Toilets & Basins

Toilets and basins are a very important part of any bathroom, so it’s essential that they look great, offer comfort and suit your needs. Here at Big Bathroom Shop we aim to bring you the very latest in both basin and toilet designs and technology, to help you create a unique bathroom experience whether it's in your cloakroom, en-suite or master bathroom space.

A Huge Range of Toilets & Basins

In our extensive toilet & basin collection you will find back-to-wall toilets, high level cistern toilets, closed coupled toilets and so much more, alongside a selection of modern and traditionally styled basin and WC units - all made from durable materials and designed to improve the look and functionality of your bathroom.

With so many toilet and basin designs available, it can be difficult to find the right combination for your bathroom. So we’ve put together a breakdown of the different toilets and basins - available at Big Bathroom Shop - to help guide you to the perfect solution.

The Big Bathroom Shop Toilet Collection

Learn more about the toilets available at Big Bathroom Shop below, or check out our full range of toilets to find the perfect bathroom solution for your chosen space.

Closed Coupled Toilets

Ideal for bathrooms that need to save on space, close coupled toilets are one of our bestselling styles. Close coupled toilets are designed with the pan and cistern coupled close together to make one sleek toilet unit. With this design, it reduces the space required in your bathroom and makes the toilet easier to clean.

You will find floorstanding and wall-mounted close coupled toilets in our range, crafted from premium quality ceramic and available with dual flush cisterns to help you save on water and bills.

Featuring soft close seats to help keep noise and wear and tear to a minimum, our collection ensures that you have a toilet that is quiet, functional and built to last.

Wall Hung Toilets

Wall hung toilets are a modern and efficient toilet design, also known as floating toilets or wall mounted toilets. Our collection of wall hung toilets have been constructed from premium quality ceramic and are available with both short wall frames and long wall frames, with integral water-saving dual flush cisterns.

So if you’re looking for a minimal, space-saving toilet the wall hung toilet could be the best option for you.

What is a Wall Hung Toilet?

A wall hung toilet is a ceramic pan, or toilet bowl, and seat that is installed to sit raised off the floor to give a floating effect. As a wall hung toilet doesn’t need an exposed cistern, it gives off a beautiful minimal feel and saves on space. Despite their floating design, wall hung toilets are extremely sturdy, and when secured to the bathroom wall can take a weight of up to 400kg.

Back to Wall Toilets

Back-to-wall toilets are installed onto a supportive wall, so that all the plumbing and pipework is hidden from view. Depending on the design, the cistern can be concealed by a back to wall unit or within the wall, for more of a minimal aesthetic.

In our range of back-to-wall toilets, you can find black toilets, toilet and sink units, Japanese bidet toilets and much more.

WC Units

For those that don’t know, a WC Unit is a toilet pan which is connected to a vanity unit that helps to conceal the cistern. You will discover a large variety of luxury inspired finishes including black, antique white, grey and oak options.

WC units provide additional shelf space and are an easy way to include a toilet in your bathroom without the hassle of introducing a false wall.

Discover rimless designs and shop back to wall combination units at a comfortable price, here at Big Bathroom Shop.

Modern Toilets

Modern toilets are all about a simple, sleek aesthetic, innovative functionality and bags of style. In our modern toilet collection you will discover wall-hung, back-to-wall, close coupled and rimless designs to suit a range of bathroom shapes and styles.

The majority of modern toilets are usually classed as close coupled, which means the toilet cistern is coupled onto the toilet pan. This is done to create a seamless finish, with no space in between the toilet and cistern.

Discover modern toilets with soft close seat mechanisms to diminish loud bangs and reduce wear and tear, dual flush - which is great for saving water - and beautiful flush plate options to finish off your contemporary look.

Shop modern toilets at Big Bathroom Shop.

Traditional Toilets

Traditional toilets feature several timeless designs, which means they never truly go out of style. Classically, a traditional toilet will have a lot more detail than modern designer toilets, with elegant grooves and a Victorian-inspired aesthetic.

But don’t be fooled by their period-look exterior, because even our traditional toilets feature the latest in toilet technology - including soft close seats, dual flush systems and easy to clean coatings.

Discover low level traditional toilets or opt for a full period style with a high level cistern and pull chain. Style your bathroom out with a beautiful traditional freestanding slipper bath and vintage-look brassware for the ultimate authentic look.

Explore traditional toilets with multiple accessory finish options including, chrome, brushed gold, black and oil rubbed bronze to complete the look of your bathroom space. Shop traditional toilets at Big Bathroom Shop

Rimless Toilets

A rimless toilet is a toilet without a traditional rim. Instead of water flushing down the bowl, a rimless toilet has a flushing system that ejects water towards the edge of the bowl, ensuring that the entire toilet bowl has been rinsed following use.

The rimless design drastically lowers the chance of germs and bacteria building up under the rim. Making them easier to clean and far more hygienic than standard designs.

In our rimless toilet collection you will discover a beautiful range of modern toilet designs that will enhance the look of your bathroom and add style and value to the space.

Japanese Toilets

Japanese toilets, ‘smart toilets’ or ‘bidets’, as they are also known, have built in smart technology that makes for a smart and seamless operation, every time.

