlay will be.

But the finish should be at the top of your agenda. 

Although it could cost you a lot more to get a fully professional hotel bathroom finish, it is surely something worth forking out for, is it not? 

At the end of the day, a great looking bathroom that really stands out is always going to trump something that’s been done cheaper than chip shop chips! 

Other Bathroom Cost Considerations


A man tiling a new bathroom

It’s definitely worth hiring a professional tiler, as someone who is inexperienced can take two or three times as long to tile your bathroom. 

Old tiles that need to be removed and walls that are in poor condition, which will need to be prepared, can increase a bathroom fitters cost. 

To ensure a professional finish, the toilet and basin may have to be removed, so the tiler can tile behind them. 

Bathrooms that have a lot of furniture, doors and windows will also need to be tiled around, meaning increased costs.

The type of tiles you choose can also affect your bathroom renovation cost. Large tiles will cover the area faster, while smaller ones can take longer.

If you’re experienced at DIY, take a look at our guide on how to tile a bathroom, that way you could do it yourself.

Underfloor Heating

If your existing bathroom floor is tiled, the longer it will take to remove and replace the flooring, increasing the price and completion time. 

Your bathroom fitter may not do electrical work, so it will need to be contracted out. Whoever fits your underfloor heating needs to be certified or signed off by a qualified Part P electrician.

Electrical Work

If your existing bathroom floor is tiled, the longer it will take to remove and replace the flooring, increasing the price and completion time. 

Your bathroom fitter may not do electrical work, so it will need to be contracted out. Whoever fits your underfloor heating needs to be certified or signed off by a qualified Part P electrician.

Bathroom Flooring

A woman removing the flooring during a bathroom renovation

The bathroom floor can get overlooked, as some bathroom fitters will leave flooring off their quotes to ensure a lower price, but they’ll then add it on as an extra later on (cheeky!). 

If you want the floor replaced always ensure it’s included in the price.

Vinyl flooring can cost between £200-£400 – depending on the size of your bathroom – and if you have tiling on the floor that you want to be replaced, expect to pay a lot more.

Plumbing Work

A large proportion of your budget will go towards various plumbing jobs, such as fitting new taps, your toilet, shower, bath and basin. 

If there is a significant alteration to the existing layout, more plumbing work will be required, so expect your new bathroom installation costs to increase.

How Long Does It Take to Fit a Bathroom?

Our House In London Before renovation



Removing the existing wall/floor tiles, preparing the walls and floor and installing the new tiles is the most time consuming part of fitting a bathroom, but to realise your dreams you want to get it right! 

For a complete bathroom refurbishment, you can probably expect the work to take approximately 6-8 days. 

Installing the bath, toilet and basin is normally straightforward, so if you’re only having those changed, it can take a couple of days to do to a standard as high as @OurHouseInLondon in the images above. 

Additional pipework – and considerably more time – will be needed if you plan on changing the position of the bath, toilet or basin.

How Much Does a Basin Cost?

Image courtesy of –

Ceramic countertop basins start at around £90 and are a popular option as they are available in a wide range of designs and sizes, and are easy to install too. 

To enhance a sense of space you could choose a basin with a semi pedestal or a wall-hung basin design – with these starting at around £120.

Basins that are designed to sit within or on top of a vanity unit such as a recessed, semi-recessed or countertop basin start at around £60, but you will need to factor in the cost of the unit too.

The majority of basins are ceramic, but stone, metal and glass are other options you may want to consider, just be aware that they can cost significantly more.

And one of the more modern basin approaches is to opt for a traditionally-styled washstand – yes, we know, that’s an oxymoron – and they start at around £250.

How Much Does a Toilet Cost?

Image courtesy of – @its_all_about_the_house

Close coupled toilets are a popular option and start at around £200.

These are easy to install and come in both modern and traditional designs.

High level toilets are another option for traditional bathrooms with prices starting at around £450. 

For a contemporary look and to create the illusion of more space in a small bathroom, you may want to opt for a wall hung toilet.

With prices beginning at £180, many wall hung options at Big Bathroom Shop come complete with concealed cistern and wall frame and feature modern rimless designs.

And don’t forget the most modern and luxurious of WC creations – the Japanese toilet.

Featuring a dryer function, remote control and even massages, these SMART toilets can be set to your individual preferences and prices start at around £1750.

How Much Does a Bath Cost?

a modern bathtub in a modern bathroom suite

Image courtesy of –

How much a bath costs mainly depends on what it is made from. 

