The Bathroom Furniture Buying Guide

In desperate need of a bathroom storage solution, but have no idea where to start?

In this bathroom furniture buying guide you’ll find out everything you need to know about vanity units, mirrored cabinets and much more.

Your bathroom will be organised in no time with these stylish and practical storage solutions.

Things to keep in mind before choosing bathroom furniture

Before choosing bathroom furniture, there’s a few things that you need to consider first.

You will need to accurately measure the available space and double check your measurements, as the last thing you want is to take delivery of your new unit only to find it won’t fit!

If your bathroom is full of clutter, it makes sense to have a clear out and get rid of anything you no longer use.

Only keeping what you need in the bathroom will help you choose the most appropriate storage solution.

You will also need to decide on a style that will suit your bathroom.

If you have a modern scheme, opt for bathroom furniture with clean lines and a glossy finish.

For traditional bathrooms, choose a unit in a natural finish and with some detailing on the doors to add charm and character.

Key points to bear in mind:

  • Figure out your storage requirements
  • Accurately measure the space
  • Choose an appropriate storage solution
  • Decide on a style

Bathroom furniture jargon buster

Buying high quality furniture that meets your requirements is an important part of your new bathroom, and we understand that it can be difficult trying to choose what to buy when you’re confronted with a load of jargon that doesn’t make sense.

So, to make things clearer, here’s some words and phrases you may come across when shopping for new bathroom furniture.


MDF (medium density fibreboard) is made by combining hardwood or softwood fibres with a wax or resin binding agent and then set at a high temperature. It is used to make bathroom cabinets and often comes foil-wrapped.


MFC (melamine-faced chipboard) is an engineered wood product. It is made from a lot of wood chips, which have been compressed into a strong sheet of material. MFC is very durable and is commonly used for making bathroom cabinets.

Soft close hinges

Soft close doors and drawers are designed not to slam shut, instead they slowly close to prevent this from happening.

Vanity unit

A vanity unit incorporates a basin and storage into one handy unit. The unit can be floor mounted or wall mounted and can feature drawers or doors.

WC unit

A WC unit is a piece of bathroom furniture that’s been designed to be used with a concealed cistern and a back-to-wall toilet. The unit houses the cistern and pipework concealing it from view.

Modern or traditional bathroom furniture?

Traditional and modern are the two most popular bathroom furniture styles.

Traditional is perfect for creating a classic and elegant look, while modern adds sleek, minimal style to a bathroom.

Both work well in the bathroom and can make a statement, but it’s a good idea to choose one style and carry this throughout the room.

Creating a modern bathroom can be preferable to a traditional scheme. Modern fixtures are perfect for creating a luxury spa-like look, and if this is the style you are going for, there are plenty of furniture options available.

Modern bathroom furniture can feature curved or angular lines, and the drawers are usually without handles for a seamless appearance. When shopping for furniture online you will find that most modern furniture features a matt or gloss finish.

Traditional furniture will add vintage style to a bathroom. It typically features decorative details such as panelled doors, detailed handles and wood effect finishes.

So, as you can see, there’s many bathroom furniture designs to choose from, which means you’ll have no trouble creating a look you’ll love.

Wall mounted or freestanding bathroom furniture?

Milano oxley wall hung vanity unit

As well as styles, you can choose between wall mounted or freestanding bathroom furniture.

Wall mounted furniture is ideal for enhancing a sense of space in small bathrooms.

It creates a contemporary look and makes the floor easier to clean. Wall hung furniture is not as easy to install compared to freestanding units, although, it is worth the extra effort to get the look you want.

For a touch of class and an easier installation option, freestanding furniture is your best option. This type of furniture works well in large bathrooms but can make a small space feel cramped.

Milano Henley freestanding vanity unit

What colour bathroom furniture?

Bathroom furniture comes in many colours ranging from bright hues to calming neutrals.

You could choose something bold for a colour scheme that wows or opt for subtle colours to create a relaxed and serene feel.

  • White is the perfect option for creating a fresh, modern look and can be combined with any colour you like.
  • Neutral tones such as cream and ivory add warmth to the bathroom and help to create a sense of calm.
  • Pastel colours are ideal if you don’t want something too bold or if neutral tones aren’t quite enough of a contrast. Think pale blues, pinks and greens for a touch of colour.
  • Black furniture is a great option for adding designer style to your bathroom, and a black and white scheme is a timeless combination.
  • Grey has become a popular option for the bathroom, and it’s ideal for creating a cool, trendy look. It works well with other colours such as pink and yellow.