These smart functionalities include:


  • Spray wash
  • Air drying
  • Stop operation
  • Deodorising functions
  • Self cleaning technology
  • Night light
  • Energy saving


Not only will a Japanese toilet make your life a little easier, they look great too. In our Japanese toilet collection you will find sleek modern toilet designs including wall-hung, back to wall and toilets complete with WC units.

Find out all you need to know about Japanese toilets in our Japanese toilet guide.

Toilet and Basin Sets

Opting for a toilet and basin set allows you to create a beautiful, harmonised bathroom space. Whether you’re looking for a modern design or if traditional is more your style, we have a basin and toilet set that will help you complete the look of your new bathroom and add some style to the space.

Ideal for cloakrooms, en-suites or master bathrooms, our toilets and basins are crafted from premium quality materials to ensure durability and feature easy-to-clean glazes that are robust and hardwearing.

How to choose your toilet

Choosing the right toilet for your bathroom can be a stressful task. As we know, there are a huge variety of designs and styles to factor in and consider before you make your choice.

An easy way to decide which toilet is best for you is to first decide what bathroom style you are looking for. Modern or traditional, or perhaps a mix of both? Once this has been established, think of the wall that the toilet will be installed onto. Is it suitable for a wall hung toilet? Think about the size of the bathroom. Do you require a toilet that saves on space or can your bathroom accommodate a WC unit?

Once these main questions have been answered, make your way through our list of ‘types of toilets’ to make a firm decision on what will work best for your bathroom.

What toilet seat do I need?

All of our toilets come with a toilet seat. However, if you only require a seat due to your current one being damaged or broken, you can browse our range of toilet seats to find a new and improved solution.

The good news is you can replace your toilet seat quickly and easily by first measuring your current seat by length, width, height and distance between fixing holes. Once you have these measurements, and the shape of the old seat (square, round, or d-shaped) you know exactly what size and shape you need for your new seat.

We have a beautiful collection of toilet seats in a variety of finishes, including white, matt black and wood - so you are sure to find a suitable alternative that adds a fresh new look to your toilet.

Are dual flush toilets any good?

Dual flush toilets are more efficient than a standard flush. This is because of the long and short functionality.

Dual flush performs two types of flushes; half flush and full flush options. The half flush is designed for liquids and the full flush for solid waste. This will help save water and on your monthly water bill and can help you to use around 20% less water than standard flush designs.

What type of flush plate do I need?

All of our modern toilets are available with flush plate options, taking away the stress of you finding the right one - simply select your required flush plate from the options on the product pages.

Choose from a range of flush plates, including:

  • Square matt black flush plates
  • Square chrome flush plates
  • Square white flush plates
  • Dot chrome flush plates
  • Dot satin chrome flush plates

What else do I need to purchase with my toilet?

Once you have selected your dream toilet, you will find additional product information listed next to the product descriptions. Within the product information we have ‘What’s included’ and ‘You will need’ sections. They detail what will come with the toilet and any additional add-ons that you may need to purchase.

Basins at Big Bathroom Shop

The main purpose of a basin is to catch water when you brush your teeth and wash. However, we all know that the way a basin sink looks is just as important as its purpose. It needs to be stylish, complement your space, and stand the test of time with the years of daily washing, shaving and more that it has to withstand.

So, if you need a basin that looks great and that’s crafted from premium quality materials - it looks like you’ve come to the right place. Here at Big Bathroom Shop we have a large collection of bathroom sinks, washstands, pedestal basins, wall hung basins, countertops and so much more. Basically, whatever type of bathroom basin you may need, we should have you covered in our extensive collection.

With a broad range of shapes and sizes available, we have beautiful options for your bathroom space. Let’s take a look at the different types of basin styles below.

What are the different types of basin?

The days of the standard white bathroom basin are at an end. Well, you can still buy one if you want to - so they’re technically not at an end - but the choice of basins available today is much wider and more varied than ever before. Learn about the basins at Big Bathroom Shop below, and explore a huge range of bathroom basins to complete the look of your new bathroom or en-suite.

Pedestal basin

Pedestal basins are composed of two parts - the “leg” upon which your basin stands and the sink basin - that when together are one piece of bathroom furniture. Once thought of as a vintage piece to be consigned to the Victorian era, pedestal basins are making a huge comeback in modern bathrooms.

Big Bathroom Shop pedestal basin sinks are available with a range of tap hole options. Including one tap hole, two and three tap hole options, depending on the model - so however you see your basin space looking, you’ll find a solution to serve your needs in our collection.

Explore both traditional pedestal and modern pedestal wash basin options, with industry leading guarantees, and each crafted from premium materials for long lasting durability.

If you’re looking for a basin ideal to hide pipework, easy to install and that looks effortlessly timeless, then a pedestal basin could just be what you’re looking for.

Countertop basins

A countertop basin is a bowl, square, oval or rectangular shaped basin mounted on a flat surface, usually a vanity unit. It sits directly on the worktop and is available in a large variety of shapes and sizes to help you find a style that suits you best.

Offering a minimal, simple aesthetic to any bathroom space, countertop basins are becoming increasingly popular in both modern and traditional bathrooms alike.