Low cost baths are typically constructed from thin acrylic and are supplied ready to be built-in to a frame, which you can then tile or have some kind of panel fitted. 

These cheap acrylic baths cost approximately £70, but they can be flimsy, and you won’t find any at Big Bathroom Shop. 

Here at BBS, all of our baths are constructed from thick, fiberglass reinforced acrylic, to ensure longer lasting use and durability – with prices starting at around £200. 

More traditionally styled bathtubs – like the freestanding ranges from Milano – feature claw foot designs and cost anywhere between £600 to £1000 depending upon size and style.

Check out our bathtub buying guide for some extra help finding exactly what you need.

How Much Do Bathroom Taps Cost?

A bronze wall hung bath shower mixer tap in a new bathroom renovation

Image courtesy of – @chloelloydhome

The lowest priced bathroom taps at Big Bathroom Shop are the Milano Arvo & Milano Mirage mono basin mixer taps. 

These modern mixer taps combine hot and cold water flow into one convenient and neat chrome-finished package, with prices starting at £54.99.

Next up on the cost scale, here at BBS, we have a range of traditional basin pillar taps starting at £64.99. 

With both crosshead and single lever designs, the traditional Milano Elizabeth brassware range features a striking selection of finishes, including gold and oil rubbed bronze, alongside the standard chrome designs.

Further up the price chain you’ll find ultra modern basin and bath spouts that feature a stylish wall-mounted design. 

These designer-style taps are great for making the most of the space around your bath or basin and prices range from around £80 – £100, depending on the style.  

You may also want to consider freestanding bath taps, particularly if you plan on installing a freestanding bathtub. 

Prices for freestanding bath taps & fillers start at around £300 and designs range from vintage look to modern styles, with shower/bath functionality and additional features available too.

How Much Does a Shower Cost?

Image courtesy of – @the_streatham_project

How much you spend on a shower will depend on the type, style and the look that you want to achieve in your new bathroom. 

Prices can vary from a modest £100 or go all the way up to a thousand pounds or more for a designer style tower shower that features all the modern trappings you could wish for – stopping short of the proverbial kitchen (bathroom) sink.

A simple manual shower – with a single outlet and a handset – will set you back around £120 at Big Bathroom Shop.

Step up the ladder on price and you’ll find multi-function showers in both exposed and concealed designs from around £170 – one of the more popular of which is the exquisite Milano Nero thermostatic shower with recessed head. 

This modern black shower retails at £579.99, but provides a neat and tidy shower that features modern looks to complement more contemporary bathroom spaces. 

If you prefer more traditional styling for your bathroom space, we have a selection of stunning exposed period-style shower systems. 

From as little as £195 you can pick up a striking rigid riser shower rail kit from the Milano Elizabeth collection and enjoy a luxury shower experience that adds style and value to your bathroom space.

From body jet showers to simple handrail kits, the Big Bathroom Shop shower collection is filled with a selection of attractive and durable shower designs.

Browse the full shower collection to find your perfect shower system.

How Much Does a Shower Enclosure Cost?

Image courtesy of – @oakappledecor

Shower enclosure prices start at around £180 at Big Bathroom Shop, but you still need to factor in the cost of the shower tray and waste, as well as a shower head and valve too.

Walk-in shower enclosures, complete with tray and frameless glass screen, can cost from around £250, while wet room kits that include all you need for installation cost anywhere between £400-£1100; depending upon the style and size you require.

Quadrant shower enclosures are ideal for small bathrooms and en-suites as the curved design helps to maximise space.

Bi-fold shower doors are also great for small spaces too. If you’re after a luxury designer look and have a larger bathroom, a walk in shower offers the ideal way to achieve this.

At Big Bathroom Shop, we specialise in supplying a broad and exciting range of shower enclosures and wetroom kits, from traditional styles to more contemporary installations. 

With a selection of sizes and styles to suit any bathroom or en-suite space, we can help you to achieve that luxury shower space with minimum effort. 

Discover our extensive collection to create a luxury space you’ll be visiting again and again.

Helping You Achieve a Luxury Bathroom

Stuck for bathroom ideas? Then why not take a look at our bathroom inspiration hub?

Whether you want to create a contemporary or a traditional look, we can help transform your visions and ideas into reality.

We also have a fantastic collection of expert buyer’s guides and DIY guides to help you complete your bathroom renovation project in no time.

And, for some added inspiration, check out what many of our customers have achieved on our Instagram page!

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