As well as colours, you can choose between various finishes and textures including gloss, matt and wood.

Gloss and matt finishes create a smart, contemporary look, while wood effect textures add elegance and have a timeless appeal.

Check out our blog for more advice on bathroom furniture colours.

Bathroom furniture for smaller bathrooms

Just because your bathroom lacks space it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find any suitable storage solutions.

At Big Bathroom Shop we have a great range of bathroom furniture that’s specially designed for use in small bathrooms, so you can still create a stylish look without making any compromises.

Slimline bathroom furniture and cloakroom furniture is perfect for compact spaces.

It features a narrower width than standard to maximise space, making it ideal for small en-suites and cloakrooms.

Another way to enhance a sense of space is with a wall mounted vanity unit – this keeps the floor area clear and creates the illusion of a larger bathroom. You could also fit a slimline bathroom cabinet above the basin to keep essential items within easy reach.

Corner cabinets and corner vanity units are ideal for small bathrooms too. These help to make use of what could otherwise be wasted space. So, with careful planning and some thought, you can easily incorporate furniture into your bathroom.

Bathroom furniture options

When shopping for furniture online, you’ll find there’s many different types of bathroom furniture such as vanity units, drawer units, cupboards, wall units and mirrored cabinets.

Each type of unit is available in a variety of styles such as modern and traditional, as well as sizes to fit any space. Most units at Big Bathroom Shop are supplied rigid to save time and hassle during installation.

Cloakroom Vanity Unit with Black Basin

Vanity units

Vanity units with basins provide a stylish and highly practical storage solution for any bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom suite.

A vanity unit cleverly combines a sink and cupboard into one handy unit that you can use to keep toiletries and beauty products neatly hidden away yet easily accessible.

Available in an array of widths ranging from a compact 400mm to a larger 1440mm, there’s sure to be a vanity unit that’s perfect for your home and storage requirements.

They also come in a variety of finishes such as white gloss, oak and matt grey, as well as wall mounted and floor standing designs.

All vanity units are supplied rigid to ensure a hassle-free installation and include a basin. Most feature soft close mechanisms to minimise unwanted noise.

The basin can be inset into the unit for a neat, seamless finish, but if you’re after a boutique hotel look, a vanity unit with a countertop basin is the perfect option.

Want to know more about vanity units? Then check out our handy guide on how to choose the best vanity unit.


  • Combines a sink and cupboard in one handy unit
  • Provides a stylish and practical storage solution for bathroom essentials
  • Wide range of sizes, styles and finishes available to suit any bathroom
  • Wall mounted and floor standing designs to choose from
  • Supplied rigid to reduce installation time
  • Door and drawer options

Mirrored cabinets

Available in a wide choice of styles and sizes, mirrored cabinets are a popular storage solution for the modern bathroom.

Easy to incorporate into any bathroom scheme, a mirrored cabinet is usually positioned above the basin area to ensure your toiletries are kept within easy reach.

To make your morning routine easier look out for cabinets that incorporate lights, shaving sockets, clocks and heated de-mister pads.


  • Wide choice of designs and sizes
  • Stylish and practical storage solution for toiletries
  • Supplied rigid for a no-fuss installation
  • Some incorporate lights, shaving sockets, clocks and de-mist pads

Bathroom cabinets & storage units

Bathroom cabinets and storage units are ideal for adding extra storage space to your bathroom.

Available in a range of styles, sizes and finishes, they are great for keeping spare towels and toiletries hidden away.

Choose from tall storage towers, drawer units, wall mounted cupboards and laundry units to help you achieve an organised bathroom.

Find out more about bathroom cabinets in our ultimate guide.


  • Adds extra storage space to your bathroom
  • Wide choice of styles and sizes
  • Creates an organised space
  • Units are supplied rigid for easier installation

Back to wall WC units

back to wall WC unit provides an alternative to a standard toilet where the cistern is visible. These units are specially designed for use with back to wall toilets and concealed cisterns.

A WC unit fits flush against a wall and conceals the cistern and pipework, which provides a neater finish and makes cleaning easier too. Toilet units are similar in size and take up little floor space. Most are made from MDF (medium density fibreboard) or MFC (melamine faced chipboard) and are water resistant to prevent water damage.

Toilet units are stylish and practical, and act as a handy design feature too. They are available in a range of finishes and styles to suit any bathroom space. White is a popular option as it matches any colour scheme. WC units are also available in wood effect finishes too such as oak and walnut, as well as gloss black and grey for a contemporary look.