With so many countertop shapes available, there is a countertop basin that will fit into even the most difficult of spaces. Our basins are crafted from premium ceramic and finished in a durable enamel glaze, to ensure long-lasting durability. NOTE: An unslotted waste or universal waste needs to be purchased alongside your countertop basin bowl, with details on all relevant product pages.

Wall hung basins

Wall hung basins are the perfect option for those who want to maximise space in their bathroom. By leaving the floor clear, it will give the illusion of more space and make your bathroom a little easier to keep clean.

Lucky for you, not only is a wall hung bathroom a great space saving solution but they look incredible. With designs available for both modern and traditional bathroom interiors, our wall mounted basins are available in matt black, chrome, white, light oak and grey options, with accentuating features throughout the range.

Discover corner wall hung basins and wall hung basins with towel rail designs amongst many more. In our collection there are rectangular wall hung basins, round wall hung basins and square designs, each created to suit a range of bathroom, cloakroom and en-suite styles.

Modern bathroom basins

Our collection of modern bathroom basins is designed to help enhance the look of your bathroom, cloakroom or en-suite with an affordable and stylish upgrade. Find washstands, wall mounted basins, freestanding basins and many more innovative modern basin designs to help you complete the look.

Modern basins come in an array of shapes and sizes to suit any bathroom design requirement. Perfect for creating a contemporary look, our modern basin collection includes a range of designs to help you find the best solution for your small cloakroom or large family bathroom.

All our modern basins feature a quality ceramic construction and easy to clean finishes in either black, white or grey.

Traditional basins

If traditional is more your style, why not take a look at our timeless period inspired traditional bathroom basins?

Our traditional basin collection has regal features and decorative detailing for a truly vintage look. Find washstands, pedestal sinks, traditional wall hung basins and more.

Crafted from superb quality ceramic to ensure long-lasting results, you can shop with ease and find industry leading guarantees for added peace of mind.


If you’re dealing with a small space or just want a more minimalist look have you considered a washstand?

Washstands are basins mounted on top of a frame with either two or four legs. Often slim and streamline designs, crafted from metal, you have the choice of four finish options including, matt black, chrome, brushed brass and oil rubbed bronze.

Washstands with two legs are often mounted to a wall for added support, in comparison, those designed with four legs are freestanding, giving you the freedom of installing them anywhere in the room.

In this collection you will discover modern washstands, traditional and Victorian washstands - each with plenty of size options available - including double washstands for busier family homes or his and hers bathroom spaces. Find the perfect option for you in <ahref=”/toilets-basins/basins/washstands”> our washstand collection.

Basin Accessories

Complete the look of your new basin with <ahref=”/taps/tap-accessories/basin-wastes-accessories”>our range of basin accessories. From traditional chain wastes, to more modern slotted and unslotted plugs in a beautiful selection of coloured finish options. Our wastes are crafted from solid brass for long lasting and high performing use. Shop plugs, plug chains, traps and waste accessories for a beautiful harmonised bathroom and a bespoke looking basin area.

What else do I need with my basin?

Depending on the style of basin you have chosen, you generally need a tap, bottle trap, unslotted or universal waste.

If you’re unsure about what else you need with your basin, you can browse the ‘You Will Also Need’ section in the product information tabs on every product page.

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  1. Milano Richmond - Traditional Comfort Height Back to Wall Toilet with White Seat - Choice of Finish
    Milano Richmond - Traditional Comfort Height Back to Wall Toilet with White Seat - Choice of Finish
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  2. RAK Feeling - Modern Rimless Wall Hung Toilet with Soft Close Seat and Bidet Set - Choice of Finish
    RAK Feeling - Modern Rimless Wall Hung Toilet with Soft Close Seat and Bidet Set - Choice of Finish
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  3. Milano Elizabeth - 1200mm Traditional Basin and Washstand - Choice of Finish
    Milano Elizabeth - 1200mm Traditional Basin and Washstand - Choice of Finish
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  4. Milano Richmond - Traditional Comfort Height Close Coupled Toilet with Cistern and Oak Seat - Choice of Finish
    Milano Richmond - Traditional Comfort Height Close Coupled Toilet with Cistern and Oak Seat - Choice of Finish
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  5. Milano Richmond - Traditional Low Level Toilet with Cistern and Seat - Choice of Finish
    Milano Richmond - Traditional Low Level Toilet with Cistern and Seat - Choice of Finish
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  6. Milano Richmond - Traditional High Level Toilet with Cistern and White Seat - Choice of Finish
    Milano Richmond - Traditional High Level Toilet with Cistern and White Seat - Choice of Finish
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  7. Milano Bexley - Light Oak Modern 800mm Open Shelf Vanity Unit, WC Unit and Back to Wall Pan
    Milano Bexley - Light Oak Modern 800mm Open Shelf Vanity Unit, WC Unit and Back to Wall Pan
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  8. Milano Richmond - Traditional Comfort Height High Level Toilet with Cistern and White Seat - Choice of Finish
    Milano Richmond - Traditional Comfort Height High Level Toilet with Cistern and White Seat - Choice of Finish
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