  • Conceals the cistern ensuring a neater finish
  • Wide range of styles
  • Units are supplied rigid
  • Creates a storage shelf

Bathroom furniture sets

You can also get bathroom furniture sets, which include a vanity sink unit and toilet unit – these are ideal for small bathrooms as they make use of space that’s often wasted between the basin and toilet.

The toilet unit can be positioned on either side of the sink unit or fitted separately elsewhere in your bathroom depending upon the layout.

Furniture sets include the basin, as well as the toilet and concealed cistern and they offer great value for money.

Fitted bathroom furniture

With fitted bathroom furniture you can combine multiple floor standing and wall mounted units to suit the design of your bathroom and storage requirements; this also allows you to create a bespoke look.

Fitted furniture units are pre-assembled and come in various styles and sizes. You can usually choose from a selection of basins, toilets, door/drawer handles and worktops to complete the look.

How to protect bathroom furniture

To keep your vanity unit or cabinet looking as good as the day you bought it, make sure to follow our top tips on how to protect and care for your bathroom furniture.

  • Harsh cleaning chemicals can lead to marks and scratches that can’t be removed, so avoid using abrasive products to clean your bathroom furniture.
  • Clean your bathroom furniture with warm, soapy water, and dry with a soft cloth.
  • If your bathroom furniture gets splashed in water, dry straight away to prevent water damage.
  • It’s not just the outside of the furniture that needs cleaning, the interior should be cleaned on a regular basis too. Remove everything from the unit and wipe clean all interior surfaces with a damp cloth and then dry thoroughly.

Brilliant bathroom furnture ideas

So, now that you know all there is to know about bathroom furniture, you may need some inspiration on how to incorporate storage into your bathroom – these bathroom furniture ideas are sure to inspire you.

Vanity unit sinks

Available in an array of styles, sizes and finishes, vanity sink units offer a superb storage solution for any bathroom. A vanity unit incorporates storage and a sink into one handy unit, which not only looks great but saves space too. Vanity units come in wall-mounted and floor-standing designs to suit your requirements, and the wide range of sizes means there will be one that’s perfect for your bathroom, small or large.

Top tip: to maximise floor space, opt for a wall-mounted vanity unit. Wall-mounted storage keeps your bathroom looking light.

Mirrored cabinets

Make use of the wall space above your basin by fitting a mirrored cabinet. Mirrored bathroom wall cabinets are great for keeping your daily essentials such as toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant and moisturiser close to hand yet neatly hidden away from view.

pull out bathroom storage

Pull out storage

It can be annoying trying to find something such as a tiny bottle of nail polish in the back of a cupboard, so why not build in some pull-out shelves into a narrow space? 

This is a perfect solution for a small bathroom.

Since the majority of bathing essentials are fairly small, it provides just the right amount of storage. 

You may have seen this kind of storage in kitchens, but it’s actually a great option for bathrooms too.

Bathroom cabinets

Bathroom cabinets provide a practical storage solution for any space.

Available in wall mounted and floor standing designs, bathroom cabinets are great for keeping spare loo roll, towels and toiletries hidden away.

They are easy to incorporate into your bathroom and some even have matching vanity units available so you can create a coordinated look.

Floor to ceiling bathroom storage

If you have a large bathroom with a wall that doesn’t have the basin or toilet fitted against it, then it makes sense to build in some storage.

Floor-to-ceiling cupboards are ideal for hiding away toiletries, beauty products, loo roll and cleaning products.

This clever storage solution can even help to free up floor space in your bathroom for a freestanding bath.

Built-in bath storage

under-bath storage idea

The dead space contained within the supporting structure of a built-in bath is ideal for converting into storage.

You could create a hinged side panel that incorporates slim compartments that you can use to store spare soap, bath toys or cleaning products.

Rustic wicker baskets

Wicker basket between twin pedestal basins in duck egg blue bathroom

Wicker baskets are perfect for incorporating into your bathroom scheme. They help to warm up marble or pale décor, and will hold towels and loo roll, whilst adding a rustic touch. Store them underneath a wall mounted vanity unit or basin.


Towel rails, robe hooks and soap dishes offer a simple yet effective storage solution for any bathroom or en-suite.

Available in many styles to fit in with any scheme, these essential bathroom accessories create storage for towels, dressing gowns, soaps and some decorative touches too.

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